Steven Stone Audiophile Writer’s Biography

Steven Stone, Audiophile Writer
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Steven Stone is one of the best-known content creators in the audiophile writing community. He has been writing professionally in the audiophile, musical instrument and professional audio space for nearly 50 years – dating back to 1974. Steven has a degree from Boston University’s School of Communications where he received a B/S in Photo-Journalism. Steven’s archive of rock and roll photography is absolutely fantastic has he’s shot some of the biggest names in music including Prince and so many more. 

Over the years, Steven Stone has been published in all sorts of lauded venues. On the musical instrument side, he’s a regular contributor to Vintage Guitar Magazine. On the audiophile side of the business, Steven was a long-standing contributor to Stereophile Magazine. He left Stereophile for The Absolute Sound where he is a contributor today. Steven, historically was the editor of, until the time for which the publication was sold at the end of 2019. He also contributed some audiophile reviews to Today, he is an active content provider and columnist on who specializes in high performance but value oriented gear – specifically many compelling Chi-Fi audio components.  

Stone’s unique photography has appeared in Business Week, The New York Times, Newsweek, Boston Magazine, W, The Absolute Sound, and elsewhere. His personal photography is in the collections of the Library of Congress, Biblioteque National of France, and various private collections.

Mr. Stone is also a recording engineer who specializes in symphony orchestras and acoustic music using purist recording techniques. He recorded the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra for twenty-two years from 1992 to 2014.

Steven Stone's audiophile equipment rack
Steven Stone’s audiophile equipment rack

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Steven Stone's audiophile work bench
Steven Stone’s audiophile work bench

Steven Stone’s Reference Audiophile System

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Loudspeakers

Spatial X-2
ELAC AF-61VR Adante
Role Kayak
Audience 1+1 V3
Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus
Mark Audio Sota Cresti MB
JL Audio Fathom 212 Subwoofer
(2), JL Audio E110 Subwoofers
(2) Velodyne DD10+ Subwoofers

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Headphones

ZMF Veritas closed back headphones
Abyss Diana Phi
Sony MDR Z-1R
Dan Clark Audio Aeon II open-back headphones
Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser HD 700
Audeze LCD-2
Stax SR-407 with Stax SRM-007t amp
Warwick Acoustics M1 system
Empire Zeus CIEM
Earsonics EM10 CIEM
Campfire Audio Equinox CIEM
Etymotic ER-4 XR
Ultimate Ears Capital Records reference in-ear monitors
Audio Technica LS400 universal in-ear monitors 

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Headphone Amplifiers

Audeze Deckard
Dragon IHA-1 by Dennis Had
Schiit Magni3+
Audi Bravo tube amp
Benchmark HPA-4 

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Digital Components

Mytek Manhattan II
PS Audio DSD Jr.
Topping D70
Khadas Tone Board
IFI Zen DAC signature
Grace Audio Bal DAC
Pro-Ject S2 Pre
Oppo Digital HA-1
Schiit Modius
Topping E30
Gustard X-16
Sony PCM F-1
Sony PCM-701
Technics DAT recorder
Korg MR-1000 

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Analog/Vinyl Sources

VPI TNT III with Graham 1.5 tonearm and ClearAudio Victory cartridge
VPI HW-19 with Souther arm and Denon 103/VanDenHul cartridge
Mike Yee PH-1
Vincent PHO-500
Revox A-77 Mark IV
Pioneer CT-93 Cassette deck

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Power Amplifiers + Preamps

Pass Labs 150.8
Pass Labs 150.3
Benchmark Labs ABH-2
Clones Audio 25P
April Music S-1 monoblocks
PS Audio Sprout 100
Benchmark HPA4 balanced Preamplifier
Tortuga Audio V25 preamplifier
Schiit Magnius
Bryston PowerPak 120 (5)
Morrison E.L.A.D. preamplifier
Loxjie A-10 TI chip amp

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Cables

WireWorld Series 8
Kimber KCAG
Audience AU24 SE

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Power Conditioners and Regenerators

PS Audio Power Plant 12
PS Audio Dectet
Quintet, Quartet
iFi power devices
Entec and Noise-sniffer AC noise test devices

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Racks and Stands

Arcici lead balloon equipment rack
VPI turntable stands for TNT and HW-19
Sound Anchor rack

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Acoustical Treatments

RoomTunes absorber panels
Acoustic Sciences (ASC) Tube Traps
GIK acoustics panels, ¼ inch industrial felt pad on the desktop, custom ceiling clouds and corner bass traps

Steven Stone’s Audiophile Accessories and Services 

Raspberry Pi4B

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