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Monoprice Monolith B5 bookshelf speakers reviewed

Monoprice Monolith Audition B5 Loudspeakers Reviewed

Reading Time: 7 minutes Monoprice has become known for their exceptionally high-value products, often sourced from China. But while the affordability has long been the draw for many shoppers, Monoprice also has a higher-performance lined of amplifiers and speakers and headphones and so forth known Monolith. The Audition B5 bookshelf loudspeakers (B5) sit second up the ladder in the Monolith lineup, and I Read More »


Bowers & Wilkins 802 D4 Audiophile Loudspeakers reviewed by Jerry Del Colliano

Bowers & Wilkins 802 D4 Loudspeakers Reviewed

Reading Time: 12 minutes Many audiophiles know what a Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series loudspeaker typically sounds like, or at least we think we do. I’ve reviewed my fair share and even been blessed enough to own a couple of pretty cool Bowers & Wilkins speakers over the years. They have always been very accurate, polite-sounding, and downright excellent Read More »

U-turn Audio Orbit Plus reviewed

U-Turn Orbit Plus Turntable Reviewed

Reading Time: 8 minutes Vinyl has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in recent years, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts seeking an immersive and nostalgic audio experience and a disconnect from an increasingly online world. As the demand for audiophile turntables continues to grow, music enthusiasts are presented with myriad options to choose from. Among the contenders, the U-Turn Orbit Plus turntable (buy at Read More »

The Fosi BT20A integrated amp is almost impossibly priced at $99.

Fosi Audio BT20A Pro Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

Reading Time: 6 minutes The first review published in Future Audiophile was an SMSL amplifier that cost less than $175. It is a great little amp with an extensive input and feature set in a small chassis. Today, I’m going to look at another even less expensive power amplifier priced at under $100 from Fosi. It offers even fewer inputs but Read More »


The Apple iPod changed everything in the audio world in many ways for the better

What If Everything We Thought We Knew About Hi-Fi Was Wrong?

Reading Time: 5 minutes For the past few months, I have been somewhat obsessed with these new Gallium Nitride (GaN, for short) amplifiers. Long-time Stereophile writer and classical music recording engineer John Marks was the first to hip me to the concept via an audiophile amplifier that Peachtree Audio released about a year ago that was designed with GaN FETs instead of MOSFETs. Read More »


Meze Audio Primal Headphones are now out and $999 per pair

Meze Audio’s New Primal Headphones Priced at $999

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meze Audio is happy to launch 109 Pro Primal: a very special edition of its award-winning 109 Pro headphones and the latest addition to the exclusive Meze Audio Art Gallery collection.  These headphones are handmade by Meze Audio’s skilled artisans, drawing from a proud wood crafting heritage combined with cutting-edge audio technology and a sustainable Read More »

Monitor Audio Anathra Subwoofer line is just announced for October 2023 shipping

Monitor Audio releases Anthra Subwoofer Series, a standalone three-model range that majors on musicality and depth 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Monitor Audio just announced the launch of the new Anthra Subwoofer Series. This highly anticipated range introduces a trio of high-performance powered subwoofers into the Monitor Audio portfolio. Each of the three models has been engineered with a focus on musicality and control, and through the expert application of sound acoustic knowledge and solid design Read More »

Sound & Vision to represent AudioVector speakers in US

Specialty Sound & Vision Now To Represent Audiovector Speakers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Audiovector ApS, internationally-acclaimed producer of High-End loudspeakers, has chosen Specialty Sound and Vision, LLC (SSV) to represent their brand in the US. SSV is charged with growing Sales, Brand Awareness and Market Presence for the Danish icon and assumes these duties immediately. Unable to find speakers that met his own high standards, Ole Kliforth, a Read More »

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