iFi Gryphon headphone DAC reviewed

iFi xDSD Gryphon DAC/Headphone Amp Reviewed

The iFi xDSD Gryphon (buy at Crutchfield) is a portable balanced headphone amplifier and digital-to-analog converter from a company renowned for both its DACs and its HPAs. It will handle just about any connection you can throw at it, including… Read More »

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Is breaking in a stereo a thing?

Is Break-In a Thing Science-Based Audiophiles Should Take Seriously?

Two weeks ago, I was on the phone with a public relations executive I hadn’t spoken with in a few years. Frank currently represents PS Audio, Audio-Technica and a few other audiophile brands and he was confirming that he had… Read More »

Pro-ject MaiA DS3 Integrated amp reviewed

Pro-Ject MaiA DS3 Integrated Amplifier Review

An integrated amplifier doesn’t have to be physically large to be high performance and fully featured. When I read the initial press release for the Pro-Ject MaiA DS3 I thought, “There’s an amplifier that seems to fulfill all the requirements needed to… Read More »

Schiit Audio Saga+ Stereo Preamp Reviewed

Schiit Saga+ Preamplifier Reviewed

Some folks prefer a tube-based preamplifier in their audio system while others prefer a solid-state preamplifier. By tube-based, I mean an audiophile preamplifier which uses a vacuum tube as its principal gain device. In contrast, a passive preamplifier attenuates the… Read More »

Sonus faber Lumia V audiophile floorstanding speakers reviewed

Sonus faber Lumina V Loudspeaker Reviewed

Sonus faber has a longstanding heritage of making audiophile loudspeakers for music lovers. It all started in 1983 when fine Italian craftsmanship met fine music appreciation in Monteviale, Italy. Not much has changed since, except that we’ve had advances in… Read More »

Audiophile And/Or (revisited)

Revising the Conundrum of And/Or When Buying Audiophile Components

Things have changed quite a bit in the audiophile world as compared with just a few years ago when I left the business to try my hand at being an executive at a publicly traded Fortune 500 company. The pink… Read More »

Anthem MCA 225 power Amp Reviewed by Andrew Dewhirst

Anthem MCA 225 Gen 2 Power Amplifier Reviewed

The Anthem MCA 225 Gen 2 (buy at Crutchfield) is a two-channel class A/B audiophile power amp from Anthem, which also has three- and five-channel siblings in the 325 and 525. It puts out 225 watts per channel into eight… Read More »

Audiophile careers

How A Motivated Millennial Music Lover Found a Highly Lucrative Career in the Audiophile Business Straight Out of College

Greensboro is much like any other mid-sized, sleepy college town in the Southeast. Home to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), part of a statewide system that quite surprisingly encompasses 17 colleges, universities, and institutions of higher learning,… Read More »

Cleer Next Headphones reviewed

Cleer Audio Next Headphones Reviewed

You may be surprised to learn that Cleer Audio sells an audiophile-oriented, wired-only headphone set. Cleer’s primary user base consists of younger, on-the-go listeners who are seeking headphones that perform at a higher level but also look really cool. The… Read More »

HIFIMAN Deva Pro wireless headphones reviewed

HIFIMAN Deva Pro Hybrid-Wireless Planar Headphones

Audiophiles love wired headphones. Younger tech fans and music enthusiasts love everything to be wireless. For the past few months, I’ve reviewed nearly every high-performance Bluetooth headphone, from brands such as Sennheiser, Bowers & Wilkins, Mark Levinson, Focal, Technics, Apple,… Read More »

Parasound P 6 stereos preamp revieweed

Parasound Halo P 6 Preamplifier Reviewed

Parasound has been offering high-value audiophile gear for three generations now,  including many higher-end products designed by legendary consultant John Curl. Today, they offer a broad range of products, including some revered integrated amplifiers, but if you’re looking to move… Read More »

COVID and CES 2023

CES Might Be Dead to Audiophiles Now, But It Was Fear of Illness That Poisoned the Well Long Before COVID-19

When I was 19 years old, I remember literally begging my boss, Christopher Hansen, to go to CES in early 1994. I was off from college, and back then the show was the Super Bowl of all things audio. What… Read More »

Scansonic MC20 speakers reviewed

Scansonic HD M20 Compact Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

Scansonic is relatively unknown speaker brand at this point in the United States, but is uniquely related to some more familiar speaker brands such as Raidho Acoustics and ScanSpeak. In fact, it was developed to showcase ScanSpeak driver technology. Scansonic… Read More »

Consider upgrading your seating for a better audiophile experience

Five Low-Cost/No-Cost Audiophile Hacks That Actually Work

Acoustician Bob Hodas, who has tuned and pretty much every good recording studio—from Sony Music and Electric Lady Studios to Van Halen’s 5150 and so many more—also works with enlightened audiophiles seeking real-world, non-voodoo tuning of their rooms. This can… Read More »

Naim Audio Mu-So audiophile speaker system reviewed

Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation Wireless Music System Reviewed

The Naim Audio Mu-so all-in-one speaker/music system (buy from Crutchfield) is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the merger between electronics firm Naim Audio and French speaker juggernaut Focal. The second generation of the Naim Mu-so is a very slick… Read More »

ATC SCM7 v.3 Loudspeakers reviewed

ATC SCM7 v.3 Loudspeakers Reviewed

Most of us have probably listened to music through two-way bookshelf-sized loudspeakers at some point or another. What exactly is a two-way bookshelf loudspeaker? It is a loudspeaker that has two drivers: a small driver called a tweeter that handles… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones reviewed

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Reviewed

There was a time when my dear friend Ethan and I brainstormed the concept of what a true pair of high-end wireless Bluetooth speakers would look, feel, and sound like. On my way to the plane for which I am… Read More »

The Best Buy Location in West Los Angeles

The Problem with Best Buy

One of the advantages of living in a big city is all of the access to various services, products, and experiences. Being a resident of a major metropolis gives you access to cultural, medical, culinary, and—in the case of the… Read More »

MartinLogan ESL speakers reviewed by Jerry Del Colliano at FutureAudiophile.com

MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Loudspeakers Reviewed

There was a time when you could walk through Circuit City or other major electronics retailers and see speakers similar to MartinLogan’s ElectroMotion CLS on display alongside all of the traditional cones-in-cabinets speakers. These days, though, there’s a good chance… Read More »

Top To Top Shoe Store in Santa Monica

A Local High End Running Shoe Store Ran Out Of Customers Because of Poor Inventory Policies

One of my stated goals as a consumer is to support local retailers. Sure, I buy my fair share of crap from Amazon.com just like everybody else but when possible, I try to shop local. One store that I used… Read More »

Focal Chora 806 speakers reviewed

Focal Chora 806 Loudspeakers Reviewed

It wasn’t long ago that a five-liter V8 engine generated 225 horsepower. Today, technology allows 260 horsepower from a much smaller four-cylinder engine – and the fuel economy is far superior. Well-designed bookshelf loudspeakers from a reputable manufacturer like Focal… Read More »

Anthem STR Preamp Review

Anthem STR Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Like many of you, I don’t have a perfect listening room, so having room correction built into a preamplifier can be a game changer. The Anthem STR preamplifier (buy at Crutchfield) has Anthem’s ARC GENESIS room correction, bass management for… Read More »

GrooveWasher's Mondo Record Cleaning Kit

GrooveWasher Mondo Record Cleaning Kit

It should be obvious that a clean record makes for a better listening experience. There are a multiplicity of ways to clean your records. When you pull a rock through a canyon (which is what a record player does) it… Read More »

Polk PSW111 Subwoofer reviewed

Polk PSW111 Powered Subwoofer Reviewed

Small subwoofers make the audio world a better place. I am not sure how the audiophile community once missed out on this news story, but with a modest sub, any music lover can add the entire lower octave of music… Read More »