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Audiophile News, Opinion and Insights

Rotel Launches Three Mici audiophile components at AXPONA show in Chicago

Rotel Unveils Three Michi Products at AXPONA Audiophile Show

Rotel, just announced the launch of three new Michi Series 2 models – Michi X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier, X5 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier and P5 Series 2 Stereo Preamplifier.These latest models demonstrate the brand’s ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value… Read More »

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Jerry Del Colliano's screening room in Los Angeles uses RPG acoustical treatments mostly behind a fabric wall

Forget Speakers and Turntables – Your Room Is the Most Important Component in Your Audiophile System

Last week, I was talking to the guys at Linn about getting Paul Wilson one of their legendary LP-12 audiophile turntables for review, which looks to be about two weeks away from arriving at Paul’s home. Linn’s audiophile philosophy pretty… Read More »

LUxman PD-191 Turntable from Japan is introduced for nearly $13,000

Luxman Launches New flagship Turntable, the PD-191A For Almost $13,000

Vinyl fans have new reason to celebrate as Luxman America introduces the eagerly-anticipated PD-191A analog player. “So many music lovers have told me how much pleasure they get from the PD-171A,” said Jeff Sigmund, president. “This new player is more… Read More »

Java HiFi's new GaN amp for audiophile use

Expanded range of JAVA Hi-Fi audio components delivers a deeply immersive listening experience.

JAVA Hi-Fi’s new six-strong lineup of audiophile stereo preamps, integrated and power amplifiers employ breakthrough technologies and unique circuit designs. The result is exceptional audio quality, designed to cater to the demands of the most discerning audiophile.  The JAVA integrated… Read More »

The new Ansuz power switch audiophile power product

Ansuz Launches New PowerSwitch Generation 3 Series Product

Ansuz just introduced the new PowerSwitch Generation 3 series. With the integration of technological advancements, Ansuz have significantly strengthened the X-TC, A2 and D2 Ansuz PowerSwitch models. In Ansuz’ quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music playback, their… Read More »

Learning to love successful audiophile sales techniques

Would You Travel to Work with a Truly Pro Audio Salesperson?

Few teenagers forget buying their first car. My father refused to give me a car like all of the other 16-year-old kids at my fancy prep school in Philadelphia. He played me cassette tapes of 1970s sales training guru and… Read More »

New Forum $2,795 DAC

Vana Introduces New $2,795 Audiophile Streamng DAC From Ferrum at Upcoming AXPONA Show

VANA LTD, Importer and Distributor of many luxury audiophile brands, will introduce WANDLA: the first “stand-alone” DAC from Ferrum. Ferrum’s complete range of  award-winning products will be on display in Ear Gear booth # 1205 and room #8208 of the Renaissance Schaumberg… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins Pi5S2 in-ear monitors

Bowers & Wilkins introduces new Pi5 S2 
Sage Green finish to join its premium in-ear 
True Wireless headphone range

The new Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 S2 in-ear monitors (buy at Amazon) offers the best audio performance in its class, with TWS transmission coupled to a single 9.2mm bespoke drive unit in each earbud. Pi5 S2 also offers seamless access… Read More »

The Ralston Audiophile Listening Room at The University of the South

University of the South Brings a Million-Dollar Audiophile Experience to Its Students (and You Too)

The year was 2007, and Tam Carlson was a man on a mission. Tam wanted to build a cost-no-object listening room seating 20, in which every last detail would exist only to serve the playback of great music from an… Read More »


10 Tempting Audiohile Experiences at AXPONA 

The upcoming AXPONA audiophile consumer show will return for the 12th edition, April 14-16. Audiophiles, music lovers, musicians and collectors will unite at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center to experience a record breaking show featuring 500 exhibitors and brands, 200+ interactive listening… Read More »

Spin Clean Record Cleaner

Spin-Clean International Launches its First Vinyl Records Consumer Education Program

Spin-Clean International, creators of the award-winning Spin-Clean Record Washer, just launched the industry’s first education program specifically designed to inform young vinyl music enthusiasts about the importance of cleaning and maintaining their record collections. The announcement coincides with the first… Read More »

Wilson Audio WATT PUPPY speakers in Jerry Del Colliano's Brentwood home theater

Do Silly Product Names Help or Hurt the Marketability of Audiophile Gear?

There are tens of thousands of audiophile components on the market today from hundreds of well-known and well-respected brands. Many of them have very specific naming conventions that are the handiwork of experienced marketing executives, Madison Avenue PR firms, enthusiastic… Read More »

Luxman's New $9,995 SACD player

Introducing Luxman’s $9,995 D-07X SACD Player

“This is a transformational period in digital audio, and the new D-07X digital player is at the cutting edge,” said Jeff Sigmund, president of Luxman America. The player supports MQA-CDs, MQA files, 32-bit/768 kHz PCM, 22.4 MHz DSD, conventional USB… Read More »

Rhein Z1 Plus Music Server

Silent Angel Introduces Rhein Z1-Plus Server

In 2019, Silent Angel, designer of High End digital components, introduced the Rhein Z1, which was immediately hailed as a new standard in high value servers. Now, Silent Angel proudly debuts Rhein Z1 Plus: an all-new design whose features and… Read More »

NAD CS1 Network Endpoint Streamer

NAD Is Shipping The CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer

NAD Electronics just announced the retail availability of the NAD CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer, a minimal, high-performance streaming component that equips any existing stereo or home-theatre system with networked music streaming capability. With support for popular casting protocols such as Apple… Read More »

Campfire Audio's new IEM Headphones in green

Campfire Audio Launches Next Generation of Andromeda and Solaris IEMs at Can Jam 2023

Campfire Audio has announced the launch of the next generation of its most iconic hand-crafted IEMs. Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’ and Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’ reimagine the boutique manufacturer’s flagship models with improved shell designs, re-engineered acoustic chambers, and the latest in… Read More »

Andover Audio SpinDeck 2 Audiophile Turntable

Andover Audio Now Shipping $299 SpinDeck 2 Turntable 

Andover is now shipping SpinDeck 2 ($299), the latest addition to its Spin Collection, striking the ideal balance between value performance and convenience for vinyl fans. Featuring high-quality materials, precision-engineered parts and plug-and-play design, SpinDeck 2 is the perfect companion for the… Read More »

Laser Cutting arm making audiophile gear

How Manufacturing Complexities Directly Relate to Audiophile Equipment Pricing

It doesn’t take a lot of investigation to determine that audiophile equipment prices can get very expensive. In our beloved industry, we see floorstanding speakers, audiophile subwoofers, power amps, stereo preamps, and beyond that cost well into the five-figure range—and… Read More »

AXPONA Adds Music Guest Anne Bisson

AXPONA Adds 25 New Exhibitors For April Audiophile Show

AXPONA is known for featuring world-renowned brands and manufacturers, showcasing the most innovative products and services in the high-end audio industry.  The following is a summary of first-time exhibitors that will be at AXPONA 2023, representing a number of product… Read More »

Club Qobuz

Qobuz Set To Launch New Audiophile Community

Qobuz, the music lovers’ high quality music streaming and download service, is launching a new community platform designed to connect audiophiles and music lovers around the world: Qobuz Club. The interactive forum will allow Qobuz users to convene with like-minded… Read More »

Bricasti M21 DAC

Exploring the Often-Dangerous World of High-End Digital Audiophile Components

Historically, audiophile-grade amplifiers hold their value over time. So do good stereo preamps. The best audiophile floorstanding loudspeakers also hold their value in most cases over a reasonable amount of time. Solidly built audiophile turntables don’t tend to lose their… Read More »

SVS In-wall subwoofer

SVS Announces 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer

SVS, leading manufacturer of high-performance speakers, subwoofers, wireless audio, and accessories, proudly announces the new 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer, a breakout first offering in the architectural subwoofer category from one of the fastest growing audio brands in the world. SVS spared… Read More »

A young audiophile driven by value

For Todays Younger Audiophiles, Everything Is About Value

My audiophile publishing comeback wasn’t supposed to ever happen. When I sold and back in late December 2019, I told anybody that would listen that I was pretty much done. I was looking for some new challenges and… Read More »

HIFIMAN AUDIVINA wired, closed back audiophile headphones are coming in March at $1,995 per pair

HIFIMAN Introduces New Closed-Back Headphones For Studio and Audiophile Use

HIFIMAN just announced a new closed-back headphone designed for professionals and hobbyists who demand detailed, accurate representations of their music, podcasts, and other sound recordings. The new HIFIMAN AUDIVINA (SRP: $1,999) is a closed-back planar headphone that relies on HIFIMAN’s Stealth Magnets to… Read More »