Paul Wilson’s Reference Audiophile System

Paul Wilson' Audiophile System
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Paul Wilson first developed an interest in high performance audio 49 years ago in 1972 at the age of 14. After hearing an all McIntosh system, the transistor radio he was using for music suddenly became unacceptable. When his Father refused to provide the unheard of sum of $30,000 for a stereo system, he set about working to obtain his own. That first system, while ever so humble, did provide quite a few years of enjoyment. Throughout the intervening years, Wilson has seen many different iterations of audio components in both solid state and tubed equipment, digital and analog, integrated and separate components, budget priced and very expensive products as well. In  2013, Wilson became a weekly contributor for and also did equipment reviews for the then sister web site, Both of those associations ended in 2020 shortly after the sale of the publications by Luxury Publishing Group Inc. to JRW Publishing in December of 2019.

Paul is one of two founders of the Carolina Audio Society and maintains the group’s web site. He has been an ambassador for the high end culture and has conducted introductory audio classes at dealer locations. He regularly holds listening sessions to introduce non-audiophile listeners to something better. Wilson looks forward to bringing this passion for music and technology to younger and more diverse audiences at going forward. 

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Paul Wilson’s Reference Audiophile System

Music Server:                  Laufer Teknik (Mark Porzilli Designed) Memory Player 64 (32 Core)

DAC:                                   Bricasti M21 Platinum Edition

CD Player:                         Rotel CD11 Tribute

Turntable:                         VPI Classic Signature w/ Piano Black Gloss Finish

Tonearm:                           VPI JMW 3D Printed Tonearm

Cartridges:                       Ortofon MC Verismo MC Cartridge

                                          Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation MC Cartridge

Phono Stage:        PS Audio Stealth Phonostage

Preamp:                            T+A  P3100 HV Dual Mono Preamplifier

Amplification:                T+A  A3000 HV Dual Mono Stereo Amplifier

Speakers:                       Laufer Teknik (Mark Porzilli Designed) The Notes

Subwoofers:                  (2) REL Acoustics G1 Mark II

AC Power                        AudioQuest Niagara 7000

Cables                               Various High-end Nordost Odin cables

Room Treatments          Various GIK Acoustics treatments

Paul Wilson's Audiophile System
Here’s the view looking back at the listening position in Paul Wilson’s audiophilesystem

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    Really disappointed in your review of the Rotel tribute CD player. It would have been interesting to compare it more fully with other CD players in the price range rather than “leaving it to us”. Or at the very least trying it as a transport and comparing it to the sound of it as an integrated player. You implied your streams/rips sound better. I have found most (really good) CD players, especially with a great outboard DAC beat streams and rips. Please take some time and give us better pictures to help our selection process

    • Jerry Del Colliano

      I am sorry that the Rotel review wasn’t what you were looking for.

      As Publisher (and Managing Editor) I have had my staff review their reference systems to help me get quick, good reviews as being a BRAND NEW (not 20+ years old) audiophile magazine – it is hard to get “critical mass” in any given audiophile category.

      In a more perfect world, I would have had Andrew Dewhirst do the review in that he does most of those more affordable players. Right now, I have Brian Kahn doing FOUR “affordable” turntable reviews. There are huge advantages to having that much similar gear in-house in that you really can compare. This concept isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. Imagine having four pairs of big audiophile speakers in your room? That’s no good.

      If you are looking for products that we’ve reviewed that we think are really good digital products – look into the Grace Audio m900 DAC ($650) or the Schiit DAC (like $139). We’ve got a Music Hall CD player that shipped today but that review likely won’t run until the end of the summer. I have an NAD C538 review coming in about a month. They are good options too.

      We have a ton of VERY HIGH END DACs coming (Bricasti, PS Audio, EMM Labs and T+A) but I think you are more focused on the value stuff.


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      James Romeyn


      I run the most advanced version of HQ Player in a custom dedicated computer ($1600 parts cost early 2020) > $7200 USD T+A DAC 200. If you heard this vs. any known spinning disc system you’d know in 10S why I would give up this lifelong hobby if I had to spin silver discs again.

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