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Audiophile News, Opinion and Insights

Rotel's new S14 Audiophile Streamer

Rotel Launches Its First Integrated Streamer Component

Rotel just introduced its S14 Integrated Streamer offering discerning listeners a high-performance product to access and enjoy online music with ease. This solution delivers the family-owned audio company’s promise of quality, value, and performance, aiming to bring music to life… Read More »

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McIntosh T-Shirt Wall of Sound

McIntosh Releases New Wall of Sound Grateful Dead T-shirt and Sweatshirts For The Holidays

The two music icons came together in 1974 when the Grateful Dead unveiled their famed “Wall of Sound” at the San Francisco Cow Palace. The most unique traveling concert sound system in history, the system was 100+ feet wide and… Read More »

Schiit Modi 3e DAC reviewed by Andrew Dewhirst

In the Audiophile World, Higher Price Doesn’t Always Equal Higher Performance

One of the biggest audiophile fallacies is a pricier or more exclusive product is going to perform better than a more affordable or mass-market solution. Perhaps that was once the case, but new-school audiophiles are increasing supporting manufacturers who deliver… Read More »

A vintage copy of Audio Magazine from the 1960s featuring Steven Stone's first audio system

Does Inflation Always Makes Audiophile Products Cost More? Not Always… Here’s How to Cope

If you have a pair of ears, or even only one functioning ear, it’s impossible to avoid the “I” word these days. Most of the inflation news today is bad, and that makes sense as bad news creates media-based user… Read More »

Avail 880 Series Amps

Aavik Launches Their New Flagship 880 Series of Amplifiers 

Aavik announced today that it has expanded its range of amplifiers with their new flagship Aavik 880 series. The new series consists of the Aavik I-880 integrated amplifier, the C-880 control amplifier, and the P-880 power amplifier. The primary development… Read More »

Monoprice Monolith Audition Speakers Launch

Monoprice Finally Launches Low-cost Audition Speakers to its Monolith Line

Monolith, Monolith, the high-end audio brand from Monoprice, just announced its Audition series speaker solutions. The Audition speakers will be available in bookshelf, center-channel and two tower configurations.  “Our new Audition Series speakers bring extremely-high quality sound to a new… Read More »

Andover Audio Introduces their $249 SpinBase Phono Stage

Andover Audio Launches SpinStage Phono Preamp For $249

Andover Audio just announced the launch of its new SoundBites Series with the first model, the SpinStage phono preamp (MSRP $249). Making an elegant style statement in a striking clear finish of bead-blasted, anodized aluminum, this SpinStage has been painstakingly engineered to… Read More »

McIntosh MDA 200 DAC Introduced

McIntosh Introduces New MDA200 DAC for $4,000

McIntosh just announced the MDA200 D/A Converter, allowing audiophiles to add premium digital music capabilities to an analog audio system. At the heart of the MDA200 is the McIntosh DA2 Digital Audio Module featured in the award-winning MA12000 Integrated Amplifier… Read More »

Topping Pre90 Preamp Reviewed

How Chi-Fi Is Re-Energizing the Audiophile Hobby 

Recently, I’ve been asking audiophile industry executives what they think of Chi-Fi or “Chinese Hi-Fi (aka: audiophile components made in China, sold directly to  clients all over the world at often hard-to-conceive-of prices). It has been notable how many were… Read More »

Mobile Fidelity Source Point 10 Speakers by Andrew Jones

MoFi Electronics Launches New Andrew Jones Loudspeaker Design Called the SourcePoint 10

Mobile Fidelity Source Point 10 Speakers by Andrew Jones MoFi Electronics introduced its new SourcePoint 10 loudspeakers at Capital Audiofest in Rockville, MD, U.S.A., running November 11 through November 13. The speakers are the result of 18 months of research… Read More »

New Schiit Audio Reference DAC

Schiit Releases New-Upgradable Reference Multi-bit DAC – the Yggdrasil

Schiit Audio announced the immediate availability of Yggdrasil+, its flagship True Multibit DAC. Featuring a choice of D/A converter options, remote control, NOS mode, and phase inversion, the Yggdrasil+ offers exceptional performance and value in a high-end DAC, together with… Read More »

Audio-Technica Announces the Release of Its ATH-TWX9 Wireless In-ear Headphones

Audio-Technica Announces the Release of Its ATH-TWX9 Wireless In-ear Headphones For $299

Audio-Technica announced the release of its ATH-TWX9 truly wireless in-ear headphones with digital hybrid noise-cancelling technology. Featuring 5.8mm high resolution drivers, these earbuds deliver an extended high-frequency range and improved sound detail for a superior listening experience. With up to 6 hours… Read More »

Finding the balance between vinyl and digital in a modern audiophile system

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Vinyl for What It Is

Some audiophiles read my articles and think I absolutely hate vinyl. I don’t at all. In fact, I have been thinking of adding a turntable to my ever-evolving living room music playback system. The issue with vinyl is that we… Read More »

Capital Audiofest

Capital Audiofest Starts On Friday November 11 – Tickets and Rooms Still Available

With COVID not looming as large as it has for the past few years and Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver now ended forever, Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland represents the best chance for audiophiles from around the country to experience… Read More »

Periodic Audio Drops Prices on IEMS

Periodic Audio Drops IEM Prices Before Black Friday

Periodic Audio announces a price reduction for its line of V3 in-ear monitors launched earlier this year. The company will move to a direct model and as a result will pass distribution cost-savings to its loyal customers.   “We feel so… Read More »

SVS Prime Wireless Soundbase

SVS Launches Their Gen-2 $699 Prime Wireless Soundbase

SVS, manufacturer of high-performance speakers, subwoofers, wireless audio, cables, and accessories, proudly announces the SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase. It’s the company’s second-generation integrated stereo amplifier bringing audiophile sound quality to the wireless audio space with high-resolution streaming, a vast array… Read More »

Nagra Reference catridge

Nagra Reference MC Cartridge Is The First From the Swiss Company

Swiss high-end audio firm, Nagra, announces the upcoming release of its first phono cartridge – the Nagra Reference MC cartridge. Initial units are scheduled to be delivered in December.  The Nagra Reference MC cartridge is the product of a number… Read More »

Audiophile Wedding Gift Photo

An Audiophile Wedding Gift For a 30-Year-Old Designed as a Real Good Entrée to the Hobby

Recently, my nephew and niece moved into a new home. As a housewarming gift, I decided to gift the millennial couple a new stereo system. I gave them their first system when they moved into their first home. It was… Read More »

Focal's New Outdoor Speakers

Focal Unveils New Littora Outdoor Speakers

French audio brand Focal presents a line of products designed for listening in marine, coastal and wet settings, the Littora 200. Within this range, three products have been specially developed to bring sound to outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces,… Read More »

Brandon Lauer Audio Research

Audio Research’s Brandon Lauer Hurt Badly In Motorcycle Accident (

On October 11, 2022, Audio Research executive and audio industry friend, Brandon Lauer was badly injured in a motorcycle accident in Minnesota. He is alive but is in very serious condition. His recovery is realistically expected to take months if… Read More »'s Mission Statement

The Mission Statement

The time has come for change in the audiophile world. That’s why I’m launching a new publication called to deal with the problems at hand. My goal is simple to articulate but apparently not easy to pull off. I… Read More »

AudioEngine DAC3

Audioengine Now Shipping $149 DAC3 Pocket-Size Headphone Amplifier/DAC

Audioengine just announced the availability of DAC3, a portable, powerful headphone amplifier/DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that offers better-than-CD sound and compatibility with every major streaming format on the market. The Audioengine DAC3 ($149.00), which measures a 1.9 inches, relies on the low-power output of… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless Headphones Launch

Bowers & Wilkins Launches New Flagship Wireless Headphones… The Px8 

Bowers & Wilkins, the renowned British premium audio brand, has launched its new flagship wireless headphone, the Px8. The new model sets a new reference standard for the brand on sound, build and finish in the active noise cancelling wireless headphone… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series 2 and Series 3

An Early Look At Bowers & Wilkins’ New 700 Series Speakers

There have been a lot of changes at legendary speaker company Bowers & Wilkins over the past few years. Longtime owner Equity International sold the brand to a Silicon Valley tech company run by an NFL-team-owning multi-billionaire—who tried to transform… Read More »