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Audiophile News, Opinion and Insights

Used vinyl is being sold at over $100 per LP at this L.A. food event that caters to young, tech savvy enthusiasts

L.A.’s Thriving Food Scene Brings Young People Together (and They Love Vinyl)

My wife and I recently realized that during our COVID-era lockdown, we inadvertently got away from many of the things that we really enjoyed doing. But for now, we are back out and enjoying life and trying to restore some… Read More »

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Stenheim speakers installed at The Power Station Studio in New York City

Stenheim Launches the Alumine Two.Five at Power Station Recording Studio in New York City

Stenheim, the Switzerland-based speaker company that utilizes aluminum cabinets and high-efficiency drivers to create some of the hi-fi industry’s most renowned and musical loudspeakers, launched its new Alumine Two.Five, a passive two-way, floorstanding speaker, at an exclusive media event held at the… Read More »

My wife is becoming an unexpected audiophile so I feel compelled to get her a Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt for Christmas

Why I’m Buying My Wife a Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt for Christmas 

Sitting in our living room with the inward-facing French doors open to let the cool evening ocean breeze waft in, I cued up my audiophile system for some chill, trip-hop, loungy/electronic jams as my wife and I had a rare… Read More »

ATC's updated C4 MK2 subwoofer

ATC Announced the C4 Sub MK2 Active Subwoofer System

World renowned for its signature high output, low-distortion audio engineering and trusted by musicians, studios, live sound engineers and audiophiles over five decades, The Acoustic Transducer Company (ATC) is proud to announce the production of the C4 Sub Mk 2… Read More »

Magnepan Speakers are a bi-polar planar design

Audiophile Lingo You Need to Know Part 3: Different Types of Speakers

Loudspeakers are somewhat of a marvel. Where electronic components are designed to efficiently move electrical signals from one place to the next, speakers have the unique job of converting those signals to the mechanical vibrations we perceive as music. Without… Read More »

The Record Doctor X is a pretty serious audiophile record cleaner priced at $599

Record Doctor X Now Shipping at $599

Pangea Audio, a developer and manufacturer of high performance, high value audio accessories, announced today a new edition of its acclaimed Record Doctor vacuum record cleaning machines that simultaneously cleans both sides of a record, saving time and effort over… Read More »

Nothing says "expensive audio" like Mark Levinson's Cello gear from the 1990s

Why It’s Still Important to Review Really Expensive Audiophile Gear

Longtime audiophile reviewer Steven Stone was being shy in a recent phone conversation. As far as I can tell, he coined the phrase “oligarch audio,” which describes audiophile components that are priced north of $100,000. By anyone’s measure, that is… Read More »

Where to get something like a vintage McIntosh amplifier repaired?

How To Get Out-of-Warranty Audiophile Electronics Repaired

After my article about three recent in-warranty repairs, my publisher, Jerry Del Colliano, asked me to write about out-of-warranty audiophile repairs. Those are the ones that you can expect to have to pay for. Basically, there are three out-of-warranty repair scenarios.… Read More »

REL Tx9 Subwoofer in red, red, red!

REL ACOUSTICS Introduces the Bright Red T/9x Subwoofer

Noted subwoofer manufacturer, REL Acoustics, just unveiled the T/9x Red subwoofer to the audiophile market. Evolving from the foundational T/9x, this Special Edition subwoofer combines arresting aesthetics with improved driver performance, pushing the boundaries of both design and sound. The… Read More »

Wilson Audio WATT PUPPY speakers installed in Jerry Del Colliano's Brentwood, California screening room complete with RPG acoustical treatments and a neatly installed fabric wall

Reducing Background Noise Can Get You Big Audiophile Gains 

A few years before COVID, I walked into a listening room at a CEDIA show in Denver for an audition of Wisdom Audio’s latest powered and room-corrected speakers. Calling it a room is a stretch, mind you, as these demo spaces are easily assembled… Read More »

REKKORD F100 turntable brings audiophile performance with no installation woes to entry-level audiophiles

REKKORD F100 Turntable is a Turnkey $399 Solution For People Starting with Audiophile Vinyl

REKKORD Audio, the company whose extensive selection of turntables is meticulously designed and handmade in one of Europe’s foremost audio manufacturing facilities, is bringing its high performance, intuitive F100 turntable to U.S.-based music lovers who are ready to partake in… Read More »

Nagra is out with a reference level tube phono stage called the HD Phono for $87,500 USD

Nagra Fights All Swiss Audiophile Stereotypes By Introducing an $87,500 Tube Phono Stage

After years of intense research and development, the Nagra HD PHONO is finally available for discerning listeners of vinyl. It is the ideal complement to the HD range and the world-acclaimed HD PREAMP, HD DAC X and HD AMP monoblocks. Nagra’s… Read More »

How to prevent audiophile hearing loss from a professional's perspective

How Should Audiophiles Think About Hearing Loss as They Age?

The human ear is quite an amazing piece of audio gear. It’s an intricate yet vast system of tiny, superbly-tuned components working in sync to convert mechanical energy into what we interpret as sound. Most people, audiophiles included, will go… Read More »

New Record Doctor record clamp

Pangea Audio Debuts Black Chrome Record Doctor Low Profile Record Clamp

Pangea Audio, developer and manufacturer of high performance, high value audio accessories, just announced it now offers its low-profile Record Doctor Record Clamp with a black chrome knob, adding a new color option for listeners who prefer to use a dust cover… Read More »

PSB just launched a whole series of new Imagine Series speakers at the 2023 Toronto Audiophile Show

PSB Speakers Announces New Generation of Imagine Series at Toronto Audio Show 

PSB Speakers just announced the launch of a new generation of the highly acclaimed Imagine Series speaker line at Toronto Audio Fest. The latest edition of the Imagine Series consists of the B50 Bookshelf, T54 and T65 Tower speakers. The Imagine… Read More »

All about audiophile warranty repairs

Are Warranty Repairs Even Worth It Anymore?

One of the ugly truths of consumer electronics is that stuff breaks. When we’re lucky, a malfunction occurs while the product is still under warranty. But what do those warranties actually cover, practically speaking? The following stories draw from my… Read More »

Sorensen X2 is their most affordable speaker at $8,800 per pair USD

Børresen X2 to Ship New $8,800 Audiophile Speaker in U.S This November 

Børresen is thrilled to introduce the X2 speaker, a sleek and elegant, three-unit, floorstanding loudspeaker, that is the smallest model in the award-winning X series. This new loudspeaker reflects Børresen’s commitment to meeting diverse needs of listeners while maintaining the… Read More »

Only 60 Units Will Be Made of the New $899 Bowers & Wilkins McLaren Edition Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

Audiophile loudspeaker company, Bowers & Wilkins, has launched a new version of its award-winning wireless speaker in collaboration with long-standing partner, McLaren Automotive. Introducing the new Zeppelin McLaren Edition. Read More »

Gryphon Diablo 333 Integrated amp now on display at two U.S. dealers

After Munich Launch, Gryphon Displaying Satanic $25,000 Integrated Amp at Two U.S. Dealers

Gryphon’s highly anticipated Diablo 333 Integrated Amplifier will make its North American Dealer Debut today, Thursday, 16 November at The Sound Environment, Omaha, NE. Anthony Chiarella, Gryphon’s North American Director of Sales and Marketing, will present the amplifier and be… Read More »

Bass traps from Paul Wilson's reference audiophile listening room

Want a Better Sounding Hi-Fi System? Fix Your Room First

For most audiophiles, the road to sonic nirvana often follows the path of increasingly better equipment. Many of us spend decades and untold thousands of dollars replacing an existing something for a something better – all in the hopes of… Read More »

Tube amps in an audiophile demo

How to Do a Killer Audiophile Demo 

We talk a lot about how the future of the audiophile hobby needs to be inclusive. We need to ditch some of the old-school standards and practices like only listening in a messy listening room by yourself versus having your… Read More »

Meze Audio Primal Headphones are now out and $999 per pair

Meze Audio’s New Primal Headphones Priced at $999

Meze Audio is happy to launch 109 Pro Primal: a very special edition of its award-winning 109 Pro headphones and the latest addition to the exclusive Meze Audio Art Gallery collection.  These headphones are handmade by Meze Audio’s skilled artisans,… Read More »

Monitor Audio Anathra Subwoofer line is just announced for October 2023 shipping

Monitor Audio releases Anthra Subwoofer Series, a standalone three-model range that majors on musicality and depth 

Monitor Audio just announced the launch of the new Anthra Subwoofer Series. This highly anticipated range introduces a trio of high-performance powered subwoofers into the Monitor Audio portfolio. Each of the three models has been engineered with a focus on… Read More »

The Apple iPod changed everything in the audio world in many ways for the better

What If Everything We Thought We Knew About Hi-Fi Was Wrong?

For the past few months, I have been somewhat obsessed with these new Gallium Nitride (GaN, for short) amplifiers. Long-time Stereophile writer and classical music recording engineer John Marks was the first to hip me to the concept via an … Read More »