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Eric Forst Audiophile Reviewer
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Eric’s love of audio started at a young age, when he repaired and re-foamed his father’s vintage Trans Audio speakers and connected them to a garage-sale stereo receiver to achieve his first dose of audiophile nirvana. 

Eric’s taste in music and audio equipment evolved slowly over time but never strayed far from its Chicago rock-based roots. Seemingly every high school weekend was spent attending shows at Chicago’s various legendary concert venues. Before his 18th birthday Eric had already attended hundreds of concerts and music festivals and amassed a combined Compact Disc and Napster-era MP3 collection of albums in the tens of thousands. 

Eric Forst Audiophile Reviewer
Eric Forst, Audiophile Reviewer

Eric’s love of both live and recorded audio has never faded. This would shape Eric’s early adulthood and eventually lead him to study sound itself, earning a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders with an emphasis on the science of speech and voice. 

Today Eric works as a Speech-Language pathologist and has ventured into the audiophile content space after reaching out to 

Eric Forst's reference audiophile system with a front view
Eric Forst’s reference audiophile system with a front view

Eric Forst’s Reference Audiophile System (Equipment List)

  • SVS Prime Pinnacle Floorstanding Speakers
  • PS Audio Sprout 100
  • Schiit Modi 3e DAC
  • Orb Audio Mod2s (x3)
  • Sunfire SDS8 Subwoofer
  • Klipsch The Three (Streaming)
  • ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Laptop
  • GearIt black 14AWG black speaker wire
  • Monoprice various cables

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Eric Forst's reference audiophile system's equipment rack
Eric Forst’s reference audiophile system’s equipment rack