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2023 Gear of The Year Awards 2023 Gear of the Year Awards 

Reading Time: 14 minutes It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing for a whole year now, but since our late-2022 launch, we’ve reviewed over 150 audiophile components ranging from very high end to sub-$200 Chi-Fi integrated amps and seemingly everything in-between. Getting back in the audiophile game and bringing both high-value and cost-no-object products to a new demographics of readers Read More »


The Boulder 1160 is one of the lower end amps in their lineup priced at $36000

Boulder Amplifiers 1160 Stereo Amp Reviewed

Reading Time: 10 minutes Nestled slightly south east of Boulder, Colorado, is a high-end audio company whose name is synonymous with world-class, high-performance gear: Boulder Amplifiers. In fact, Boulder is generally considered by many savvy audiophiles as one of the best overall electronics brands available anywhere at any price.  Positioned in what may be termed the sweet spot of the Read More »

Laufer Teknic's The Note Speaker is one of the most visually dramatic on the market today with its tall-thin, multi-driver design

Laufer Teknik The Note Line Array Loudspeaker System Reviewed

Reading Time: 9 minutes Quantum physicist and well-known audio engineer Mark Porzilli, someone who has been designing award-winning audio products for decades, has, since 2019, been updating and perfecting his third and latest line array loudspeaker system: The Note. Manufactured by Laufer Teknik, The Note exemplifies what a well-designed, high-end, line array loudspeaker can achieve. This is a speaker system that defies many Read More »

Here is the AGD Productions Alto stereo preamp stacked on top of the no-heat, Class-A-sounding, matching Tempo GaN power amp

AGD Productions Alto Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Reading Time: 6 minutes It is no secret that we at Future Audiophile are fans of GaN technology and have a great deal of respect for AGD Productions for getting on the bleeding edge of this technology. I was so thrilled by AGD Productions Tempo Amplifier, I chose to make it a new reference piece for me, dethroning the Parasound A21 and A21+ Read More »


My wife is becoming an unexpected audiophile so I feel compelled to get her a Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt for Christmas

Why I’m Buying My Wife a Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt for Christmas 

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sitting in our living room with the inward-facing French doors open to let the cool evening ocean breeze waft in, I cued up my audiophile system for some chill, trip-hop, loungy/electronic jams as my wife and I had a rare chance to sit down and catch up on the often-ignored topics of the day. The Read More »


ATC's updated C4 MK2 subwoofer

ATC Announced the C4 Sub MK2 Active Subwoofer System

Reading Time: 3 minutes World renowned for its signature high output, low-distortion audio engineering and trusted by musicians, studios, live sound engineers and audiophiles over five decades, The Acoustic Transducer Company (ATC) is proud to announce the production of the C4 Sub Mk 2 active subwoofer system. Designed to unite the highest standards of driver and electronics engineering in Read More »

Magnepan Speakers are a bi-polar planar design

Audiophile Lingo You Need to Know Part 3: Different Types of Speakers

Reading Time: 12 minutes Loudspeakers are somewhat of a marvel. Where electronic components are designed to efficiently move electrical signals from one place to the next, speakers have the unique job of converting those signals to the mechanical vibrations we perceive as music. Without this important capability, we would not be able to hear our favorite songs. In this, Read More »

The Record Doctor X is a pretty serious audiophile record cleaner priced at $599

Record Doctor X Now Shipping at $599

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pangea Audio, a developer and manufacturer of high performance, high value audio accessories, announced today a new edition of its acclaimed Record Doctor vacuum record cleaning machines that simultaneously cleans both sides of a record, saving time and effort over current versions.  Scheduled to ship in mid-December, the new Record Doctor X (SRP: $599.95) features the same Read More »

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