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Trinnov Amethyst Preamp Reviewed

Trinnov Amethyst Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Reading Time: 10 minutes I was introduced to Trinnov more than a decade ago when the company’s Room Optimizer was demonstrated to me through a Sherwood R-972 receiver. Now, more than a decade and hundreds of product demonstrations later, I am still very impressed with the Trinnov room correction system. Room Optimizer is now available as part of Trinnov’s Read More »


Focal's Bathys wireless headphones

Focal Bathys Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Reviewed

Reading Time: 9 minutes The audiophile world is filled with wired headphones that can bring the excitement of live music straight to your head. They can deliver the dynamics of the studio experience without having to worry about the acoustics of the room or waking up your spouse. But there is one problem with many of those tried-and-tested headphones: Read More »

Schiit Modi 3e DAC reviewed

Schiit Audio Modi 3e DAC Reviewed

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Modi 3e is the latest update to Schiit Audio’s popular low-cost digital-to-analog converter line. The company calls this one a “do-all” DAC, because it accepts coaxial and optical digital inputs, but also Schiit’s own Unison USB interface. This allows you to connect just about anything type of device to it. This version of the Read More »

Rega Planar 1 Turntable Reviewed

Rega Planar 1 Turntable Reviewed

Reading Time: 6 minutes The vinyl resurgence has music lovers everywhere clamoring for that magical analog sound. Needless to say, though, that sound starts at the source. The better the source, the better the sound. And while it’s possible these days to spend six figures on a turntable, or conversely find a beater at your local yard sale, the Read More »


Schiit Modi 3e DAC reviewed by Andrew Dewhirst

In the Audiophile World, Higher Price Doesn’t Always Equal Higher Performance

Reading Time: 7 minutes One of the biggest audiophile fallacies is a pricier or more exclusive product is going to perform better than a more affordable or mass-market solution. Perhaps that was once the case, but new-school audiophiles are increasing supporting manufacturers who deliver heaps of value paired with game-changing performance. Today’s younger audiophile is also far likelier to Read More »


A vintage copy of Audio Magazine from the 1960s featuring Steven Stone's first audio system

Does Inflation Always Makes Audiophile Products Cost More? Not Always… Here’s How to Cope

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you have a pair of ears, or even only one functioning ear, it’s impossible to avoid the “I” word these days. Most of the inflation news today is bad, and that makes sense as bad news creates media-based user engagement and user engagement means more readers/viewers and that means more money, so we know Read More »

Avail 880 Series Amps

Aavik Launches Their New Flagship 880 Series of Amplifiers 

Reading Time: 8 minutes Aavik announced today that it has expanded its range of amplifiers with their new flagship Aavik 880 series. The new series consists of the Aavik I-880 integrated amplifier, the C-880 control amplifier, and the P-880 power amplifier. The primary development goal of this series was to create a powerful non-switching pure Class A amplifier with Read More »

Monoprice Monolith Audition Speakers Launch

Monoprice Finally Launches Low-cost Audition Speakers to its Monolith Line

Reading Time: 2 minutes Monolith, Monolith, the high-end audio brand from Monoprice, just announced its Audition series speaker solutions. The Audition speakers will be available in bookshelf, center-channel and two tower configurations.  “Our new Audition Series speakers bring extremely-high quality sound to a new level of affordability,” said Hobie Sechrest, Monolith business unit manager, Monoprice. “Engineered to exceed our strict Read More »

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