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Audiophile News, Opinion and Insights

Bass traps from Paul Wilson's reference audiophile listening room

Want a Better Sounding Hi-Fi System? Fix Your Room First

For most audiophiles, the road to sonic nirvana often follows the path of increasingly better equipment. Many of us spend decades and untold thousands of dollars replacing an existing something for a something better – all in the hopes of… Read More »

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Tube amps in an audiophile demo

How to Do a Killer Audiophile Demo 

We talk a lot about how the future of the audiophile hobby needs to be inclusive. We need to ditch some of the old-school standards and practices like only listening in a messy listening room by yourself versus having your… Read More »

Meze Audio Primal Headphones are now out and $999 per pair

Meze Audio’s New Primal Headphones Priced at $999

Meze Audio is happy to launch 109 Pro Primal: a very special edition of its award-winning 109 Pro headphones and the latest addition to the exclusive Meze Audio Art Gallery collection.  These headphones are handmade by Meze Audio’s skilled artisans,… Read More »

Monitor Audio Anathra Subwoofer line is just announced for October 2023 shipping

Monitor Audio releases Anthra Subwoofer Series, a standalone three-model range that majors on musicality and depth 

Monitor Audio just announced the launch of the new Anthra Subwoofer Series. This highly anticipated range introduces a trio of high-performance powered subwoofers into the Monitor Audio portfolio. Each of the three models has been engineered with a focus on… Read More »

The Apple iPod changed everything in the audio world in many ways for the better

What If Everything We Thought We Knew About Hi-Fi Was Wrong?

For the past few months, I have been somewhat obsessed with these new Gallium Nitride (GaN, for short) amplifiers. Long-time Stereophile writer and classical music recording engineer John Marks was the first to hip me to the concept via an … Read More »

Sound & Vision to represent AudioVector speakers in US

Specialty Sound & Vision Now To Represent Audiovector Speakers

Audiovector ApS, internationally-acclaimed producer of High-End loudspeakers, has chosen Specialty Sound and Vision, LLC (SSV) to represent their brand in the US. SSV is charged with growing Sales, Brand Awareness and Market Presence for the Danish icon and assumes these… Read More »

Victrola launches new turntable to work with Root and Sonos

Victrola Brings Roon and Sonos Integration its Latest Turntable

Victrola announced the upcoming integration of its Victrola Stream turntable line with Roon, a music management and listening solution offering Airplay, Chromecast, and high-performance Roon Ready connectivity, making the wireless vinyl listening experience even more immersive. Along with the new… Read More »

Luxman is out with a nearly $13,000 reference Integrated amp

New $12,495 Integrated Amp From Luxman

Luxman continues to prepare for 2025, the company’s centennial, with a new top-of-the-line integrated amplifier. In addition to the company’s trademark sound quality, the L-509Z is the first component to incorporate the Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System (LIFES1.0) in both… Read More »

All your need to be an audiophile is a set of earbuds

All You Need to Be an Audiophile is a Pair of Earbuds

At the AXPONA audiophile show in Chicago this past spring, I had a conversation with a well-respected member of the audiophile community, on the manufacturer side, who was talking about the future of the hobby. His premise was that for… Read More »

Few speakers image better than Bowers & Wilkins 801s which are used at Abbey Road Studios

Audiophile Lingo You Need to Know: Part 1, Speakers         

The audiophile hobby is guilty of a lot of things, perhaps the most painful of which is our overreliance on often-confusing terminology. This is the case for nearly every category of the hobby. On the pages of, we try… Read More »

Victrola offers cutting edge Bluetooth 5.4 wireless connectivity for an audiophile turntable at $599

Classic Victrola Brand Brings Wireless Bluetooth 5.4 Connectivity To $599 Audiophile Turntable

Victrola, a company known for home music playback for more than 115 years, is out with a new turntable that features support of the Qualcomm® aptX Adaptive Bluetooth connectivity or wired with switchable preamp. Victrola’s new Hi-Res Carbon and Hi-Res Onyx are equipped with… Read More »

What is oligarch audio? Steven Stone looks into the term

Oligarch Audio Is Not the Same as High-Performance Audio

My publisher, Jerry Del Colliano, says I coined the term “Oligarch Audio,” but because I form all my thoughts in a spoken and written language, in my case English, I doubt I’ve ever had a completely original thought in my… Read More »

Marantz Stereo 70 receiver with six HDMI inputs

Marantz Is Coming Out With a $1,000 Stereo Receiver With 6-HDMI Inputs

Marantz is introducing its all-new STEREO 70s 2-Channel Hi-Fi Receiver at this week’s CEDIA EXPO in Denver, Colorado Designed to perform like a full-sized amplifier, the slim and distinguished design of the STEREO 70s elevates any AV system and is… Read More »

Get up to 20 percent off in trade-up on Marantz products

Marantz Offers 70 Days of Tempting Trade-in Options For Current Clients

Marking seven decades of audio excellence, Marantz proudly presents the 70 Days for 70 Years Trade-In program staring on September 1. This event presents a unique opportunity for both long-time Marantz aficionados and newcomers to elevate their audio setups and… Read More »

Audiophile Baby Proofing Revel Speakers and AC Power

An Audiophile’s Guide to Baby Proofing Your Stereo System

There were a lot of things that shocked me during the pandemic. Having sold and about 100 days before the shit hit the fan with a global  pandemic, I was trying to figure out at nearly 47 years old… Read More »

Sony purchases Audeze Headphones

Sony Interactive Entertainment to Acquire Audeze Headphones

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (“SIE”) announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Audeze, a leading audio technology brand and pioneer of high-end gaming headphones. The acquisition will strengthen SIE’s efforts to continue innovating when it comes… Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins' new 600 Series Speakers Released on August 23, 2023

Bowers & Wilkins Announces New 600 Series Speakers

 The 600 Series has always played a critical role in the Bowers &Wilkins portfolio – not least as the company’s second-longestcontinuously available series after the iconic 800 Series Diamond. Ata time when increasing numbers of listeners are demanding higherquality sound, either through vinyl or high- resolution streaming, the600 Series S3 represents the perfect first step to experiencing music playback designed to be respectful of the artist’s intent – making it theideal entry point into the Bowers & Wilkins brand. The new range includes four distinct models: the floorstanding 603 S3, the 606 S3 stand mount, the 607 S3 bookshelf speaker plus the HTM6S3, a dedicated center channel for home theatre. Each model is available in a choice of finishes, including Oak, White or Black –… Read More »

How to hide a Television on a lift - audiophile style

Why Do Some Audiophiles Hate Mixing Audio with Video?

Audiophiles have a long  and strange relationship with video, be it TVs or projection. Many old-school audiophiles refuse to put a television between their best audiophile loudspeakers when home theater enthusiasts use this configuration as the basis for their entire AV… Read More »

Florida International Audiophile Show 2024

The Florida International Audio Expo is Scheduled For Feb. 16–18 2024

The Florida International Audio Expo just announced the dates for its fifth show, taking place Friday–Sunday, February 16–18, 2024, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore hotel. Tickets and hotel reservations are now available.  Florida International Audiophile Show 2024… Read More »

Gryphon's new EOS5 loudspeaker for $49,800

Audiophile Electronics Company Gryphon Launches $49,800 EOS5 Loudspeaker at Hong Kong Audio Show

Gryphon Audio Designs ApS, designer and manufacturer of Ultra-Luxe Audio Systems, introduced its EOS 5 Tower Loudspeaker on 11 August at HKAV (Hong Kong Audio Video) 2023.Building upon technologies pioneered for Gryphon’s revolutionary EOS 2, the larger EOS 5 adds… Read More »

Audiophile increasingly stream their music which allows more and more zero-cost ways to find exciting new acts, albums and genres.

How to Dig out of Your Streaming Music Rut and Find Some Kick-Ass New Music

One of the biggest conundrums in the audiophile world is how some change-resistant audiophiles haven’t embraced the amazing power of streaming music. For the cost of one Compact Disc per month, you can have access to nearly every recording made,… Read More »

Is it possible to build a $500 audiophile system

Can You Build an Audiophile System for $500?

Community is a big aspect of being an audiophile. Like cliques in a made-for-TV high-school drama, audiophiles love to find like-minded music lovers that believe in a common ideology. That clique then follows the path to what they feel is… Read More »

The price of audiophile products has skyrocketed like other tech goods in this inflationary economy

The Solution to Audiophile Inflation Is a Small But Powerful Two-Letter Word

Anybody tired of inflation yet? I sure as hell am, and I bet you are, too. I refinanced my home-equity loan to help get funded and off the ground. Less than a year later, the cost of the interest… Read More »

Rhino is re-releasing The Classic Doors compilation, The Golden Album, on red vinyl

The Doors Golden Album Compilation To Be Released on Red Vinyl by Rhino Records

n celebration of Rhino’s 45th anniversary this year, the label is launching Rhino Reds, a new series of limited-edition reissues pressed on custom “Rhino Red” vinyl.  The Rhino Reds series debuts with a reissue of GOLDEN ALBUM, a 1968 compilation by… Read More »