Wireworld cables boxed and ready to go

Which Cables Should You Use With Your Audio System, Do They Matter and Why?

Unless someone comes up with a highly innovative alternative, connecting all those various components in our audiophile systems still requires the use of cables. Some people believe cables absolutely improve sonics, while others feel all cables are the same, with… Read More »

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Note the balanced input on the front of the Bricasti M3 that is often hidden from sight.

Bricasti M3 Audiophile DAC Reviewed

The audiophile world is jam-packed with companies making uber-expensive components that cost what they cost mainly because of scarcity, esoterica and, sometimes, simple gross profiteering. Bricasti’s audiophile offerings are a breath of fresh air in this sometimes-polluted world of technological… Read More »

Chord's Anti desktop, audiophile integrated amp is built as well as the best gear the world knows.

Chord Anni Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The Anni from Chord Electronics is a small form factor, desktop-style integrated amplifier. This small but powerful integrated amplifier features both a 3.5 and a quarter-inch headphone jack, as well as 10 watts into eight ohms of Class AB amplification… Read More »

Orchard Audio's Premium GaN monos with their slanted front face plate.

Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Premium Amps Reviewed

The world of semiconductor-based amps has been the most wonderfully disruptive category in the audiophile hobby, and Orchard Audio is one of the main brands behind the movement. We discussed this matter in depth in this featured news story. A satellite engineer… Read More »

The Eversolo DMP-A6 is the DAC that has gotten the audiophile forums talking with a great price and a wonderful feature set.

Eversolo DMP A6 Streaming DAC and Music Server Reviewed

The Eversolo DMP A6 (buy at Amazon), which retails for $859, is a full-featured audiophile music streamer and digital to analog converter (DAC) that from here on out we will refer to as a streaming DAC. The Eversolo DMP A6… Read More »

Old school Bowers & Wilkins 801s (look at those Kevlar drivers) with McIntosh electronics at an audiophile salon

Should You Buy an Audiophile Store? 

For 20 years, there have been some faint voices discussing demographic issues that the audiophile hobby has, mainly being the fact that the hobby is nearly all-male and predominantly supported by Baby Boomers who are now aged into their 70s.… Read More »

Can you stay in the audiophile club if you aren't actively buying gear?

Are You Out of the Audiophile Club If You Stop Buying Gear?

There are a lot of things to love about the audiophile hobby, from its long past dating back to the 1960s (perhaps even before depending on your historical outlook), as well as the rich potential that listening to music has… Read More »

The Chord Qutest DAC is small in size but rivals any in terms of quality of build.

Chord Qutest DAC Reviewed

The Chord Qutest DAC is a small form factor $1,595 dedicated digital-to-analog converter designed for both audiophile and desktop solutions. Made in England, this diminutive DAC is built to survive any possible unforeseen nuclear fallout, with its thick aluminum case… Read More »

The LEAK Stereo 230 is a new player to the old-school trend of legacy audio components.

Leak Stereo 230 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The Stereo 230 from Leak is a modern take on a heritage design from the English audiophile brand Leak, which has been making high-performance components since 1934. This $1,695 integrated amp is designed to look similar to the Stereo 30,… Read More »

The Bricasti M3 is a super capable audiophile DAC with deep pro-audio roots

If DAC Chips Perform Perfectly Then Why Don’t All DACs Sound the Same?

 It is likely the audiophile forum Audio Science Review that should get credit for starting this thread talking about digital to analog converters and the vast improvements in today’s DAC chips. The question was “Do All DACs Sound the Same?”… Read More »

It is hard not to be impressed with the big LED screen on the HiFi Rose RS520 integrated amp

HiFi Rose RS520 Network Streamer and Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The RS520 from Korean brand HiFi Rose is a what the company calls a “All-In-One Network Streamer.” In this case, all-in-one means it has a built-in network player, DAC and amplifier, and I can tell you that is just scratching… Read More »

RBH's SFTR DSP powered speakers bring much of what their SVTR speakers for at $40,000 for well less than half of the retail price.

RBH Sound SFTR Partially Active Modular Speaker System

Last year, I reviewed RBH Sound’s SVTR fully active speaker system. They are a monster in terms of performance, size and is pretty expensive at approximately $40,000 per pair, depending on configuration. While I was working on that review, I learned… Read More »

The NAD CS-1 is a very capable, audiophile grade endpoint that connects to your network and system

What’s the Difference Between an Audiophile Endpoint and a Music Streamer?

Don’t feel bad if you can’t tell me the unique differences between an audiophile endpoint and a music streamer. It is a bold new world where streaming music services have delivered basically full access to damn close to every album… Read More »

The SVS Ultra Evolution Bookshelf speakers at Eric Forst's audiophile listening room.

SVS Ultra Evolution Bookshelf Speakers Reviewed

The newly-released SVS Ultra Evolution line consists of floorstanding speakers, satellite speakers, height channel speakers, a three-way center channel speaker and bookshelves. I had the opportunity to review the latter. The SVS Ultra Evolution Bookshelf speakers are quite a departure from SVS’… Read More »

WiiM Pro Plus audiophile endpoint installed and ready to rock

WiiM Pro Plus Audiophile Endpoint/Streamer Reviewed

Even the audiophile elders admit that streaming provides the best performance and most cost-effective way to get CD- to HD-quality audio into your audiophile system. In 2022, only a tiny fraction of the record high sales for recorded music was… Read More »

The Anthem STR is a Stereo Preamp with a 32 bit DAC, room correction and more.

Should You Consolidate Your Stereo Preamp With Other Audiophile Components? 

Conventional wisdom and, frankly, common sense tells us the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If you wanted to travel from one city to another several hundred miles away, you’d simply look at the map and pick… Read More »

JBL's Classic looking but modern design. L52 loudspeakers.

JBL L52 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed 

JBL is a name that resonates with anyone who’s had even a fleeting interest in high-quality audio. From their humble beginnings in the 1940s, JBL has been synonymous with pushing the boundaries of high-quality sound reproduction. Enter the JBL L52… Read More »

The Sonos Port is a gateway to a whole-home audio system as well as an endpoint. How will audiophile like streaming on Sonos?

Sonos Port Audiophile Endpoint Reviewed

Do you wanna know when an AV company is the real deal? Some might say that it is when they are sold in Best Buy or Magnolia stores, and that’s a good standard. Before Sonos made that distribution leap, they… Read More »

Benchmark Media's DAC3 B is a hand-rack width, professional audio DAC that audiophiles also love

Benchmark Media DAC3 B Digital to Analog Converter Reviewed

Audiophiles today have more and more digital music options available to them, thanks to the last of the spinning disc players and countless options in the streamer and/or endpoint market. Many of the above audiophile digital source components come with… Read More »

The PS Audio Sprout 100 is one of our favorite small audiophile components.

Should More Audiophile Companies Standardize the Size of Their Gear? 

By Jerry Del Colliano You’ve seen the film This Is Spinal Tap!, right? Even if you haven’t, the chances that you don’t know the joke that goes “but this one goes to 11” are pretty slim, unless you’ve been living… Read More »

The NAD CS-1 is an endpoint more than a streamer and can bring music via the streaming company's app to your system at a very low cost.

NAD CS-1 HD Audiophile Endpoint Reviewed

Why is Wall Street trying to get every classic rock-era artist to sell them their songwriting? Streaming is why. The music business is now the software business, and the software business is good and always has been. Just as you… Read More »

Vinyl's revival didn't revive the music business did but doing away with discs sure did.

Music Revenue Is Booming But Physical Media Sales Are Dead

You know when Wall Street is buying up all of the music catalogs that there is something good going on in the music industry. What’s good is that, according to the RIAA in 2022, gross combined revenue (including all sources) is… Read More »

The MoFi UltraDeck turntable with its distinctive yellow belt

MoFi Electronics UltraDeck Turntable Reviewed

Having spent many years producing high-quality remastered LPs, when the newly-established electronics division of Mobile Fidelity decided to manufacture a turntable, a natural segue from recording to source component was born. MoFi Electronics was formed, and today produces turntables, cartridges,… Read More »

The Clarus Power Sextet in Michael Zisserson's audiophile system

Clarus Sextet Power Conditioner Reviewed

The Clarus Sextet is a six-outlet power conditioner with advanced surge protection. The Sextet’s smaller sibling, the Duet, has been a staple in my system for nearly five years. At the time, the Clarus Duet was the first power conditioning … Read More »