Audiophile Accessories

Read reviews on audiophile accessories such as AC Power conditioners, AC Power regenerators, seating for your audiophile system, AV and audiophile equipment racks and much more.

Audiophile Accessories

The ISOTEK Elecktra V5 actually has six outlets...

IsoTek V5 Elektra Power Conditioner Reviewed

A power conditioner is an often overlooked, cherry-on-top component that helps to enhance a HiFi system’s performance. We have discussed system synergy here at Future Audiophile before, and how the journey to audio satisfaction is part of the fun. Having… Read More »

More Audiophile Accessories

The Clarus Power Sextet in Michael Zisserson's audiophile system

Clarus Sextet Power Conditioner Reviewed

The Clarus Sextet is a six-outlet power conditioner with advanced surge protection. The Sextet’s smaller sibling, the Duet, has been a staple in my system for nearly five years. At the time, the Clarus Duet was the first power conditioning … Read More »

2023 Gear of The Year Awards 2023 Gear of the Year Awards 

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing for a whole year now, but since our late-2022 launch, we’ve reviewed over 150 audiophile components ranging from very high end to sub-$200 Chi-Fi integrated amps and seemingly everything in-between. Getting back in the… Read More »

Schiit Loki Max Audiophile Equalizer Reviewed by Mike Prager

Schiit Loki Max Six-Band Equalizer Reviewed

The Schiit Loki Max equalizer is a unique item in today’s audio market: an analog broadband EQ with excellent sonics that can complement even very revealing audio systems. Schiit’s most expensive equalizer at $1,499, the Loki Max offers two selectable stereo inputs (one single-ended… Read More »

Andover Audio Spinbase LP and audiophile equipment stand reviewed

Andover SpinStand Record Stand Reviewed

The Andover SpinStand Record Stand (buy at Amazon) is an equipment rack that has been designed specifically for the use with a turntable. It has space built into it to hold your vinyl records, your cleaning brush, and other vinyl… Read More »

PS Audio PowerPlant 3 Audiophile Power Regenerator Reviewed

PS Audio Stellar PowerPlant 3 AC Regenerator Reviewed

The Stellar PowerPlant 3 AC regenerator ($2,999) is PS Audio’s entry-level power regenerator intended for powering audiophile source components as well as small to medium power Class AB amps or high efficiency Class D amps in smaller to medium sized… Read More »

AudioQuest Niagara 7000 reviewed

AudioQuest Niagara 7000 Power Conditioner Reviewed

When AudioQuest decided to expand beyond cables, power products were a natural choice. The company hired drummer, percussionist, and noted electronics and AC power expert Garth Powell to create an innovative power conditioner for the audiophile market. After considerable investment… Read More »

Elite HTS F9 Recliner Reviewed

Elite HTS F9 Custom Recliner Reviewed

Could it be argued that audiophiles don’t spend enough time talking about seating? It absolutely could, since comfort can actually have a measurable impact on your perception of sound. In fact, I would argue that a good seat is almost… Read More »

Monoprice AV Rack Reviewed

Monolith by Monoprice Double-Wide 3-Tier AV Stand Reviewed

One of the most underrated parts of any home stereo system is the furniture that houses all of the equipment. Racks and stands will never hold the same place in an audiophile’s heart as their favorite amp or speakers, but… Read More »