Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile System

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About Jerry Del Colliano

Jerry Del Colliano

Jerry Del Colliano started his career in the specialty audio-video business in the spring of 1990 in the suburbs of Philadelphia working part-time while in high school at Bryn Mawr Stereo in Abington, Pennsylvania. Professionally, he moved to “The Main Line” area of Philadelphia in early 1991 to work at Sassafras Audio in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. In 1993 he crossed the country to attend The University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music where get earned a BS in Music Industry degree (half-music – half business) in 1997. In 1993, he went to work for the legendary Beverly Hills audiophile salon, Christopher Hansen Ltd. He quickly became the most prolific salesman of Wilson Audio in the nation as a freshman in college. A few years later he was recruited by Mark Levinson and Joseph Cali to come work as one of the four national salespeople for Cello Music and Film Systems in their Los Angeles Showroom.

In spring of 1996 with an $11,000 commission check from Cello and while still a Junior at USC, Jerry started his first online audiophile publication called Armed with a black-and-white Macintosh Macbook 520B with a 9600 baud dial-up modem and not nearly enough money or any investor support – Del Colliano went on to build his first publication into somewhat of an industry game changer. On February 29, 2008, Del Colliano sold and to Internet Brands (INET on the NASDAQ at the time).

By late 2008, Del Colliano and much of his quickly furloughed staff stared In only a few years, took its place as an industry leader in the specialty audio-video market. was closed and 301-redirected by Internet Brands by early 2014. Jerry started to cater to the audiophile hobby which took on its own irreverent tone and became a bit of cult hit with audio enthusiasts.

In December of 2019, Del Colliano sold and to JRW Publishing. He left the company mere months after. From 2020 through the COVID pandemic, we wrote on a part-time basis for the once competing publication,

By late 2022, Del Colliano launched his V3 AV publication, – a site dedicated to introducing the audiophile hobby to younger audiences.

Jerry Del Colliano’s reference AV system is a mix of high end audio, high performance home theater, 4K video, distributed audio (and video) along with home automation. His gear list currently looks like this…

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Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Source Components

  • Kaleidescape KSERVER-5000 Blu-ray-DVD-CD Server
  • Kaleidescape KVAULT-M700 Blu-ray Disc Vault + HD Zone Player
  • (9x) Sonos Connect
  • Apple TV (2021 version. 4K 64 GB)
  • Roku Ultra 4802R (4K)
  • Sony UBP-X800M2 Universal Disc Player
  • (2x) DirecTV HR24 Receivers
  • DirecTV “Genie 2” DVR

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Preamps/Receivers

  • Marantz SR-8012 AV Receiver
  • Classe Delta Stereo Preamp/DAC

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Power Amps

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Loudspeakers

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Headphones

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Video Monitors

  • 65-inch Samsung Frame
  • 55-inch Samsung Frame
  • 75-inch UltraHD Sony 4K LED
  • 85-inch UltraHD Sony 4K LED

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Network

  • (3x) Araknis Routers

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Smart Home and Home Automation System

  • Crestron CP4 Processor (“brain”)
  • Crestron DMF-CJ-8 4K Video Switcher/Distribution
  • (4) Crestron TSR-310 LED Hand-Held Remotes
  • (2) Apple iPads for whole-home control in an iPort wall mount with Crestron and Sonos App

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Power Conditioning and Battery Backup

  • (2) WATT BOX VB-OVRC-UPS-2001-1 (Battery Backup Devices)

Jerry Del Colliano’s Reference Audiophile Racks and Storage + More

  • (2) Middle Atlantic DWR Series 8-foot Equipment Racks
  • (various) Middle Atlantic Rack Shelves With Custom Face Plates
  • Various Monoprice cables (XLR, RCA and USB-A/USB-B