Wireworld Introduces New, Critically Acclaimed Stratus and Electra Mini Power Cables

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Wireworld Cable Technology today announced the release of their Stratus™ and Electra™ Shielded Mini Power Conditioning Cords. These cords feature a new conductor geometry that provides shielding and isolation from external interference. They’re called ‘Power Conditioning Cords’ because they extend the functions and benefits of power conditioning all the way to the component’s power inlet.
“Two-conductor cords power our TVs and many other components, but previous two-conductor power cords have not been effective at rejecting interference,” comments Wireworld designer and President David Salz. “In blocking most interference, these cords make surprising audible and visible improvements.”

Stratus and Electra Shielded Mini Power Cords are flexible enough to use with small components, like streamers, wireless speakers and TV soundbars. Their individually insulated conductors add up to 16AWG (1.25mm2) per polarity. The conductor material in Stratus is oxygen-free copper, while Electra’s conductors are made of the highest purity Ohno Continuous Cast® (OCC-7N) copper. Their premium quality figure-8 plugs and wall plugs feature supremely conductive silver-clad contacts for measurably quieter connections than other metals. The filtering effect of the cords is enhanced by Wireworld’s ultra-quiet COMPOSILEX insulation. The new conductor geometry is an extension of Wireworld’s exclusive Tite-Shield™ technology, which reduces interference to improve image and sound quality.
Retail Pricing
Both cables are available now in lengths of 1m, 1.5m and 2m.
Stratus Shielded Mini Power Cord: $70/1m, $80/1.5m, $90/2m
Electra Shielded Mini Power Cord: $160/1m, $200/1.5m, $240/2m

Wireworld's new power conditioning cables are both affordable and flexible
Wireworld’s new power conditioning cables are both affordable and flexible
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