Here is the AGD Productions Alto stereo preamp stacked on top of the no-heat, Class-A-sounding, matching Tempo GaN power amp

AGD Productions Alto Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

It is no secret that we at Future Audiophile are fans of GaN technology and have a great deal of respect for AGD Productions for getting on the bleeding edge of this technology. I was so thrilled by AGD Productions… Read More »

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Nothing says "expensive audio" like Mark Levinson's Cello gear from the 1990s

Why It’s Still Important to Review Really Expensive Audiophile Gear

Longtime audiophile reviewer Steven Stone was being shy in a recent phone conversation. As far as I can tell, he coined the phrase oligarch audio which describes audiophile components that are priced north of $100,000. By anyone’s measure, that is… Read More »

AMPED America AAP-1 stereo dream installed in an audiophile listening in Pennsylvania

Amped America AAP-1 Stereo Preamplifier Reviewed

We’ve been pretty psyched here at Future Audiophile about Amped America’s presence on the audiophile astral plain. What’s not to love? The company’s affordable Class D amplifiers like the AMP 2400 utilize the same core technologies as amplifiers costing six times… Read More »

NAD C 3050 is a retro-looking but forward thinking integrated amp with every cool feature we could hope for at a very fair retail price

NAD C 3050 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The 3050 may be NAD’s newest audiophile integrated amplifier, but it takes little more than a casual glance to see that it’s been inspired by some of their most meaningful legacy products – ones that helped guide the first steps… Read More »

RBH's thin get powerful 6500-SF speakers installed in Eric Forst's reference listening room

RBH 6500-SF Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

RBH Sound knows a thing or two about speaker design. The Utah-based company has been doing it since the mid-1970s, producing OEM speakers for major players such as McIntosh and JBL before pivoting to focus on their own in-house speaker… Read More »

Where to get something like a vintage McIntosh amplifier repaired?

How To Get Out-of-Warranty Audiophile Electronics Repaired

After my article about three recent in-warranty repairs, my publisher, Jerry Del Colliano, asked me to write about out-of-warranty audiophile repairs. Those are the ones that you can expect to have to pay for. Basically, there are three out-of-warranty repair… Read More »

Magnepan LRS+ dipole loudspeakers have caught a lot of recent attention in the audiophile community

Magnepan LRS+ Loudspeakers Reviewed

Magnepan’s LRS+ ($995 per pair) is a somewhat modestly sized planar speaker that operates as a dipolar design, meaning the room contributes to the sound of the speakers more than you’d expect with a typical pair of dynamic speakers. They’re… Read More »

Wilson Audio WATT PUPPY speakers installed in Jerry Del Colliano's Brentwood, California screening room complete with RPG acoustical treatments and a neatly installed fabric wall

Reducing Background Noise Can Get You Big Audiophile Gains 

A few years before COVID, I walked into a listening room at a CEDIA show in Denver for an audition of Wisdom Audio’s latest powered and room-corrected speakers. Calling it a room is a stretch, mind you, as these demo spaces are easily assembled… Read More »

The Orchard Audio Starkrimson Ultra 2.0 Gallium Nitride amp is the latest new player in the GaN amp game

Orchard Audio Starkrimson Ultra 2.0 GaN Amplifier Reviewed

Few industries have a wider range in terms of the sizes of companies creating products for public consumption than does the audiophile market. Some companies, such as Harman and Sony, are multi-billion-dollar conglomerates. Others, such as like Orchard Audio, are… Read More »

Kanto ORA powered speakers in an audiophile desktop setup

Kanto ORA Desktop Powered Loudspeakers Reviewed 

The Kanto ORA Two-Way Active Wireless Reference Desktop Speakers by Kanto Living offer a refreshing blend of audiophile performance and versatility. Immediately, I was drawn to these speakers and their ability to produce clear and vibrant sound, which seems uniquely… Read More »

Marantz SACD 30N disc player reviewed

Marantz SACD 30n CD/SACD Player Reviewed

The Marantz SACD 30n SACD player (buy at Crutchfield), like the recently reviewed Model 30 integrated amplifier, has a blend of old-school features and design with modern technology. Marantz calls the SACD 30n a complete digital source player, and while… Read More »

Spin-Clean Record Cleaning Kit with all of its fluids

Spin-Clean Record Washer Deluxe Kit Reviewed

In a world where digital streaming dominates the music landscape, there’s a certain charm and nostalgia that comes with spinning vinyl records. For audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike, the warm tones and nostalgic sound of vinyl offer a unique and… Read More »

How to prevent audiophile hearing loss from a professional's perspective

How Should Audiophiles Think About Hearing Loss as They Age?

The human ear is quite an amazing piece of audio gear. It’s an intricate yet vast system of tiny, superbly-tuned components working in sync to convert mechanical energy into what we interpret as sound. Most people, audiophiles included, will go… Read More »

Pass Labs XA25 Class-A amp reviewed

Pass Labs XA-25 Audiophile Power Amplifier Reviewed

How many people back in the day really knew how special a car designed by Enzo Ferrari was? Today, years after his death, an Enzo-era design from Modena is almost always more than a million-dollar investment. When it comes to… Read More »

Tekton Design Matrix Monitors reviewed

Tekton Design Matrix Monitor Loudspeakers Reviewed

Tekton Design is well known as a disruptive force in the world of audiophile speakers, what with their mix of distinctive design, high value, dramatic dynamics, and even exotic, custom paint jobs. The one thing missing in their very extensive… Read More »

All about audiophile warranty repairs

Are Warranty Repairs Even Worth It Anymore?

One of the ugly truths of consumer electronics is that stuff breaks. When we’re lucky, a malfunction occurs while the product is still under warranty. But what do those warranties actually cover, practically speaking? The following stories draw from my… Read More »

Marantz Model 30 Integrated amp reviewed

Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

Marantz’s Model 30 integrated amplifier ($2,999 buy at Crutchfield) has a blend of old-school features and design with modern technology, but perhaps not in the way most audiophiles might anticipate. The Model 30 has a classic, old-school interface and feel,… Read More »

Bass traps from Paul Wilson's reference audiophile listening room

Want a Better Sounding Hi-Fi System? Fix Your Room First

For most audiophiles, the road to sonic nirvana often follows the path of increasingly better equipment. Many of us spend decades and untold thousands of dollars replacing an existing something for a something better – all in the hopes of… Read More »

Classe Delta Stereo amp reviewed by Jerry Del Colliano

Classé Delta Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

Long before Classé became part of Masimo Consumer (the parent company that also owns Polk, Definitive Technology, Denon, Marantz, and Bowers & Wilkins), the company was making some of the highest-performance audiophile components in the market. I’ve owned past versions… Read More »

Bluesound Powernode Edge Streamer and amp reviewed

Bluesound Powernode Edge Streaming Amplifier Reviewed

When I first looked at the Bluesound Powernode Edge (buy at Crutchfield) streaming amplifier and noticed its retail price of $649, I was taken back to my younger self in the late 1980s when I purchased a Yamaha stereo receiver… Read More »

Tube amps in an audiophile demo

How to Do a Killer Audiophile Demo 

We talk a lot about how the future of the audiophile hobby needs to be inclusive. We need to ditch some of the old-school standards and practices like only listening in a messy listening room by yourself versus having your… Read More »

Music Hall MMF 1.3 turntable reviewed

Music Hall MMF 1.3 Turntable Reviewed

The Music Hall MMF 1.3 (buy at Crutchfield) is a high-value turntable priced at a mere $349.99 that nonetheless comes equipped with an Audio-Technica AT3600L cartridge, a built-in phono stage, as well as an electronic 3-speed (33-1/3, 45, and 78… Read More »

SVS SB-3000 audiophile subwoofer reviewed

SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer Reviewed

In today’s subwoofer market, the SVS SB-3000 subwoofer will be a sweet spot for many in terms of performance, features, and value. It’s far from the most-expensive sub on the market – in fact, it’s not the costliest subwoofer in SVS’s lineup… Read More »

The Apple iPod changed everything in the audio world in many ways for the better

What If Everything We Thought We Knew About Hi-Fi Was Wrong?

For the past few months, I have been somewhat obsessed with these new Gallium Nitride (GaN, for short) amplifiers. Long-time Stereophile writer and classical music recording engineer John Marks was the first to hip me to the concept via an … Read More »

Monoprice Monolith B5 bookshelf speakers reviewed

Monoprice Monolith Audition B5 Loudspeakers Reviewed

Monoprice has become known for their exceptionally high-value products, often sourced from China. But while the affordability has long been the draw for many shoppers, Monoprice also has a higher-performance lined of amplifiers and speakers and headphones and so forth… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins 802 D4 Audiophile Loudspeakers reviewed by Jerry Del Colliano

Bowers & Wilkins 802 D4 Loudspeakers Reviewed

Many audiophiles know what a Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series loudspeaker typically sounds like, or at least we think we do. I’ve reviewed my fair share and even been blessed enough to own a couple of pretty cool Bowers &… Read More »

All your need to be an audiophile is a set of earbuds

All You Need to Be an Audiophile is a Pair of Earbuds

At the AXPONA audiophile show in Chicago this past spring, I had a conversation with a well-respected member of the audiophile community, on the manufacturer side, who was talking about the future of the hobby. His premise was that for… Read More »

U-turn Audio Orbit Plus reviewed

U-Turn Orbit Plus Turntable Reviewed

Vinyl has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in recent years, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts seeking an immersive and nostalgic audio experience and a disconnect from an increasingly online world. As the demand for audiophile turntables continues to grow, music… Read More »

The Fosi BT20A integrated amp is almost impossibly priced at $99.

Fosi Audio BT20A Pro Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The first review published in Future Audiophile was an SMSL integrated amplifier (read the review) that cost less than $175. It is a great little amp with an extensive input and feature set in a small chassis. Today, I’m going… Read More »

Few speakers image better than Bowers & Wilkins 801s which are used at Abbey Road Studios

Audiophile Lingo You Need to Know: Part 1, Speakers         

The audiophile hobby is guilty of a lot of things, perhaps the most painful of which is our overreliance on often-confusing terminology. This is the case for nearly every category of the hobby. On the pages of FutureAudiophile.com, we try… Read More »

NAD C 558 Audiophile Turntable from the top down

NAD C 558 Turntable Reviewed

The NAD C 558 (buy at Crutchfield) is a well-crafted, audiophile-grade, belt-driven turntable that is priced fairly but not quite at the bargain-basement levels you’ll often see from more mainstream brands. NAD’s top turntable sets itself apart in its class… Read More »

The Schiit Schiit Yggdrasil+ OG DAC Reviewed

Schiit Yggdrasil+ OG DAC Reviewed

The Schiit Yggdrasil+ OG (Yggdrasil+) is one of three currently available versions of the company’s flagship, audiophile digital-to-analog converter. OG—in case you’re not familiar with early-1970s street slang or early-1990s hip-hop culture—stands for “Original Gangsta,” because it is the original… Read More »

What is oligarch audio? Steven Stone looks into the term

Oligarch Audio Is Not the Same as High-Performance Audio

My publisher, Jerry Del Colliano, says I coined the term “Oligarch Audio,” but because I form all my thoughts in a spoken and written language, in my case English, I doubt I’ve ever had a completely original thought in my… Read More »

RBH SVTR Active loudspeaker reviewed

RBH Sound SVTR Active Speaker System Reviewed

RBH Sound from Layton, Utah, has been making audiophile speakers for close to 50 years but doesn’t always get the attention they deserve in the audiophile press.  Perhaps this is because they started off as an original equipment manufacturer (known in the industry… Read More »

SVS Prime Pinnacle Speakers reviewed

SVS Prime Pinnacle Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

SVS, with its 20-plus year history of producing critically acclaimed subwoofers and audiophile-grade speakers at real-world prices, continues this legacy with its latest floorstanding speaker offering: The SVS Prime Pinnacle Floorstanding Speakers (buy at Crutchfield). Designed to fill a niche… Read More »

VPI Classic Turntable Reviewed by Paul Wilson

VPI Industries Classic Signature Turntable Reviewed

When Harry Weisfeld founded VPI Industries in 1978, he probably could have never imagined his modest company, initially known for making record weights and isolation bases, would become the market leader it is today. His first commercially successful turntable was… Read More »

Audiophile Baby Proofing Revel Speakers and AC Power

An Audiophile’s Guide to Baby Proofing Your Stereo System

There were a lot of things that shocked me during the pandemic. Having sold HomeTheaterReview.com and AudiophileReview.com about 100 days before the shit hit the fan with a global  pandemic, I was trying to figure out at nearly 47 years old… Read More »

The AGD Productions Tempo GaN amp reviewed by Michael Zisserson

AGD Productions Tempo di GaN Amplifier Reviewed

Have you heard of Gallium Nitride (GaN) audiophile amplifier technology? If not, let me let you in on a little audiophile secret: unlike loudspeakers, which haven’t benefited from a major technological breakthrough in generations, GaN amplifiers represent a total rethinking of how… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins 702 S3 Audiophile Loudspeakers Reviewed

Bowers & Wilkins 702 S3 Loudspeakers Reviewed

The Bowers & Wilkins 702 S3 floorstanding speakers ($7,000 per pair – buy at Crutchfield) represents the company’s latest take on the largest model in their 700 series line, which resides just below their reference 800 series. In between its… Read More »

How to hide a Television on a lift - audiophile style

Why Do Some Audiophiles Hate Mixing Audio with Video?

Audiophiles have a long  and strange relationship with video, be it TVs or projection. Many old-school audiophiles refuse to put a television between their best audiophile loudspeakers when home theater enthusiasts use this configuration as the basis for their entire… Read More »

The Music Hall a.25.3 audiophile integrated amp reviewed by Andrew Dewhirst

Music Hall a25.3 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

The a25.3 is the latest integrated amplifier from Music Hall. This $650 integrated amplifier produces 50 watts of power per channel into 8 ohms, and 75 watts per channel into 4 ohms, and it comes equipped with Bluetooth, a moving… Read More »

SVS Prime Wireless ProStreamer reviewed by Michael Zisserson

SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase Reviewed

Welcome to the age of the modern audiophile, where products like the SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase (buy at Crutchfield) make it possible to buy an entire audiophile system for under a grand. Manufacturers have been clamoring to make one-box… Read More »

Audiophile increasingly stream their music which allows more and more zero-cost ways to find exciting new acts, albums and genres.

How to Dig out of Your Streaming Music Rut and Find Some Kick-Ass New Music

One of the biggest conundrums in the audiophile world is how some change-resistant audiophiles haven’t embraced the amazing power of streaming music. For the cost of one Compact Disc per month, you can have access to nearly every recording made,… Read More »

Schiit Loki Max Audiophile Equalizer Reviewed by Mike Prager

Schiit Loki Max Six-Band Equalizer Reviewed

The Schiit Loki Max equalizer is a unique item in today’s audio market: an analog broadband EQ with excellent sonics that can complement even very revealing audio systems. Schiit’s most expensive equalizer at $1,499, the Loki Max offers two selectable stereo inputs (one single-ended… Read More »

Is it possible to build a $500 audiophile system

Can You Build an Audiophile System for $500?

Community is a big aspect of being an audiophile. Like cliques in a made-for-TV high-school drama, audiophiles love to find like-minded music lovers that believe in a common ideology. That clique then follows the path to what they feel is… Read More »

ELAC DBR62 audiophile bookshelf speakers reviewed

ELAC Debut Reference DBR62 Bookshelf Speakers Reviewed

When it comes to audio equipment, the name ELAC has become synonymous with excellence and innovation. With a rich history dating back to 1926, ELAC has consistently pushed the boundaries of audio engineering, delivering top-notch components that captivate audiophiles worldwide.… Read More »

Rekkord F300 turntable reviewed

Rekkord F300 Turntable Reviewed

Rekkord Audio is a company I wasn’t familiar with until I recently launched into a series of affordable turntable reviews, but I have since learned that they’ve been in the turntable business for half a century and have a strong… Read More »

The price of audiophile products has skyrocketed like other tech goods in this inflationary economy

The Solution to Audiophile Inflation Is a Small But Powerful Two-Letter Word

Anybody tired of inflation yet? I sure as hell am, and I bet you are, too. I refinanced my home-equity loan to help get FutureAudiophile.com funded and off the ground. Less than a year later, the cost of the interest… Read More »

Music Hall CD25.3 Compact Disc player reviewed

Music Hall CD25.3 CD Player Reviewed

Music Hall recently released its latest audiophile Compact Disc player, the CD25.3, a no-nonsense source component that is very competitively priced for an audiophile-grade disc spinner at $649. Music Hall is well-known for its high-value offerings in the audiophile world,… Read More »

STAX SR-009 electrostatic headphones reviewed

Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Earspeaker Review

The Stax brand has been synonymous with electrostatic headphones – aka earspeakers – since the early 1960s. Back then, they didn’t have much competition. Later, Shure and Koss produced electrostatic models but they were aimed at a more entry-level than… Read More »

Mobile Fidelity SourePoint8 Audiophile Loudspeakers reviewed

Mobile Fidelity SourcePoint 8  Loudspeaker Review

By now, unless you’ve been in a cave for the past six months, you’ve very likely read about Mobile Fidelity’s SourcePoint 10 loudspeaker ($3,999 buy at Crutchfield). It is, by all accounts, a kick-ass plus-sized-bookshelf loudspeaker. But its size has… Read More »

Porsche will wash your car for you any time you want to bring it by the service bay

How Audiophile Retailers Can Up Their Customer Service Game to Gain More Clients and Loyalty

A close friend of mine is a big-time wealth manager and former executive at Goldman Sachs. While not normally prone to conspiracy theories, he has strong beliefs that retail, as we’ve known it, is dead. When pressed, he points to… Read More »

Pass Labs XP-12 audiophile stereo preamp reviewed

Pass Labs XP-12 Preamplifier Reviewed

While Pass Labs bares founder and chief designer Nelson Pass’ name, his business partner, Wayne Colburn, is responsible for the company’s elaborate line-level preamplifier designs. First, let’s clarify the terminology: this type of component is often called an audiophile stereo … Read More »

Luxman PD-151 Turntable reviewed

Luxman PD-151 Mark II Turntable Reviewed

Luxman Corporation has a solid reputation for very high build quality, and while not necessarily or even exclusively budget oriented, their products are not out-of-reach expensive. Such is the case with the recently released Luxman PD-151 Mark II audiophile turntable.… Read More »

PSB M4U8 MKII wireless headphones reviewed by Jerry Del Colliano

PSB M4U8 MKII Wireless ANC Headphones

PSB is a highly regarded brand of speakers distributed by Lenbrook, who also handle Bluesound and NAD. For a few years now, PSB has also been making some premium headphones that have been well received, the latest of which is… Read More »

Orb Audio Mod 2 Audiophile speakers reviewed

Orb Audio Mod2 Speaker Review

For as long as I can remember, the audiophile world has been awash with uninspired, shoebox-like speakers with IKEA-grade finishes, especially for those on a budget. Orb Audio, a self-described affordable luxury speaker brand, set out to change the notion that… Read More »

Is vinyl green or are Millennials kidding themselves?

How Green Is the PVC Used To Make Today’s Vinyl LPs? 

Powered by tremendous enthusiasm from often younger generations, much greater scrutiny is being paid these days to the environment and the impact we have on it. We are moving towards the goal of reducing our carbon footprint. We are looking… Read More »

Benchmark Media DAC3 HCG reviewed by Michael Zisserson

Benchmark DAC3 HGC DAC Reviewed

The Benchmark DAC3 HGC (buy at Amazon) is one flavor of many in their DAC 3 line-up. The HGC model is a full-featured, mature DAC rocking the latest and greatest ESS ES9028PRO chipset. At 37 years strong, Benchmark has been… Read More »

The Andover Audio Spindeck 2 turntable rocking a green bit of vinyl

Andover Audio SpinDeck 2 Turntable Reviewed

The Andover SpinDeck 2 (buy at Amazon) is a belt-drive turntable that uses a jazzy AT-3600 phono cartridge from Audio-Technica. With a price tag of just $299, this product is aimed at entry-level listeners, and Andover has added some thoughtful… Read More »

AGD Productions makes one of the best examples of GaN amps in the market today

What The Hell Is a GaN (Gallium Nitride) Amp and Why Is It Changing the Way Audiophiles Now See Power Amps? 

There are a lot of things the audiophile world does well. For decades, we presented the coolest new tech at the Consumer Electronics Show. More importantly, the audiophile hobby allows us to bring music into our lives in ways that is often… Read More »

HIFIMAN HE-R9 Wired audiophile headphones

HIFIMAN HE-R9 Closed-Back Dynamic Over-Ear Headphones Reviewed

The HIFIMAN HE-R9 is a wired, closed-back pair of audiophile headphones from a company primarily known for its open-back offering. It’s a somewhat entry-level pair priced at at $369with a 3.5 mm TRS connection, along with a 6.35mm adaptor so… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins 801 Signature Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins Demos New Signature Series Speakers for Audiophile Press in San Diego

One of my favorite places on Earth is the North County region of San Diego. Sound United (right before they got bought by medical technology company Masimo for a cool $1,000,000,000) moved to a sleepy little cul-de-sac in Carlsbad, with… Read More »

The Amped America AMP 2400 Class D audiophile power amp reviewed by Michael Zisserson

Amped America AMP 2400 Amplifier Reviewed

From my latest experiences, it is high time we stop discounting Class D amplification (learn more about Class D here) as a serious high-fidelity  option. Like the screaming metal-dome tweeters used in loudspeakers from the 1980s era that have been… Read More »

Families at AXPONA 2023

Playing Obscure Demo Music Doesn’t Help Effectively Sell Audiophile Gear

Right now, I’m on a crappy flight in United (seat 1E on a crappy old Trump-Shuttle-era 757) en route home from a very well-attended and produced AXPONA 2023 audiophile show. Props the the AXPONA people, who put a lot of… Read More »

PS Audio DirectStream DAC MK reviewed by Paul Wilson

PS Audio DirectStream DAC MK2 Review

About eight years ago, PS Audio introduced the PerfectWave DirectStream audiophile DAC to quite a bit of audiophile fanfare. It immediately garnered significant acclaim and was praised for its sonic capabilities relative to its price. Introduced late in 2022 (but… Read More »

Buying audiophile music at Tower Records in what looks be Japan

Four Crazy Retail Stories Remind Us Why Hi-Fi Is So Much Fun

When Mark Knopfler famously sang about “money for nothing and chicks for free,” he might have over-exaggerated the glamor of working in consumer electronics, but not by that much. Never have I had so much fun going to work in… Read More »

PS Audio Stellar 300 amp reviewed

PS Audio Stellar S300 Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

The PS Audio Stellar S300 stereo amplifier is PS Audio’s entry-level two-channel amplifier (buy at Amazon) targeted at those thinking of upgrading from a receiver or integrated to quality separates. Make no mistake, though: entry-level or not, this is a… Read More »

Meitner MA3 DAC reviewed

Meitner MA3 DAC Reviewed

In the early days of digital audio, Ed Meitner was frequently asked about circuit design from industry people interested in his ideas. It was this recognition of an insight into digital audio that led to one of the most innovative… Read More »

Paul Wilson threw an dinner party for his wife's Millennial work colleagues and they loved his audiophile system

My Audiophile Dinner Party for Millennials Was a Success

I was first introduced to audiophilia by way of an all-McIntosh system when I was 15 years old. I was still riding a bicycle and most of the music I heard was by way of a handheld AM transistor radio… Read More »

Topping A90 Preamp and Headphone Amp reviewed by Steven Stone

Topping A90 Discrete Preamplifier/Headphone Amp Reviewed

The Topping A90 Discrete ($599 buy at Amazon), while marketed principally as a headphone amplifier, ranks as one of the most ideal analog preamplifiers I’ve used. A couple of months back, I reviewed Topping’s Pre90 analog preamp. The A90 Discrete… Read More »

The Music Hall Classic Turntable reviewed

Music Hall Classic Turntable Reviewed 

The Music Hall Classic turntable (buy at Crutchfield) features an intriguing mix of traditional design elements and modern technology and features. The turntable comes packaged with a tonearm and cartridge, which are partially assembled so the listener can go from… Read More »

PS Audio Stellar Phono Stage reviewed

PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamplifier Reviewed

When Paul McGowan and Stan Warren founded PS Audio in 1973, their first product was a standalone phono preamp. After several different design iterations, the PS Audio Phono Preamplifier was introduced in 1975. Now, some 48 years later, PS Audio… Read More »

Audiophile System Synergy by Jerry Del Colliano

Finding System Synergy Is Part of the Audiophile Journey (and Much of the Fun)

Audiophiles tend to fall into a number of different camps when it comes to the philosophy of system design. The first one if the Linn Camp, which suggests that your system is only as good as your main source component. That’s… Read More »

PSB Alpha T20 Speakers Reviewed

PSB Alpha T20 Tower Speakers Reviewed

At $849 per pair, the PSB Alpha T20 floorstanding speaker (buy from Crutchfield) from the legendary Paul Barton at PSB is the company’s entry-level tower. It features a 0.75-inch black anodized aluminum dome tweeter, two 5.25-inch textured polypropylene woofers with… Read More »

Should Audiophiles Still Collect Music in a world full of streaming

Should Audiophiles Still Collect Music in a World With Excellent Streaming Options?

There was no more unifying concept for my college buddies and me than going Compact Disc shopping. In the mid-1990s, the CD was the unquestioned king of all silver-disc media, and when we weren’t spending every free dollar on audio gear,… Read More »

Focal Utopia $4,995 Audiophile Headphones Reviewed

Focal Utopia (2022) Headphones Reviewed

Focal introduced its top-of-the-line wired headphone model, the Utopia, in 2016. In the seven years since, the company has developed some new ways to improve the design. The improvements and time since the initial launch warranted a revision of the… Read More »

Lotus of Siam for a CES Vegas trip

The Ups and Downs of Being an Audiophile Whale Customer

Las Vegas is the undisputed gambling mecca in the United States and perhaps the world. Home to casinos galore, breathtaking hotels, entertainment of all varieties and even a surprising amount of debauchery, Vegas is a gambler’s paradise. Catering to all… Read More »

Pass Labs XA 60.8 mono-block audiophile class A amp reviewed

Pass Labs XA60.8 Class A Monoblock Amplifiers Reviewed

If you’re an audio hobbyist, you are probably aware of Pass Labs, its founder Nelson Pass, and the company’s reputation for innovative audiophile amplifiers, preamplifiers, and integrated amplifier designs. All the company’s amplifiers are solid-state designs (meaning that transistors amplify… Read More »

PS Audio PowerPlant 3 Audiophile Power Regenerator Reviewed

PS Audio Stellar PowerPlant 3 AC Regenerator Reviewed

The Stellar PowerPlant 3 AC regenerator ($2,999) is PS Audio’s entry-level power regenerator intended for powering audiophile source components as well as small to medium power Class AB amps or high efficiency Class D amps in smaller to medium sized… Read More »

T+A SD3100 HV audiophile DAC reviewed

T+A elektroakustik SD 3100 HV Streaming DAC Reviewed

By any reasonable measure, the T+A SD 3100 HV Streaming DAC is a world-class audiophile component with numerous features and a high degree of engineering excellence. Designed completely in house by a group of 12 full-time staff engineers and even two physicists,… Read More »

NAD C 338 Networked Audiophile Integrated Amp Reviewed

NAD C 338 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier Reviewed

The NAD C 338 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier (buy at Crutchfield) is a budget friendly $799 integrated amplifier from one of the industry’s most storied audiophile brands. Its power section provides 50 continuous watts of output into both 4 and… Read More »

What Audiophile Record do you most want remastered or remixed?

What Album Do You Truly Love but Wish Was Remixed or Remastered?

One of the biggest historical criticisms of the audiophile hobby is that many old-school traditionalists sometimes fall into a habit of listening to audio more than listening to music. In a perfect world, your audio system should be able to… Read More »

ELAC Verro Reference RS-500 reviewed

ELAC Varro Reference RS500 10 Inch Subwoofer Review

Although many loudspeakers are marketed as full-range, in reality only a minority actually go deep enough to rightfully deserve such a moniker. To achieve a truly full-range audio system using less than full-range loudspeakers requires a subwoofer to produce frequencies… Read More »

Bricasti M21 Platinum Series DAC reviewed

Bricasti M21 Platinum Series DAC Reviewed

Bricasti Design was founded in 2004 by two executives formerly associated with Lexicon. Bricasti’s initial focus was on the pro audio side, and the company immediately gained a solid reputation thanks to its M7 reverb unit. Before long, Bricasti turned… Read More »

The Problem with Audiophile Music and How To Fix It

The Problem with Audiophile Music and How to Fix It

Audiophile music can be tough to swallow for non-hobbyists. Incredibly well-recorded albums from mostly unknown artists with unfamiliar songs and often obscure musical genres can be a bit off-putting to anyone who hasn’t already drank the Kool-Aid. If you’re buying… Read More »

SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers

SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers Reviewed

The SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers (buy at Crutchfield) come packed with as much thoughtful, audiophile-grade technology as you could possibly ask for from a $899/pair of active bookshelf speakers. Dressed in either gloss black or gloss white (my… Read More »

Audio-Technica LPW-50BT Audiophile Turntable reviewed

Audio-Technica AT-LPW50BT Turntable Reviewed 

Audio Technica’s AT-LPW50BT audiophile turntable at $499 (buy at Crutchfield) is feature rich, with a built-in phono stage and Bluetooth transmitter. Its model number may not easily roll off your tongue, but it’s one of the newest turntables from a… Read More »

Audiophile Coffee Table Books from publisher Taschen

11 Books That Belong in Every Audiophile’s Library

Audiophiles collect gear. Audiophiles collect music. Many of us also collect books that enrich the hobby. These can range from technical explainers to music-oriented to books about the hobby and the business itself. While these books can be a design… Read More »

Polk Audio Reserve R200AE Speakers Reviewed

Polk Audio Reserve 200 Anniversary Edition Reviewed 

Circa 1994, I fondly remember hearing Polk Audio loudspeakers in a long-gone Circuit City store as a burgeoning audiophile who dreamt of having the $400 in my pocket needed to actually own a pair. Jump forward to today and Polk… Read More »

NAD C 538 Compact Disc Player Reviewed

NAD C 538 Compact Disc Player Reviewed

NAD is a company with a long-standing history (50 years, in fact) of making great products. The NAD C 538 (buy at Crutchfield) is a great example of what the company does so well, as it’s a straightforward entry-level Compact… Read More »

Audiophile upgrades start with your ears?

Eight Audiophile Thoughts from Axpona 2023

It has been a long time since I rock and rolled… and I think thousands of others at AXPONA 2023 felt the same way. For the past few years, real-world fears of COVID-19 made it unreasonable to for most of… Read More »

Pro-Ject Carbon Evo Turntable reviewed

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable Reviewed 

Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon EVO Turntable ($599 buy at Crutchfield) is the latest version of the Debut, which was first released at the end of the last millennium. The Debut Carbon was released just over a decade ago and utilized a… Read More »

FiiO K9 ESS Pro DAC reviewed

FiiO K9 Pro DAC/Preamplifier/Headphone Amplifier Reviewed

The first time I saw a FiiO audio component, the old nursery rhyme “fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman” popped into my head. FiiO’s track record of commandeering the market share of their competitors from… Read More »

The high cost of audiophile vinyl by Jerry Del Colliano

Forget Eggs… Have You Seen the Price of Vinyl Lately?

Overall, despite a very successful launch, there are a few things I wish I would have done differently from the get-go with FutureAudiophile.com.  One of the biggest faux pas was picking a higher-commission source for affiliate sales as opposed to going… Read More »

Beats by Dre Studio 3 headphones reviewed

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

Apple didn’t pay $3,200,000,000 to Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine for nothing. The headphone company they carefully pried from the hands of Monster Cable founder, Noel Lee, is a key part of today’s overall tech-lifestyle aesthetic. Be it at work, walking around town, working out at… Read More »

Jerry Del Colliano's screening room in Los Angeles uses RPG acoustical treatments mostly behind a fabric wall

Forget Speakers and Turntables – Your Room Is the Most Important Component in Your Audiophile System

Last week, I was talking to the guys at Linn about getting Paul Wilson one of their legendary LP-12 audiophile turntables for review, which looks to be about two weeks away from arriving at Paul’s home. Linn’s audiophile philosophy pretty… Read More »

Tekton Design Pendragon speakers reviewed

Tekton Design Pendragon Loudspeakers Reviewed

About 13 years ago, I became acquainted with Eric Alexander and his outside-the-box loudspeaker company, Tekton Design. Eric was kind enough to ship along a pair of Tekton Mini-Lore loudspeakers, and shortly thereafter an original pair of Tekton Pendragon floorstanding… Read More »

iFi go BAR audiophile DAC and headphone amp reviewed

iFi GO bar DAC/Headphone Amp Reviewed

The GO bar by iFi (buy at Crutchfield) is a $329, ultra-portable USB-based audiophile DAC and headphone amplifier. If you want to know what I mean by ultra-portable, it is approximately the size of my index finger (15/16 inch wide,… Read More »

Learning to love successful audiophile sales techniques

Would You Travel to Work with a Truly Pro Audio Salesperson?

Few teenagers forget buying their first car. My father refused to give me a car like all of the other 16-year-old kids at my fancy prep school in Philadelphia. He played me cassette tapes of 1970s sales training guru and… Read More »

NAD C 700 integrated amp and audiophile grade music server

NAD C 700 BluOS Streaming Amplifier Reviewed

NAD, an audio company well-known by enthusiasts worldwide for their high-value electronics, is part of the Lenbrook group, which also includes PSB speakers and Bluesound wireless streaming devices. The technology behind each brand is often shared within the family, as… Read More »