Jim Swantko’s Reference Audiophile System

Jim Swantko is a professional audiophile writer and reviewer.
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Jim Swantko has been an audiophile since his teenage years cutting his teeth with high performance car audio stereo systems which lead him all the way to becoming a professional audiophile reviewer. Jim’s system goal is to recreate the energy and magic that one experiences while listening to a live performance. His taste in music is eclectic ranging from acoustic folk to jazz to heavy metal so it has to be a jack of all trades. This pursuit has led him to experiment with ultra-high end surround systems, tube systems, full active systems and everything in between.

Jim Swantko has been a professional audiophile reviewer for over 15 years having worked for HomeTheaterReview.com and now FutureAudiophile.com
Jim Swantko is a professional audiophile writer and reviewer.

Jim professionally has written audiophile and home theater content for HomeTheaterReview.com and AudiophileReview.com until late 2019. Today, Jim writes about audiophile topics and reviews audiophile gear at FutureAudiophile.com exclusively.

Jim attended North Carolina State University where he earned Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering degrees. He has been in the wireless industry for nearly 30 years working both domestically and internationally. 

Jim lives in North Carolina with his wife and son where they enjoy boating, hunting, mountain biking and almost everything else outdoors.  He also is a major gear head who is either wrenching on his racecar or his rock-crawler.

Jim Swantko's Reference Audiophile System includes: a CH Precision M1.1 amp, Rockport speakers, a MarkLevinson Preamp, a cutting-edge Weiss Engineering DAC and WireWorld cables.
Jim Swantko is a professional audiophile writer and reviewer.

Jim Swantko’s Reference Audiophile System

Lumin U1 Mini Streamer
Esoteric DV-50 CD/SACD/DVD-A Player
Weiss Helios DAC (review pending)
Mark Levinson 326s Preamplifier (read the review)
CH Precision M1.1 Power Amp (review pending)
Rockport Avior II Speakers (review pending)
Audiophile Cables by WireWorld
LG 77 inc OLED 4K Monitor
Salamander Equipment Rack

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