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The Pass Labs XP-27 is not designed by Nelson but by his partner, Wayne Colburn.

Pass Labs XP-27 Phonostage Reviewed

Reading Time: 11 minutes Pass Labs has long been known for innovation, build quality, performance and perhaps, to many audiophiles, value. When I reviewed the highly capable Pass Labs XP-17 Phonostage (read the review), I quickly became convinced, enamored even, of the performance and workmanship of this component. And while for some, possibly many, a $4,500 phonostage may sound very expensive, others Read More »


The Memory Player is one of the most sophisticated, tech-forward ways to listen to digital music be it streaming or from a silver disc.

Laufer Teknik Memory Player 64 Reviewed

Reading Time: 10 minutes Sometime in the late 1990s, audio designer, scientist and quantum physicist Mark Porzilli started thinking about digital music and why he felt it sounded so artificial, with hardly any tangible association to natural-sounding music. In fact, this line of thought occurred about the same time as the rise in popularity of computer-based storage and playback of digital Read More »

The Rega P3 in red is a true audiophile looker.

Rega Planar 3 Turntable Reviewed

Reading Time: 11 minutes Rega is a blue-chip brand in the audiophile community, and there are many good reasons why. For starters, every product has been painstakingly built by hand in England since 1973. Engineering is one of Rega’s founding pillars. Rega has built a reputation for delivering stellar performance at value-minded prices, which is always popular with audiophiles. Read More »

RBH 61 SF/R speakers with their AMT tweeter paired up at Eric Forst's house

RBH 61-SF/R Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed

Reading Time: 8 minutes I was first introduced, in-person, to Utah-based RBH Sound in 2023, when I had the opportunity to review their excellent entry-level floorstanding speakers, the RBH 6500-SF (read my review here). During the course of my research for that particular review, I was informed by RBH that a reference variant of this line exists in both floorstanding and Read More »


Few audiophile publications talk about the importance of protecting your hearing. We do.

Can You Still Be a Real Audiophile If You Have Lost a Little of Your Hearing?

Reading Time: 6 minutes To be an audiophile is not just to love audio gear, but also the music that is played back on such a high-performance music playback system. Audiophiles live and breathe good sound, with a whole lot of emphasis on music, but few discuss the realities of hearing as it pertains to the hobby. It is Read More »


SVS Line level adaptor

SVS Launches New SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter

Reading Time: 4 minutes SVS, a leading manufacturer of high-performance speakers, subwoofers, and wireless audio products, proudly announces the addition of the SVS SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter to its growing line of AV accessory solutions.  Many integrated amplifiers and legacy stereo receivers lack line-level outputs, leaving audio enthusiasts without the ability to connect a powered subwoofer to their system. The Read More »

Getting your hearing checked every year or two is a great idea for concerned audiophiles looking to protect all of their hearing today and for the future.

Could Audiophile Hearing Aids be the Next Big Thing in the Audiophile Hobby?

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’ve discussed the importance of hearing health and hearing loss prevention in previous articles, and my genuine hope is that at least a few readers were inspired enough to take my recommended preventative measures to heart. Who knows, maybe a handful of elder millennial audiophiles are now on the path to long-term hearing health and preservation. I hope so, Read More »

The BlueSound Node is a game-changing audiophile component that is just getting better and better.

BlueSound To Add Dirac Room Correct To Both New and Some Legacy Products But No Models Listed Yet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Swedish room correction and digital audio company, Dirac and Bluesound Node (read the review), makers of high fidelity multi-room streaming devices, just announced a collaboration to integrate Dirac’s award-winning Dirac Live Room Correction solution into select Bluesound device like the BlueSound Power Node Edge.  According to Fredric Tapper, Dirac’s VP of Home & Pro Audio, Read More »

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