Audiophile Stereo Preamps Reviewed

From tube preamps to digital preamps to stereo analog preamps to preamps with EQ in them – we’ve got you covered in our audiophile preamp review archive.

Audiophile Stereo Preamps Reviewed

Pass Labs XP-12 audiophile stereo preamp reviewed

Pass Labs XP-12 Preamplifier Reviewed

While Pass Labs bares founder and chief designer Nelson Pass’ name, his business partner, Wayne Colburn, is responsible for the company’s elaborate line-level preamplifier designs. First, let’s clarify the terminology: this type of component is often called a preamplifier, line stage, line stage… Read More »

More Audiophile Stereo Preamps Reviewed

Topping A90 Preamp and Headphone Amp reviewed by Steven Stone

Topping A90 Discrete Preamplifier/Headphone Amp Reviewed

The Topping A90 Discrete (buy at Amazon), while marketed principally as a headphone amplifier, ranks as one of the most ideal analog preamplifiers I’ve used. A couple of months back, I reviewed Topping’s Pre90 analog preamp. The A90 Discrete is better. It delivers more features… Read More »

Schiit Audio Saga+ Stereo Preamp Reviewed

Schiit Saga+ Preamplifier Reviewed

Some folks prefer a tube-based preamplifier in their audio system while others prefer a solid-state preamplifier. By tube-based, I mean an audiophile preamplifier which uses a vacuum tube as its principal gain device. In contrast, a passive preamplifier attenuates the… Read More »

Parasound P 6 stereos preamp revieweed

Parasound Halo P 6 Preamplifier Reviewed

Parasound has been offering high-value audiophile gear for three generations now,  including many higher-end products designed by legendary consultant John Curl (18 page interview). Today, they offer a broad range of products, including some revered integrated amplifiers, but if you’re looking… Read More »

Anthem STR Preamp Review

Anthem STR Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Like many of you, I don’t have a perfect listening room, so having room correction built into a preamplifier can be a game changer. The Anthem STR preamplifier (buy at Crutchfield) has Anthem’s ARC GENESIS room correction, bass management for… Read More »

Bricasti M20 Preamp Reviewed

Bricasti Design M20 Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Given that many of today’s DACs, phono stages, and even amplifiers have their own internal volume controls, it may not be clear why you would ever want to integrate a preamplifier into your modern audiophile music system. In my view,… Read More »

Trinnov Amethyst Preamp Reviewed

Trinnov Amethyst Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

I was introduced to Trinnov more than a decade ago when the company’s Room Optimizer was demonstrated to me through a Sherwood R-972 receiver. Now, more than a decade and hundreds of product demonstrations later, I am still very impressed… Read More »

Topping Pre90 Preamp Reviewed

Topping Pre90 Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Every audio system has a preamplifier somewhere in the signal chain. In an all-digital system, the digital audio converter often includes a volume control, which is in essence a single-source preamplifier. In analog systems, the preamplifier is usually a freestanding… Read More »

T+A P 3100 HV reviewed

T+A P 3100 HV Preamplifier Reviewed

The T+A P 3100 HV preamp is part of a family of components made by a manufacturer that’s something of a powerhouse in Europe, but only recently committed to increasing their footprint in the highly competitive U.S. market. And unlike most European… Read More »

Schiit Audio Freya S stereo preamp reviewed by Steven Stone

Schiit Freya S Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Those who know Schiit Audio tend to love them. Putting aside a design legacy that dates back many decades, no audiophile company has a better sense of humor. From outright goofy product names to funny ads to uniquely crafted, very-high-value… Read More »