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SVS Launched New Ultra Evolution Speakers SVS, leading manufacturer of high-performance speakers, subwoofers, wireless audio, cables, and accessories, proudly announces a new flagship speaker series, SVS Ultra Evolution. Consisting of seven new models featuring advancements in driver design, cabinet architecture, and component materials, the speakers usher in a new era of reference quality sound for the audio brand from Ohio.Ultra Evolution is the ultimate expression of SVS speaker design. The fusion of acoustic engineering breakthroughs and passion for audio excellence elevates the new series into the echelon of the finest loudspeakers in the world. 

SVS is out with new higher end speakers
SVS is out with new higher end speakers

At first glance, the most striking design feature is the acoustically centered time alignment cabinet architecture. A curve in the front baffle aligns the sound emanation point of the tweeter and each driver on a vertical plane ensuring sound from each driver arrives at a listener’s ear in the exact same instant. This maximizes phase coherence for a more convincing and immersive soundstage with pinpoint accuracy and imaging.

For the tower models specifically, midrange drivers and woofers positioned above and below the tweeter allow for seamless crossover blending to create an idealized “point-source” where sound flows from a single point in front of the speaker to optimize dispersion characteristics.

The diamond-coated aluminum dome tweeter is also completely new for SVS. Using a modern technology called vapor deposition, a layer of diamond carbon is grown on the surface of the aluminum dome to improve rigidity and critical acoustic properties. This breakthrough in material science raises the frequency response well beyond the limits of human hearing resulting in effortless, airy, and unveiled highs with no measurable distortion. It also pushes low frequency extension of the tweeter deeper for more seamless blending with the midrange.

No detail was left to chance in the Ultra Evolution speaker design as evidenced by the organic cell lattice tweeter diffuser. While its main purpose is to protect the tweeter from physical damage, SVS engineers prototyped dozens of grille patterns to determine which provided the best acoustic performance. Through FEA analysis, a semi-random pattern derived from organic cell structures was chosen for its optimized off-axis frequency response and dispersion characteristics.

Owing to the SVS subwoofer design pedigree is a new woofer execution in the three Ultra Evolution floorstanding speakers. Similar in design to the brand’s 3000 Micro Subwoofer, dual opposing active woofers on the top and bottom of the cabinet arranged in a force-balanced array render effortless low frequency response while addressing room modes.

By having eight woofers from a pair of speakers, all firing in unison in different directions; deep, authoritative bass fills the listening area, smoothing out peaks and nulls. Mechanical energy from each front-firing woofer is equaled inside the cabinet by the rear-firing woofer, thus eliminating mechanical coloration. This results in pure, accurate low frequencies at any playback level. 

Midrange drivers and woofers across all models feature glass fiber composite cones chosen for the superb stiffness-to-mass ratio and ability to convey stunning dynamics and pinpoint tonal accuracy. Separate, acoustically tuned internal chambers for the midrange drivers enhance separation and eliminate the potential for cabinet resonances, resulting in pristine sound across the frequency spectrum. Precision-cast aluminum-alloy baskets ensure precise alignment of critical components and maximize thermal dissipation.

Also notable on the new speakers are chamfered front baffles to minimize edge diffraction for optimal off-axis frequency response. Crossovers feature premium-grade capacitors, inductors, resistors, and heavy-trace printed circuit board. 

Voicing of the new Ultra Evolution is timbre-matched to all other SVS Prime and original Ultra models so users can mix between the three series to create a system. All speakers include detachable neodymium magnetic grilles. Elastomer bumper feet and metal spike feet attachments are available for tower models.

The Ultra Evolution family consists of three new floorstanding speakers and two new bookshelf speakers sharing the same design features and form factors with varying driver and cabinet dimensions. A dedicated three-way center channel speaker and versatile Ultra Elevation surround sound/Dolby Atmos speaker round out the line-up.

The Ultra Elevation speaker is the highly anticipated upgrade to SVS’ popular Prime Elevation speaker. Featuring an angled front baffle and multi-angle bracket that allows for easy mounting on a ceiling or wall, Ultra Elevation offers unrivaled fidelity and placement flexibility letting users bring immersive Atmos speaker sound to any room.

“Ultra Evolution redefines what’s possible in its price range and well beyond by creating audio experiences that transcend their class and bring reference performance to more people than ever,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS President. “I am so incredibly proud of what our design team accomplished. We really had no constraints and left no stone unturned. These new speakers represent the culmination of all our life’s work, and it shows in every aspect of design and performance. The sound is addictive, I literally can’t stop listening to them!”

Details and pricing on the new models are included below.

  • Ultra Evolution Pinnacle: 3-way floorstanding speaker – $4,999.98/pair
  • Ultra Evolution Titan: 3-way floorstanding speaker – $3,999.98/pair
  • Ultra Evolution Tower: 3-way floorstanding speaker – $2,999.98/pair
  • Ultra Evolution Bookshelf: 2-way bookshelf speaker – $1,199.98/pair
  • Ultra Evolution Nano: Compact 2-way bookshelf speaker – $899.98/pair
  • Ultra Evolution Center: 3-way center channel speaker – $799.99
  • Ultra Elevation: Versatile home theater speaker with multi-angle wall/ceiling mounting bracket – $899.98/pair

Ultra Evolution Nano and Ultra Evolution Tower models will ship later in Q2.

Finish options will be limited at launch. All models will soon be available in Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White, and Premium Black Oak Wood Veneer finishes.

All SVS products are backed by a five-year unconditional warranty, 45-day in-home trial, fast and free shipping, expert lifetime support, SoundPoints loyalty program, and all the guarantees of the SVS Customer Bill of Rights.

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