After Munich Launch, Gryphon Displaying Satanic $25,000 Integrated Amp at Two U.S. Dealers offers affiliate links and the money that we make from them helps pays for our content.
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Gryphon’s highly anticipated Diablo 333 Integrated Amplifier will make its North American Dealer Debut today, Thursday, 16 November at The Sound Environment, Omaha, NE. Anthony Chiarella, Gryphon’s North American Director of Sales and Marketing, will present the amplifier and be available to answer questions and discuss The Gryphon Brand. The showroom will be open from 11 Am to 6PM and appointments are recommended. After 6PM, The Sound Environment will host an Official Presentation with all invited.  For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Charlie Santmire or by phone (402) 391-3842

The following day, Friday, 17 November, Anthony will present the 333 at Gryphon’s Chicago Dealer, Kyomi Audio, Addison, IL. Kyomi’s owner, George Vatchnadze, is a world-renowned Concert Pianist and Professor whose knowledge of music and its reproduced sound is unsurpassed. Anthony will present during showroom hours and George will host a Special Event after 7 PM. For more information, please contact George Vatchnadze or by phone (312) 513-2759

“Gryphon is proud and grateful to both The Sound Environment and Kyomi Audio for their superb commitment to our brand,” said Mr. Chiarella. “We’re greatly looking forward to introducing both dealers’ customers to what we believe is the finest Integrated Amplifier available.”

About Diablo 333: First shown in prototype form at Munich High End 2023, Diablo 333 is the successor to Gryphon’s renowned Diablo 300, acknowledged to be among the finest Integrated Amplifiers ever built as well as the best-selling “Ultra-Luxe” integrated in High End history. Utilizing technologies and components developed for the State-of-the-Art Apex Power Amplifier, 333 represents a significant step forward in both performance and functionality from Gryphon’s class-leading Diablo 300. Industrial Design is equally tour-de-force, evocative of both Apex and it’s partnering Preamplifier, Commander. Diablo 333 carries an MSRP of $24,990, with DAC and Phono Modules available separately.

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frank finkelstein

How does 2 dealers even fit the baseline for a stereophile review? Am I supposed to buy a $25K component blind, or fly to Chicago to audition?

Jerry Del Colliano


I have no idea what Stereophile has to do with anything here but we have been told that Paul Wilson will get one of the units for review later in the year so expect a review in 2024.

We try to balance what the UBER-HIGH-END is doing with the more aspirational products too. I think you need a balance between the two. We’ve got some Boulder stuff (amp and preamp) coming up in the expensive category. Those reviews are done and in-process.

Stay tuned.

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