T+A Solitaire Audiophile Headphones Reviewed

T+A Solitaire Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Reviewed

It was going to be a matter of time before the high-end audio business got serious about high-end, luxury headphones and 2022 was that year. With audiophile headphone products like the Sennheiser Momentum 4, Bowers & Wilkins Px8, Focal Bathys,… Read More »

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Wilson Audio WATT PUPPY speakers in Jerry Del Colliano's Brentwood home theater

Do Silly Product Names Help or Hurt the Marketability of Audiophile Gear?

There are tens of thousands of audiophile components on the market today from hundreds of well-known and well-respected brands. Many of them have very specific naming conventions that are the handiwork of experienced marketing executives, Madison Avenue PR firms, enthusiastic… Read More »

SVS Micro 3000 subwoofer reviewed

SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer Reviewed

The SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer (buy at Crutchfield) might be small in stature but there is more bass inside this little sub than meets the eye. This subwoofer features two opposing eight-inch drivers and 800 Watts of class D power… Read More »

Andover Audio SpinDeck 2 Audiophile Turntable

Andover Audio Now Shipping $299 SpinDeck 2 Turntable 

Andover is now shipping SpinDeck 2 ($299), the latest addition to its Spin Collection, striking the ideal balance between value performance and convenience for vinyl fans. Featuring high-quality materials, precision-engineered parts and plug-and-play design, SpinDeck 2 is the perfect companion… Read More »

Monitor Audio Gold 300 Audiophile Loudspeakers reviewed

Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G Reviewed

The Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G (buy at Crutchfield) is a three-way audiophile floorstanding speaker with an asking price of around $2,850 per pair, about $1,000 more than the Paradigm Premier 700F floorstanding speakers I recently reviewed. For someone just… Read More »

Laser Cutting arm making audiophile gear

How Manufacturing Complexities Directly Relate to Audiophile Equipment Pricing

It doesn’t take a lot of investigation to determine that audiophile equipment prices can get very expensive. In our beloved industry, we see floorstanding speakers, audiophile subwoofers, power amps, stereo preamps, and beyond that cost well into the five-figure range—and… Read More »

Revel F328 Be audiophile speakers reviewed

Revel F328Be Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed

The F328Be is the top dog in Revel’s Performa Be audiophile floorstanding speaker line, and a number of well-respected people within Revel would say it is the best speaker the company currently makes. Revel took advantage of parent company Harman’s… Read More »

Isonic CS6.1-Pro Record Cleaning System Reviewed

Isonic CS6.1-Pro Record Cleaning System Reviewed

Some music fans buy one LP a week, others one a day, and still others buy so many that they can’t (or won’t) keep count. The Isonic CS6.1 Pro is the record cleaning system for the that last group, the… Read More »

Bricasti M21 DAC

Exploring the Often-Dangerous World of High-End Digital Audiophile Components

Historically, audiophile-grade amplifiers hold their value over time. So do good stereo preamps. The best audiophile floorstanding loudspeakers also hold their value in most cases over a reasonable amount of time. Solidly built audiophile turntables don’t tend to lose their… Read More »

PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated amp reviewed by Andrew Dewhirst

PS Audio Sprout100 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The PS Audio Sprout100 (buy at Amazon) is an entry level audiophile integrated amplifier made by the folks at PS Audio. Packed into one tiny little package (and I mean tiny) it measures at 6.2 inches wide by 1.9 inches… Read More »

Anthem MRX-8 Audiophile power amp with ARC Room correction reviewed

Anthem MDX-8 Distribution Amplifier Reviewed

You can’t find a product in the audio/video space that says “custom installation” more loudly than the Anthem MDX-8 distribution amplifier. It is an eight-channel power amplifier that has up to 200 Watts-per-channel of Class-D power waiting for any number… Read More »

A young audiophile driven by value

For Todays Younger Audiophiles, Everything Is About Value

My audiophile publishing comeback wasn’t supposed to ever happen. When I sold HomeTheaterReview.com and AudiophileReview.com back in late December 2019, I told anybody that would listen that I was pretty much done. I was looking for some new challenges and… Read More »

Parasound A 21+ audiophile power amp reviewed

Parasound Halo A 21+ Amplifier Reviewed

For several years, the Parasound Halo A21 reigned as the amplification king in my listening/design space. It was an affordable monster that could drive any speaker one could throw at it. I shorted the outputs of the A21 several times… Read More »

Stax SR-L-300 electrostatic audiophile headphones reviewed

Stax SR-L300 Electrostatic Headphones Reviewed

Stax is known primarily for one kind of component: electrostatic headphones. Its first headphone/amplifier combination, the SRD-1 and SR-1, were released in 1960 and are legendary today. Currently the company has nine models ranging in price from the $455 to… Read More »

How to sound proof your audiophile listening room

How to Stop Worrying and Soundproof Your Audiophile Listening Room

So there you are, all primed and ready for a true audiophile experience with your bad-to-the-bone stereo system – the one you’ve spent months/years/decades researching, curating, purchasing, and setting up. You select the music, press play, and wow, doesn’t it… Read More »

Monoprice.com Sonic Solace II wireless Bluetooth headphones reviewed

Monoprice SonicSolace II Bluetooth Over- Ear Headphones

Just like any sort of hunting, audiophile bargain hunting involves a modicum of danger, but that’s part of the thrill. The risk of finding a stinker is part the process, and the rise of Chi-Fi, or Chinese-made gear has made… Read More »

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer reviewed

SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer Reviewed

The SVS SB-1000 (buy at Crutchfield) is SVS’s entry level subwoofer. It features a 12-inch driver and 325 watts of class D power to ensure that the sub produces plenty of desired low frequency sound. The SB stands for sealed… Read More »

Four Reasons Why To Be Optimistic About The Audiophile Hobby

Four Good Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Audiophile Hobby in 2023

Much lip service has been given to the failing health of the audiophile hobby, and with the demographics looking about as close as you can get to 100 percent male and a median age of well over 55, who could… Read More »

Grace Audio m900 audiophile DAC reviewed

Grace Design m900 DAC Reviewed

A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is a device that converts a digital signal into an analog waveform that your speakers can produces and your ears will ultimately understand. DACs are in everything these days. They are ubiquitous devices that perform to… Read More »

The Audio Salon in Santa Monica

Your Next Stereo Store Visit Might Not Be Anything Like What We Knew From The Past

Call me what you want… publisher, editor, entrepreneur, schmuck or just Hey You and I likely will respond quickly and with a smile. Despite running my own publishing business for nearly all of 25 years, I still pretty much consider… Read More »

PSB Passif 50 audiophile loudspeakers reviewed

PSB Passif 50 Stand Mount Loudspeaker Reviewed

PSB was founded in 1972 by Paul Barton, a designer who believed speakers should sound natural without adding or subtracting anything from the original recording, which the company refers to as the True to Nature design philosophy. Equally important for the… Read More »

Mark Levinson No. 5909 audiophile Bluetooth Headphones reviewed by Jerry Del Colliano

Mark Levinson No. 5909 Headphones Reviewed

Ask 1,000 people at The Mall of the America if $999 is a lot of money for wireless, over- ear, Bluetooth headphones and you might get a fully unanimous 1000/1000 people saying yes. For audiophiles, we often view things a… Read More »

A young audiophile's West Hollywood condo

Why You Never Need to Impress Anybody with Your Audio System

Watching the Internet come to life as a commercial entity in the 1990s, when I was in music/business school, was most eye opening. From the time that I got to South Central Los Angeles to celebrate the pending West Coast… Read More »

Paradigm Premier 700F Audiophile Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed

Paradigm Premier 700F Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed

The Paradigm Premier 700F (buy at Crutchfield) is a mid-level floorstanding speaker from Paradigm priced at $1,800 per pair, which puts it right in the fray with many of the best players in the high-value speaker market. These moderately tall… Read More »