PS Audio AirLens in silver

PS Audio AirLens Streamer Reviewed

The PS Audio AirLens retails for $1,999 and is a single-component audiophile streamer often referred to as a “network transport.” This is not to be mistaken for a streaming DAC, which is alternatively known as a “network player” that includes… Read More »

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Few audiophile publications talk about the importance of protecting your hearing. We do.

Can You Still Be a Real Audiophile If You Have Lost a Little of Your Hearing?

To be an audiophile is not just to love audio gear, but also the music that is played back on such a high-performance music playback system. Audiophiles live and breathe good sound, with a whole lot of emphasis on music,… Read More »

The Pass Labs XP-27 is not designed by Nelson but by his partner, Wayne Colburn.

Pass Labs XP-27 Phonostage Reviewed

Pass Labs has long been known for innovation, build quality, performance and perhaps, to many audiophiles, value. When I reviewed the highly capable Pass Labs XP-17 Phonostage (read the review), I quickly became convinced, enamored even, of the performance and… Read More »

The Memory Player is one of the most sophisticated, tech-forward ways to listen to digital music be it streaming or from a silver disc.

Laufer Teknik Memory Player 64 Reviewed

Sometime in the late 1990s, audio designer, scientist and quantum physicist Mark Porzilli started thinking about digital music and why he felt it sounded so artificial, with hardly any tangible association to natural-sounding music. In fact, this line of thought occurred about… Read More »

The Rega P3 in red is a true audiophile looker.

Rega Planar 3 Turntable Reviewed

Rega is a blue-chip brand in the audiophile community, and there are many good reasons why. For starters, every product has been painstakingly built by hand in England since 1973. Engineering is one of Rega’s founding pillars. Rega has built… Read More »

The reference listening room at Masimo in Carlsbad, California

Bold Predictions on Who Will Buy Masimo’s Sound United Brands

Bowers & Wilkins is finding itself branded in more and more luxury cars. Why did a publicly-traded medical products company spend $1,000,000,000 to buy a bunch of audiophile and home theater brands? Many were left asking that question when the… Read More »

RBH 61 SF/R speakers with their AMT tweeter paired up at Eric Forst's house

RBH 61-SF/R Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed

I was first introduced, in-person, to Utah-based RBH Sound in 2023, when I had the opportunity to review their excellent entry-level floorstanding speakers, the RBH 6500-SF (read my review here). During the course of my research for that particular review,… Read More »

The T+A DAC 200 in silver and reviewed by Brian Kahn

T+A DAC 200 DAC/Preamplifier Reviewed

In my last T+A review we discussed how the source component performs the critical job of injecting the audio you want to listen to into your system while keeping it pristine. I would argue that this next component has an… Read More »

Some turntables are as as sexy being sculpture as they are being functional

How Many Audiophile Whales Are There Really?

Is anybody else tired of the word “billionaire” being used so often in modern media and society? I am. There are reportedly 2,800 billionaires on the planet Earth that is host to roughly 8,200,000,000 human beings. Here in the richest… Read More »

Magnepan 2.7 floorstanding planar speakers.

Magnepan MG2.7i Planar Loudspeaker Reviewed

Founded in Minnesota in 1969, Magnepan is an iconic speaker manufacturer in the audiophile world, its speakers instantly recognizable both visually and sonically. Today, Magnepan’s speakers (which the firm calls Magneplanars) are still designed and built in White Bear Lake,… Read More »

Monitor Audio Anthra W15 is a deep-reaching, audiophile subwoofer capable of reproducing the lowest of low frequency notes

Monitor Audio Anthra W15 Subwoofer Reviewed

Founded in 1972 in Cambridge, England, Monitor Audio has consistently produced well-received loudspeakers, and today offers everything from basic bookshelf models to towers with multiple woofers. (With acquisitions of turntable and electronics maker Roksan and audio furniture maker Blok, Monitor… Read More »

The ISOTEK Elecktra V5 actually has six outlets...

IsoTek V5 Elektra Power Conditioner Reviewed

A power conditioner is an often overlooked, cherry-on-top component that helps to enhance a HiFi system’s performance. We have discussed system synergy here at Future Audiophile before, and how the journey to audio satisfaction is part of the fun. Having… Read More »

Dan Da'agostino's steampunk inspired amps are as good to look at as to listen to and they sound really, really good.

The Look of Your Audiophile Gear Is an Important Element to Its Overall Value

If we lived in a perfect world, we might seek audiophile components that do nothing other than sound great. There are examples of such products out there, such as ATI amplifiers, which up until recently used to be handmade right… Read More »

The iFi ZEN One Signature DAC is a small form factor audiophile DAC that works with today's modern audiophile streaming and CD-based systems.

iFi Zen One Signature Digital to Analog Converter Reviewed

In some ways, there are few things that will be as important to the modern audiophile as their DAC, as the vast majority of music today is being listened to through digital sources. Streaming continues to get more and more… Read More »

The PS Audio Stellar Gold comes in silver and black (with a gold accent, of course).

PS Audio Stellar Gold Preamp Reviewed

A few months ago, I wrote about secret designers quietly making very high-value audiophile components. Seeking these products out is often worth the effort, as they tend to punch above their weight class. Darren Meyers is quite not an audiophile… Read More »

HIFI Rose is makes some of the most stunning looking audiophile gear on the market today in terms of industrial design

HiFi Rose GaN Integrated Amplifier RA180 Reviewed

Let’s face it, not every audiophile has the room or desire for separate components for their electronics. The HiFi Rose RA180 integrated amplifier (buy at Crutchfield) was built specifically for this group of audiophiles who prefer a one-box approach, but… Read More »

Boulder is known for making possibly the most expensive electronics in the world but their new, younger executives have designed $8,000 amps, preamps and integrated amps.

The Radical Change in Brand Dynamics in Audiophile Electronics and What the Future Will Bring

One of the business books that I have always loved is Trout and Ries’ The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (buy at Amazon) which I believe was originally published back in the 1970s. One of the key elements of the… Read More »

The retro-looking yet affordable Outlaw Audio RR2166 integrated amp installed.

Outlaw Audio RR2160MkII Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The RR2160MkII (yes, that is a mouthful) is an integrated amplifier from the direct-to-consumer brand Outlaw Audio. If you’re not familiar with Outlaw Audio, they are a Massachusetts-based company that was founded in 1999, and has been making fine audiophile-grade products ever… Read More »

The T+A MP200 is a truly unique audiophile component with its range of audiophile source options in once chassis

T+A MP200 Multi Source Player Reviewed

The first component in your audio system playback chain is your source component, and it’s arguably the most critical in your system. Your source component needs to be able to play your media and get it to the rest of… Read More »

Eversolo's DMP-A6 streaming DAC is one the more popular Chi-Fi audiophile performers in the market today.

The Audiophile Realities of Owning Chi-Fi Gear

Sometimes, in life, things seem too good to be true. In the audiophile world, nowhere is this more prevalent than when talking about Chi-Fi (Chinese-made and often sold direct) gear. If you still not hip to Chi-Fi check out my… Read More »

The Bowers & Wilkins 606 S3s installed in a slick, music-lovers room.

Bowers & Wilkins 606 S3 Bookshelf Speaker Reviewed

For years, the Bowers & Wilkins 600 series has been a favorite among audiophiles looking for a great, detailed bookshelf speaker. Their latest iteration of the series, the Bowers & Wilkins 606 S3 (buy at Crutchfield), promises to build on… Read More »

Ray Kimber's studio at Weber State is quite impressive.

Have You Considered What Will Be Your Audiophile Legacy?

The University of the South was not a school that I had heard of until my audiophile friend, classical recording engineer and former Absolute Sound and Stereophile writer John Marks, told me about their audiophile listening room. A priest at … Read More »

PS Audio's Stellar Gold DAC with its matching stereo preamp nicely installed

PS Audio Stellar Gold Digital to Analog Converter Reviewed

PS Audio is one of the most time-tested and trusted brand names in the audiophile hobby. Not every audiophile knows that, a few years back, PS Audio made the controversial move to dump all of their traditional dealers, thus leaving… Read More »

The Pass Labs XP-17 phonostage designed by Wayne Colburn installed in a swanky living room...

Pass Labs XP-17 Phonostage Reviewed

When commercial operations first began in 1991, Pass Labs took the innovative amplifier creations from the kitchen table of founder Nelson Pass and rose to become one of the more respected and awarded audio companies currently in business. In 1994,… Read More »

The Orchard Audio PecanPi+ Music Streamer

Orchard Audio PecanPi+ Streaming DAC Reviewed

Orchard Audio is an American audiophile company based in New Jersey, where its products are designed and assembled with its owner and product designer, Leo Ayzenshtat. Orchard Audio could be described as a fan-favorite, direct-to-the-consumer audio manufacturer that focuses on… Read More »

The audiophile rig at Luxury Publishing Group's old offices in Brentwood including a Benchmark DAC, Focal speakers, Pass Labs amp and more

Which Audiophile Speakers Should You Buy: Floorstanding or Bookshelf?

One of the key editorial tasks that we took on was taking on audiophile lore and cliché and seeing how it holds up over time. We’ve recently stepped into the “all DACs sound the same” topic (hint: they don’t). We’ve… Read More »

Whatfedale AURA 1 speakers installed

Wharfedale Aura 1 Stand Mounted Loudspeakers Reviewed

If you have been an audiophile, even for a short time, you have come to understand that different regions of the globe have a certain geographically specific sound to their loudspeakers that is hard to miss. One of the more… Read More »

Note the balanced input on the front of the Bricasti M3 that is often hidden from sight.

Bricasti M3 Audiophile DAC Reviewed

The audiophile world is jam-packed with companies making uber-expensive components that cost what they cost mainly because of scarcity, esoterica and, sometimes, simple gross profiteering. Bricasti’s audiophile offerings are a breath of fresh air in this sometimes-polluted world of technological… Read More »

Wireworld cables boxed and ready to go

Which Cables Should You Use With Your Audio System, Do They Matter and Why?

Unless someone comes up with a highly innovative alternative, connecting all those various components in our audiophile systems still requires the use of cables. Some people believe cables absolutely improve sonics, while others feel all cables are the same, with… Read More »

Chord's Anti desktop, audiophile integrated amp is built as well as the best gear the world knows.

Chord Anni Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The Anni from Chord Electronics is a small form factor, desktop-style integrated amplifier. This small but powerful integrated amplifier features both a 3.5 and a quarter-inch headphone jack, as well as 10 watts into eight ohms of Class AB amplification… Read More »

Orchard Audio's Premium GaN monos with their slanted front face plate.

Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Premium Amps Reviewed

The world of semiconductor-based amps has been the most wonderfully disruptive category in the audiophile hobby, and Orchard Audio is one of the main brands behind the movement. We discussed this matter in depth in this featured news story. A… Read More »

The Eversolo DMP-A6 is the DAC that has gotten the audiophile forums talking with a great price and a wonderful feature set.

Eversolo DMP A6 Streaming DAC and Music Server Reviewed

The Eversolo DMP A6 (buy at Amazon), which retails for $859, is a full-featured audiophile music streamer and audiophile digital to analog converter (DAC) that from here on out we will refer to as a streaming DAC. The Eversolo DMP… Read More »

Old school Bowers & Wilkins 801s (look at those Kevlar drivers) with McIntosh electronics at an audiophile salon

Should You Buy an Audiophile Store? 

For 20 years, there have been some faint voices discussing demographic issues that the audiophile hobby has, mainly being the fact that the hobby is nearly all-male and predominantly supported by Baby Boomers who are now aged into their 70s.… Read More »

Can you stay in the audiophile club if you aren't actively buying gear?

Are You Out of the Audiophile Club If You Stop Buying Gear?

There are a lot of things to love about the audiophile hobby, from its long past dating back to the 1960s (perhaps even before depending on your historical outlook), as well as the rich potential that listening to music has for today’s… Read More »

The Chord Qutest DAC is small in size but rivals any in terms of quality of build.

Chord Qutest DAC Reviewed

The Chord Qutest audiophile DAC is a small form factor $1,595 dedicated digital-to-analog converter designed for both audiophile and desktop solutions. Made in England, this diminutive DAC is built to survive any possible unforeseen nuclear fallout, with its thick aluminum… Read More »

The LEAK Stereo 230 is a new player to the old-school trend of legacy audio components.

Leak Stereo 230 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The Stereo 230 from Leak is a modern take on a heritage design from the English audiophile brand Leak, which has been making high-performance components since 1934. This $1,695 integrated amp is designed to look similar to the Stereo 30,… Read More »

The Bricasti M3 is a super capable audiophile DAC with deep pro-audio roots

If DAC Chips Perform Perfectly Then Why Don’t All DACs Sound the Same?

 It is likely the audiophile forum Audio Science Review that should get credit for starting this thread talking about digital to analog converters and the vast improvements in today’s DAC chips. The question was “Do All DACs Sound the Same?”… Read More »

It is hard not to be impressed with the big LED screen on the HiFi Rose RS520 integrated amp

HiFi Rose RS520 Network Streamer and Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The RS520 from Korean brand HiFi Rose is a what the company calls a “All-In-One Network Streamer.” In this case, all-in-one means it has a built-in network player, DAC and amplifier, and I can tell you that is just scratching… Read More »

RBH's SFTR DSP powered speakers bring much of what their SVTR speakers for at $40,000 for well less than half of the retail price.

RBH Sound SFTR Partially Active Modular Speaker System

Last year, I reviewed RBH Sound’s SVTR fully active speaker system. They are a monster in terms of performance, size and is pretty expensive at approximately $40,000 per pair, depending on configuration. While I was working on that review, I… Read More »

The NAD CS-1 is a very capable, audiophile grade endpoint that connects to your network and system

What’s the Difference Between an Audiophile Endpoint and a Music Streamer?

Don’t feel bad if you can’t tell me the unique differences between an audiophile endpoint and a music streamer. It is a bold new world where streaming music services have delivered basically full access to damn close to every album… Read More »

The SVS Ultra Evolution Bookshelf speakers at Eric Forst's audiophile listening room.

SVS Ultra Evolution Bookshelf Speakers Reviewed

The newly-released SVS Ultra Evolution line consists of floorstanding speakers, satellite speakers, height channel speakers, a three-way center channel speaker and bookshelves. I had the opportunity to review the latter. The SVS Ultra Evolution Bookshelf speakers (buy at Crutchfield) are… Read More »

WiiM Pro Plus audiophile endpoint installed and ready to rock

WiiM Pro Plus Audiophile Endpoint/Streamer Reviewed

Even the audiophile elders admit that streaming provides the best performance and most cost-effective way to get CD- to HD-quality audio into your audiophile system. In 2022, only a tiny fraction of the record high sales for recorded music was… Read More »

The Anthem STR is a Stereo Preamp with a 32 bit DAC, room correction and more.

Should You Consolidate Your Stereo Preamp With Other Audiophile Components? 

Conventional wisdom and, frankly, common sense tells us the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If you wanted to travel from one city to another several hundred miles away, you’d simply look at the map and pick… Read More »

JBL's Classic looking but modern design. L52 loudspeakers.

JBL L52 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed 

JBL is a name that resonates with anyone who’s had even a fleeting interest in high-quality audio. From their humble beginnings in the 1940s, JBL has been synonymous with pushing the boundaries of high-quality sound reproduction. Enter the JBL L52… Read More »

The Sonos Port is a gateway to a whole-home audio system as well as an endpoint. How will audiophile like streaming on Sonos?

Sonos Port Audiophile Endpoint Reviewed

Do you wanna know when an AV company is the real deal? Some might say that it is when they are sold in Best Buy or Magnolia stores, and that’s a good standard. Before Sonos made that distribution leap, they… Read More »

Benchmark Media's DAC3 B is a hand-rack width, professional audio DAC that audiophiles also love

Benchmark Media DAC3 B Digital to Analog Converter Reviewed

Audiophiles today have more and more digital music options available to them, thanks to the last of the spinning disc players and countless options in the streamer and/or endpoint market. Many of the above audiophile digital source components come with… Read More »

The PS Audio Sprout 100 is one of our favorite small audiophile components.

Should More Audiophile Companies Standardize the Size of Their Gear? 

By Jerry Del Colliano You’ve seen the film This Is Spinal Tap!, right? Even if you haven’t, the chances that you don’t know the joke that goes “but this one goes to 11” are pretty slim, unless you’ve been living… Read More »

The NAD CS-1 is an endpoint more than a streamer and can bring music via the streaming company's app to your system at a very low cost.

NAD CS-1 HD Audiophile Endpoint Reviewed

Why is Wall Street trying to get every classic rock-era artist to sell them their songwriting? Streaming is why. The music business is now the software business, and the software business is good and always has been. Just as you… Read More »

Vinyl's revival didn't revive the music business did but doing away with discs sure did.

Music Revenue Is Booming But Physical Media Sales Are Dead

You know when Wall Street is buying up all of the music catalogs that there is something good going on in the music industry. What’s good is that, according to the RIAA in 2022, gross combined revenue (including all sources)… Read More »

The MoFi UltraDeck turntable with its distinctive yellow belt

MoFi Electronics UltraDeck Turntable Reviewed

Having spent many years producing high-quality remastered LPs, when the newly-established electronics division of Mobile Fidelity decided to manufacture a turntable, a natural segue from recording to source component was born. MoFi Electronics was formed, and today produces turntables, cartridges,… Read More »

The Clarus Power Sextet in Michael Zisserson's audiophile system

Clarus Sextet Power Conditioner Reviewed

The Clarus Sextet is a six-outlet power conditioner with advanced surge protection. The Sextet’s smaller sibling, the Duet, has been a staple in my system for nearly five years. At the time, the Clarus Duet was the first power conditioning … Read More »

Saving money for your audiophile system is a creative process

How to Creatively Save Money for Audiophile Gear

Unless you are into sports like golf or polo as your pastime, the audiophile hobby is one of the more expensive ways that you can spend your discretionary dollars. While audiophiles like you and I are always looking for those… Read More »

Sonus faber Sonetto V speakers in the walnut finish as reviewed by Jerry Del Colliano in his media room

Sonus faber Sonetto V Floorstanding Loudspeakers Reviewed

Thirty years ago was the first time that I saw a Sonus faber bookshelf speaker. I was working in very high-end audio sales at Mark Levinson’s Cello Music and Film boutique, nestled in the Hollywood Hills right above Geffen Records,… Read More »

Victrola Hi-Res Carbon turntable is a modern statement from perhaps the oldest audiophile company on the planet

Victrola Hi-Res Carbon Turntable Reviewed

The Victrola Hi-Res Carbon (buy at Crutchfield) is the latest turntable from the Victrola brand of turntables. While this brand was once thought of as a maker of phonographs, it is now making products like the Hi-Res Carbon, which has… Read More »

Three popular hearing products designed to improve or protect

Three Ear Health Products That Can Save Your Hearing – But Do They Work?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – the single most important component in any audiophile system are your ears. Surprisingly, this is an often-overlooked topic of conversation among audiophiles, who are (given their age and male-dominated… Read More »

This looks more like a $1,400 amp - not a $400 one...

Monolith by Monoprice M2100X Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

Few mainstream electronics brands offer such a vast array of products and yet still manage to maintain a reputation for quality, customer service, and value as the California-based Monoprice. Looking for a couple THX-certified dual 15-inch 2000-watt subwoofers for your… Read More »

Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Amps are small physically but pack 150 watts per channel of class D GaN power

Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Block Amplifier Reviewed

Orchard Audio is a six-year-old audiophile electronics company that is the brainchild of an electronics engineer named Leo Ayzenshtat. Leo has earned his stripes by designing digital electronics for satellites. Yes, the ones that orbit the Earth and cost more… Read More »

When and exactly how to upgrade your audiophile system is a big part of the hobby

When To Make an Audiophile Upgrade and When To Not Upgrade

Upgrading our audiophile system is a big part of the fun in this hobby. Maybe we want to simply heighten our musical enjoyment by improving the configuration of our audio system. Perhaps recent listening experiences at an audiophile dealer, an… Read More »

The Bluesound Node installed in a small audiophile system.

Bluesound Node Music Streamer Reviewed

The Bluesound Node music streamer (buy at Crutchfield), with its built-in DAC (digital to analog converter), provides a convenient way for consumers to access their preferred music streaming service from the Internet, or from digital music files stored on a… Read More »

Audiophile speakers in an audiophile showroom

Exactly How Your Standard 20 Percent Discount Is Likely Putting Your Local Dealer Out of Business

By Jerry Del Colliano  Anybody who’s been in the audiophile hobby, even for a little while, knows that when they enter the realm of the audio salon or stereo store, they can pretty easily ask for (and get) a 20-percent-off… Read More »

The Pro-Ject X1 B turntable comes in a real walnut wood veneer as well as hand-done high gloss white or black paint.

Pro-Ject X1 B Turntable Reviewed

The Pro-Ject X1 B (buy at Crutchfield) is a $1,299 mid-range, belt-driven audiophile turntable that is a clear step above the plethora of $350 to $500 more entry-level players flooding the market today. The Pro-Ject X1B turntable features 33, 45, and 78 RPM… Read More »

The Mobile Fidelity Master Phono is designed by industry legend, Peter Madnick.

MoFi Masterphono Phonostage Reviewed

Founded in 1977, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, better known today as MoFi, has been a leader in producing high quality, remastered, specially plated and pressed versions of previously released LPs. In the late 1980s, they added uniquely remastered Compact Discs… Read More »

For many watch enthusiasts, a Patek Phillipe is the holy grail of timepieces

Limited Edition Gear Will Bring Urgency and Collectability to the Audiophile Hobby 

It is hard to feel bad for that guy who just spent $275,000 on that new V8 Ferrari, but how do you tell him that no matter how little he drives his Prancing Horse from Maranello, Italy, and no matter… Read More »

RBH's 61-SF is their $1,600 per pair audiophile bookshelf speakers

RBH 61-SF Bookshelf Speakers Reviewed

RBH’s latest offering, the 61-SF from their Signature Series of audiophile products, sets a compelling standard in the realm of bookshelf speakers. At a glance, this smaller audiophile speaker boasts an unassuming yet sleek design, but it is what lies… Read More »

Totem's Bison Floorstanding speaker installed in an artful audiophile listening room.

Totem Bison Tower Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed

The market for floorstanding audiophile speakers in the $2,000 dollar range is incredibly diverse, and quite competitive. You can find a pair of speakers in nearly any color, as well as many different shapes and sizes, at this price range.… Read More »

MartinLogan's Motion Foundation F2 Speakers in their three finish options.

MartinLogan Motion Foundation F2 Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed

$2,000 for a pair of floorstanding speakers might be the most competitive price point in all of the audiophile market. $400 wireless Bluetooth headphones can give this two-grand speaker category a run for the money for a brutally competitive audiophile… Read More »

Today's automotive and aviation SIMs are nothing short of amazing toys for big boys with a lot of money to spend

The Next Generation of Audiophiles Are Spending Big Bucks (and Time) Gaming

Have you ever eaten at Din Tai Fung? It is a Taiwanese soup dumpling restaurant that is the only “chain” to have earned a Michelin Star, which is about as lofty a culinary goal as there is in the world of fine… Read More »

Adcom GFP-915 stereo preamp taking photos on Eric Forst's fireplace outside of Chicago

Adcom GFP-915 Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

I recently had the opportunity to review Adcom’s latest update on the Nelson Pass-designed Class-AB $1,395 GFA-555ms power amplifier, and walked away quite impressed by its combination of ample and clean power, retro appeal and astonishing value. As is the story with… Read More »

ROBLOX is the right language to reach today's Gen Alpha kids.

NHL and Gibson Guitars Teach Audiophiles That Finding Younger Enthusiasts Is Possible Today

If you want to get the attention of my 11-year-old Vincenzo (Enzo, for short), you would be well-served hitting him up on ROBLOX. This seemingly low-resolution video game in the metaverse has him and every boy (and many a girl) every… Read More »

Jay's Audio CDT-3 MK3 CD Transport is a top-loading unit like the old Mark Levinson No. 31

Jay’s Audio CDT3 MK3 Compact Disc Transport Reviewed

Streaming music is all the rage for audiophile of all ages and at any level of progress in the hobby. Vinyl has had an unlikely comeback with today’s youth, perhaps as an anti-technology statement to their often-too-connected or too-much-blue-light world… Read More »

STAX Edifier Spirit S3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on a mixing console with the Edifier App in play

Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Headphones Reviewed

STAX is one of the longest-standing, most trusted headphone brands in the audiophile world. Their amazingly open-sounding, often tube-powered, electrostatic headphones are not just high-performance, but today are actually collectable. The highest end of the STAX lineup is the STAX… Read More »

Every audiophile is looking for the Nth degree of performance but how much does one need to spend to get there?

Do You Have to Spend a Fortune in order to Own a Truly Serious Audiophile System?

There are those outside our beloved hobby who might claim audiophilia is little more than a collection of technological snobs. Others may feel audiophiles are certifiably crazy. They point to the lunacy of the cost of upper level audio systems… Read More »

The Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 speakers are used at both Abbey Road Studios and Skywalker Ranch on the pro side of things.

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 Loudspeakers Reviewed

The Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 is the latest version of the British audiophile speaker company’s top-of-the-line stand mounted, two-way, front-ported loudspeaker, priced at $8,500 per pair. Two-way stand mount monitors have an audiophile fanbase since they benefit from diminutive… Read More »

The Peachtree Audio GaN 1 is an amp designed for streamers who want that Class-A or "tube-like" sound without all of the grief/heat that comes with tubes and/or Class-A amps.

Peachtree Audio GaN 1 Gallium Nitride Power Amp Reviewed

I have been fortunate enough to experience GaN amplification since it first dropped into the audiophile world about five years ago. I have even replaced a trusty Parasound A21+ amplifier) that was  in my audiophile gear collection for over a… Read More »

Getting a receipt from the actual shipper is key to "tendering" your shipment.

What To Do With Your Audiophile Boxes (Revisited) 

In a perfect world, no right-minded audiophile would ever throw away his or her equipment boxes. None of us live in a perfect world and, for many of us, storage space comes at a tremendous premium. How to manage your… Read More »

FIIO R7 stereo preamp for $699 has a very out-of-the-box, tall form factor unlike many other audiophile components

FIIO R7 Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

Let’s start with the fact that FIIO is a Chinese company. I’m not sure I’m ready to call the R7 Chi-Fi, however. I’m not sure we have an Oxford definition of the term Chi-Fi, but to me that term is… Read More »

The Edifier S1000W powered speakers can be used in a desktop OR audiophile configuration

Edifier S1000W Powered Speakers Reviewed

In a perfect world, we would all have a workspace that is perfectly positioned in front of our best small audiophile loudspeakers. In the real world, we tend to be tethered to our devices, our laptop or, in my case, a… Read More »

This is NOT The French Laundry... it is a laundromat in France but close enough to make our point.

How to Get the Most Out of an Audiophile Demo

Imagine you walk into your favorite local audiophile dealer to spend some time listening to the latest and greatest gear on display. Years ago, most professional stereo salespeople had a short stack of their best Compact Discs ready to play… Read More »

The Pass Labs XP-22 is the two-chassis stereo preamp priced at $9,999

Pass Labs XP-22 Stereo Preamp Reviewed

Nelson Pass’ name is on the front door of Pass Labs and for good reason. He is very possibly the most important amplifier designer to walk the Earth. Here’s something that not every audiophile knows but is true, though: Nelson… Read More »

PSB T800 reference audiophile loudspeakers matched with NAD Master Series electronics

PSB Speakers Synchrony T800 Loudspeakers Reviewed

Back in the early 1990s, the PSB Speakers Stratus Gold earned its place as one of my favorite loudspeakers of all time. Even today, these legacy loudspeakers represent some strong, music-first engineering that sets a meaningful bar for what a… Read More »

Orchard Audio's Gallium Nitride (GaN) power amp reviewed

Today’s Disruptive Class-D Amps Are Changing the Audiophile Hobby Very Much For The Better

There is a sea change going on in the audiophile hobby coming from the world of electronics – specifically via a whole crop of new-school, Class-D amplifiers (learn more here). These amps are designed around any number of somewhat modern… Read More »

The Tekton Design Lore Reference in a Bugatti-like blue finish

Tekton Design Lore Reference Speaker Reviewed

Tekton Design is no longer merely known as the other speaker company from Utah. Today, the company is its own unique phenomenon from the world of audiophile loudspeakers, as head speaker designer and company owner Eric Alexander  has found a… Read More »

STAX's new headphone amp

STAX To Introduce the SRM-D10 II Portable Headphone Amp for Just Under $1,000

STAX just introduced the SRM-D10 II portable headphone amplifier, available for sale from the first quarter of 2024. Featuring significant updates from the original SRM-D10, the SRM-D10 II continues to elevate listening experiences for STAX fans worldwide.  The SRM-D10 II… Read More »

Buckeye Amps Hypex NCx500 Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

Buckeye Amps Hypex NCx500 Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

If you’re not a modern-day oligarch audio, times may seem uncertain, money a little tight. But if you’re also an audiophile, you still have your system hopes and aspirations. Your dream might be to own an audiophile power amp that… Read More »

They say if you want to be a millionaire in the wine business that you should start with 20m. The same is said about the speaker business!

Secret Designers Often Offer Great Audiophile Value Products

The audiophile hobby has always been a bit of a cult of personality, based around mostly male, Baby Boomer engineer types, whose main purpose in life is to find the highest possible quality music playback performance from any and all… Read More »

Adcom GFA-555ms is the latest version of the legendary Nelson Pass designed amp priced at $1,395 today

Adcom GFA-555ms Power Amplifier Reviewed

Adcom was once one of the most dangerous audiophile creatures on the planet back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth—when sporting a Sony Walkman was quite stylish. This era predates my audiophile journey by about a decade, but I have… Read More »

The NAD M33 is a Master Series product and capable of more audiophile feats than most other components in the market today be it DAC, Preamp, power amp, room correction and more

NAD M33 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The NAD M33 (buy at Crutchfield) is so much more than an integrated amplifier that it’s a shame that we have it listed in our audiophile amplifier category. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Swiss Army Knife of Audio Components category… Read More »

Boulder's 1110 stereo preamp stacked with the Boulder 1160 stereo power amp

Boulder 1110 Preamplifier Reviewed

It has become a somewhat common trend to try and eliminate a stereo preamp, particularly in digital-only systems. Connecting an amplifier directly to an audiophile DAC, to some, saves money on component costs, cable costs, and, theoretically, provides a shorter… Read More »

You just need one winning Powerball ticket to have anything you want from the audiophile world

What Would Your Audio System Look Like After You Won Powerball?

Accepting that you are repeated loser can be a tough pill to swallow when you have any modicum success in your professional life, but this is where I stand today. The reason for my malaise is that, no matter how… Read More »

NAD M33 Master Series integrated amp is a good example of a modern, all-in-one solution.

What’s Better: Separate Audiophile Gear or All-in-One Integrated Components?

In the very early days of musical playback, as far back as the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, most music devotees bought a console audio system. These units were the ultimate all-in-one. A single, large cabinet housed the stereo power… Read More »

Classe Delta PRE Stereo Preamp reviewed

Classé Delta PRE Stereo Preamp Reviewed

Classé is one of the most respected electronics brands in the audiophile world, but the last handful of years have been a bit tumultuous for the company. They’ve been spun-off, sold, and re-sold. Their current owners are thankfully Masimo Consumer,… Read More »

REL T/7x Subwoofer reviewed

REL Acoustics T/7x Subwoofer Reviewed

REL Acoustics is a well-known subwoofer manufacturer with fourteen different models across five lines. Unlike many hi-fi companies, REL only makes subs, with a focus on how a sophisticated subwoofer design can extend the capabilities of even the most exotic… Read More »

Used vinyl is being sold at over $100 per LP at this L.A. food event that caters to young, tech savvy enthusiasts

L.A.’s Thriving Food Scene Brings Young People Together (and They Love Vinyl)

My wife and I recently realized that during our COVID-era lockdown, we inadvertently got away from many of the things that we really enjoyed doing. But for now, we are back out and enjoying life and trying to restore some… Read More »

The Bricasti M1 Series II DAC has a long history of meaningful yet affordable upgrades

Bricasti Design M1 Series II DAC Reviewed

The $12,000 Bricasti Design M1 has been beating oligarch audio-level DACs exceeding $50,000 in performance since 2010. It has won numerous awards over its tenure and made it into the engineering studios of world-famous music halls and countess audiophile systems… Read More »

MartinLogan XT F100 speakers in a wood finish

MartinLogan Motion XT F100 Loudspeakers Reviewed

When most people think of MartinLogan, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the company’s famous electrostatic speakers like the CLS or the more modern MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL floorstanding speakers or any number of hybrid electrostatic speakers with… Read More »

2023 FutureAudiophile.com Gear of The Year Awards

FutureAudiophile.com 2023 Gear of the Year Awards 

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing FutureAudiophile.com for a whole year now, but since our late-2022 launch, we’ve reviewed over 150 audiophile components ranging from very high end to sub-$200 Chi-Fi integrated amps and seemingly everything in-between. Getting back in the… Read More »

My wife is becoming an unexpected audiophile so I feel compelled to get her a Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt for Christmas

Why I’m Buying My Wife a Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt for Christmas 

Sitting in our living room with the inward-facing French doors open to let the cool evening ocean breeze waft in, I cued up my audiophile system for some chill, trip-hop, loungy/electronic jams as my wife and I had a rare… Read More »

The Boulder 1160 is one of the lower end amps in their lineup priced at $36000

Boulder Amplifiers 1160 Stereo Amp Reviewed

Nestled slightly south east of Boulder, Colorado, is a high-end audio company whose name is synonymous with world-class, high-performance gear: Boulder Amplifiers. In fact, Boulder is generally considered by many savvy audiophiles as one of the best overall electronics brands available… Read More »

Magnepan Speakers are a bi-polar planar design

Audiophile Lingo You Need to Know Part 3: Different Types of Speakers

Loudspeakers are somewhat of a marvel. Where electronic components are designed to efficiently move electrical signals from one place to the next, speakers have the unique job of converting those signals to the mechanical vibrations we perceive as music. Without… Read More »

Laufer Teknic's The Note Speaker is one of the most visually dramatic on the market today with its tall-thin, multi-driver design

Laufer Teknik The Note Line Array Loudspeaker System Reviewed

Quantum physicist and well-known audio engineer Mark Porzilli, someone who has been designing award-winning audio products for decades, has, since 2019, been updating and perfecting his third and latest line array loudspeaker system: The Note. Manufactured by Laufer Teknik, The… Read More »