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This looks more like a $1,400 amp - not a $400 one...

Monolith by Monoprice M2100X Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

Reading Time: 7 minutes Few mainstream electronics brands offer such a vast array of products and yet still manage to maintain a reputation for quality, customer service, and value as the California-based Monoprice. Looking for a couple THX-certified dual 15-inch 2000-watt subwoofers for your listening room designed by Dr. Hsu? Perhaps you need some value-oriented, high-end planar headphones? Monoprice, Read More »


The Bluesound Node installed in a small audiophile system.

Bluesound Node Music Streamer Reviewed

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Bluesound Node music streamer (buy at Amazon), with its built-in DAC (digital to analog converter), provides a convenient way for consumers to access their preferred music streaming service from the Internet, or from digital music files stored on a network attached storage device (NAS), into their home audio system. Products like this combine a dedicated computer optimized Read More »

The Pro-Ject X1 B turntable comes in a real walnut wood veneer as well as hand-done high gloss white or black paint.

Pro-Ject X1 B Turntable Reviewed

Reading Time: 9 minutes The X1 B from the vinyl gurus at Pro-Ject (buy at Amazon) is a $1,299 mid-range, belt-driven audiophile turntable that is a clear step above the plethora of $350 to $500 more entry-level players flooding the market today. The Pro-Ject X1B turntable features 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds, it comes in three finishes (real-wood walnut veneer, hand-painted Read More »

The Mobile Fidelity Master Phono is designed by industry legend, Peter Madnick.

MoFi Masterphono Phonostage Reviewed

Reading Time: 9 minutes Founded in 1977, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, better known today as MoFi, has been a leader in producing high quality, remastered, specially plated and pressed versions of previously released LPs. In the late 1980s, they added uniquely remastered Compact Discs to their catalog of excellent-sounding music software.  In 2016, MoFi decided it was time to Read More »


Three popular hearing products designed to improve or protect

Three Ear Health Products That Can Save Your Hearing – But Do They Work?

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’ve said it before and I will say it again – the single most important component in any audiophile system are your ears. Surprisingly, this is an often-overlooked topic of conversation among audiophiles, who are (given their age and male-dominated demographic profile) at highest risk of hearing loss and long-term damage. As a neurosurgeon must protect his Read More »


Audiophile speakers in an audiophile showroom

Exactly How Your Standard 20 Percent Discount Is Likely Putting Your Local Dealer Out of Business

Reading Time: 8 minutes By Jerry Del Colliano  Anybody who’s been in the audiophile hobby, even for a little while, knows that when they enter the realm of the audio salon or stereo store, they can pretty easily ask for (and get) a 20-percent-off discount on any standard audiophile equipment. Other than during the COVID pandemic and mainly because of supply Read More »

For many watch enthusiasts, a Patek Phillipe is the holy grail of timepieces

Limited Edition Gear Will Bring Urgency and Collectability to the Audiophile Hobby 

Reading Time: 11 minutes It is hard to feel bad for that guy who just spent $275,000 on that new V8 Ferrari, but how do you tell him that no matter how little he drives his Prancing Horse from Maranello, Italy, and no matter how much he caresses the paint with a fine chamois, that car is unlikely to Read More »

Today's automotive and aviation SIMs are nothing short of amazing toys for big boys with a lot of money to spend

The Next Generation of Audiophiles Are Spending Big Bucks (and Time) Gaming

Reading Time: 8 minutes Have you ever eaten at Din Tai Fung? It is a Taiwanese soup dumpling restaurant that is the only “chain” to have earned a Michelin Star, which is about as lofty a culinary goal as there is in the world of fine dining. A few years back, Din Tai Fung opened outposts near tech centers in Seattle, Read More »

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