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PS Audio Stellar Phono Stage reviewed

PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamplifier Reviewed

Reading Time: 8 minutes When Paul McGowan and Stan Warren founded PS Audio in 1973, their first product was a standalone phono preamp. After several different design iterations, the PS Audio Phono Preamplifier was introduced in 1975. Now, some 48 years later, PS Audio —a company perhaps better known for its DACs and amplifiers and power products—is still in Read More »


PSB Alpha T20 Speakers Reviewed

PSB Alpha T20 Tower Speakers Reviewed

Reading Time: 6 minutes At $849 per pair, the PSB Alpha T20 floorstanding speaker from the legendary Paul Barton at PSB is the company’s entry-level tower (buy at Amazon). It features a 0.75-inch black anodized aluminum dome tweeter, two 5.25-inch textured polypropylene woofers with rubber surrounds, and a bass reflex cabinet design with a rear-firing port. It’s light for floorstanding speakers, weighing in Read More »

Focal Utopia $4,995 Audiophile Headphones Reviewed

Focal Utopia (2022) Headphones Reviewed

Reading Time: 6 minutes Focal introduced its top-of-the-line wired headphone model, the Utopia, in 2016. In the seven years since, the company has developed some new ways to improve the design. The improvements and time since the initial launch warranted a revision of the Utopia, now dubbed the Utopia (2022). (Buy at Amazon) As the flagship model in Focal’s headphone line, Read More »

Pass Labs XA 60.8 mono-block audiophile class A amp reviewed

Pass Labs XA60.8 Class A Monoblock Amplifiers Reviewed

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’re an audio hobbyist, you are probably aware of Pass Labs, its founder Nelson Pass, and the company’s reputation for innovative audiophile amplifiers, preamplifiers, and integrated amplifier designs. All the company’s amplifiers are solid-state designs (meaning that transistors amplify the signal as opposed to tubes), with your choice of Class A or Class AB topology. The goal of Read More »


Audiophile System Synergy by Jerry Del Colliano

Finding System Synergy Is Part of the Audiophile Journey (and Much of the Fun)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Audiophiles tend to fall into a number of different camps when it comes to the philosophy of system design. The first one if the Linn Camp, which suggests that your system is only as good as your main source component. That’s solid logic, but then there are audiophiles who take this concept a little too far Read More »


Should Audiophiles Still Collect Music in a world full of streaming

Should Audiophiles Still Collect Music in a World With Excellent Streaming Options?

Reading Time: 5 minutes There was no more unifying concept for my college buddies and me than going Compact Disc shopping. In the mid-1990s, the CD was the unquestioned king of all silver-disc media, and when we weren’t spending every free dollar on audio gear, we were investing in our ever-growing music collections. I started my collection way back in Read More »

New Gramophone Store Grand Opening in Maryland

Gramophone Proudly Announces New Luxury Retail Experience Center in Maryland 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gramophone just announced the Grand Opening of their fifth and newest showroom, the one-of-a-kind Gramophone Experience Center.  The exclusive showcase, located at 8 West Aylesbury Road in Timonium, Maryland — next door to Gramophone’s existing retail location — features some of the CE industry’s most prestigious audio brands, including Focal Powered by Naim, McIntosh, Sonus Read More »

Aston Martin DB12 will be the first Aston Martin car with Bowers & Wilkins in-car audiophile sound

 Aston Martin Announces Bowers & Wilkins For In-Car Audiophile Sound Starting in the DB12 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Debuting in the new DB12, Aston Martin drivers will be able to enjoy the newly developed Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System in their cars for the first time, as two iconic British brands announce an exciting new audio partnership. In the pursuit of the ultimate in-car audiophile experience, Bowers & Wilkins’ and Aston Martin’s Read More »

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