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Welcome to a new day for Audiophiles!

The audiophile hobby is a great joy for many a Baby Boomer and Generation Xer. Now it is time to inspire the next generation of music-loving youth, both male and female, to our passion through the joy of listening to the world’s greatest musical performances via powerful, dynamic, resolute and sexy audio playback systems. New form factors are in play. Same with new system configurations that are more affordable and in-tune with the latest in tech – not backwards facing retro-technologies or mindless esoterica. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to have great music in your life. 

We will be limiting our advertising to 15 total clients starting in December of 2022. Email Us if you’d like to talk to us about being one of our limited group of clients. 

Social media pages are being made now and we hope you will follow us there soon.

We are looking forward to changing the outlook of our beloved hobby from afraid of change to forward-looking. With your support (we will not be charging for content by the way) and enthusiasm – we can do this!