FutureAudiophile.com Advertising Specs

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Effective July 3, 2024)

Here are the specs for our various ad elements which mostly match AIB Standards. Feel free to call 310.860.9988 or email us (jerry@futureaudiophile.com) with any questions as we are always here to help.

overview of advertising spaces

Banner Ad Specs:

• 300×250 newsletter (non-expandable) 200KB (max size) GIF, JPG or PNG

• 300×250 site-wide and expandale to 300×600 – 200KB (max) GIF, JPG, or PNG

• 300×600 site-wide – 250KB (max) GIF, JPG or PNG and HTML5

• 970×250 site-wide – 300KB (max) GIF, JPG or PNG and HTML5


Our 970×540 “Mega billboard” ad reqires a 970×90 image meeting the GIF/JPG/PNG max 200KB requirements along with an expanded 970×540 image limited to 750KB.

Dealer HTML Emailings (B to B)

Call or email for specs

Dedicated Consmer HTML Emailings (B to C)

Call or email for specs

Sweepstakes Questions

Call or email and we will provide examples and templates for you to use.

Dealer Database

Call or email to get the parameters for the Excel sheet that we will need.

300x600 sample ad
300×600 sample ad
300 x 95 ad
300x 95 sample ad