Bowers & Wilkins Launches New Flagship Wireless Headphones… The Px8 

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Bowers & Wilkins, the renowned British premium audio brand, has launched its new flagship wireless headphone, the Px8. The new model sets a new reference standard for the brand on sound, build and finish in the active noise cancelling wireless headphone category.

The heart of the Px8 is the same active noise cancelling wireless platform found in the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2, one of the more critically acclaimed headphones in the class. In Px8 achieves even greater heights of detail, resolution and spaciousness thanks to all-new bespoke 40mm Carbon Cone drive units.

Inspired by the Carbon Dome drive units used in Bowers & Wilkins highly successful 700Series loudspeaker range, the Px8’s new Carbon Cones deliver a combination of ultra-fast response plus exceptionally low distortion throughout the frequency range. The result is resolution, detail and timing that surpasses the high bar set by the Px7 S2, ensuring an even more engaging and natural musical performance that gets closer than ever to the true sound of the artist’s intent.

Bowers & Wilkins launches their Px8 Flagship Wireless Headphones
Bowers & Wilkins launches their Px8 Flagship Wireless Headphones

The Carbon Cone drive units in Px8 are carefully angled inside each earcup to ensure aconsistent distance relative to the listener’s ear from every point across the surface of eachdriver, to produce a more immersive and highly accurate soundstage. The result is the best sound quality Bowers & Wilkins has ever delivered from a pair of wireless headphones.

A Statement In Headphone Design

The new headphone is available in two finishes, black leather or tan leather and now has acast-aluminum arm structure that references Bowers & Wilkins signature design language, plusa diamond-cut bright edge on each elliptical logo plate. The earcups, memory-foam cushionsand headband are trimmed in soft, luxurious Napa leather for the ultimate, premium feel. Together, these design and material choices ensure that Px8 confidently asserts Bowers &Wilkins’ position as a premium audio brand like no other in the category.

High-Resolution Sound

The Px8 uses Qualcomm’s aptXTM Adaptive wireless technology to ensure the best possible sound quality from compatible phones, tablets and computers. USB-C and 3.5mm analoguecable connections are also supported, with both cable types included in the carry case that accompanies the product.

Whether using wireless or wired connections, the Px8 combines its ultra-high-performance drive unit configuration with powerful Bowers & Wilkins-developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to deliver outstanding, 24-bit high-resolution sound quality from leading streaming services.

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless Headphones Launch
Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless Headphones in their tan leather finish

Cancel The Noise

The Px8 uses proprietary Bowers & Wilkins-optimized noise cancellation technology to effectively shut out unwanted noise – crucially, without harming musicality in the process.

Six high-performance microphones work together to deliver the best results: two measure theoutput of each drive unit, two react to ambient noise from the outside world and two provide outstanding voice clarity with enhanced noise suppression.

As with Px7 S2, the performance of the system has been further improved by moving the two external microphones closer together, adjusting the angling of each microphone to improve voice capture and changing the position of the second mic to reduce wind noise interference.

A Breakthrough in User Experience

Excitingly, the launch of the new Px8 will see a major upgrade for the Bowers & Wilkins Music App. From launch, the Music App will allow Px8 users to stream their chosen music directly from their mobile device to their headphones, with Deezer, Qobuz and TIDAL all supported. 

The same functionality will roll out to owners of Px7 S2 on the day Px8 launches. As just one example of the benefits of this breakthrough feature, Bowers & Wilkins customers can now easily switch between listening at home – for example, via a Zeppelin, or a pair of the Formation Duo stereo speakers – and listening on the move via a mobile device with a pair of Px8 or Px7 S2 headphones.

As before, the Music App also simplifies connection of the Px8 to a mobile device, supports fine-tuning of the sound through adjustable EQ, and allows owners to configure their preferred noise-cancelling mode, all while monitoring the headphone’s charge levels.

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