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Noted subwoofer manufacturer, REL Acoustics, just unveiled the T/9x Red subwoofer to the audiophile market. Evolving from the foundational T/9x, this Special Edition subwoofer combines arresting aesthetics with improved driver performance, pushing the boundaries of both design and sound.

The T/9x Red is a well-crafted subwoofer, bearing a striking red hue, chrome and carbon fibre accents and a sleek carbon fibre center-cap on the driver. In line with REL’s dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship the development team spent over a year perfecting the RED color and each badge and foot undergo a meticulous three-stage chroming process.

REL Tx9 Subwoofer in red, red, red!
REL Tx9 Subwoofer in red, red, red!

Technologically, the T/9x Red introduces driver advancements to the T/x range. An enhanced carbon fibre center-cap significantly augments rigidity, reducing the driver’s moving mass, leading to a 1.2 dB increase in output and an accelerated response. At its core lies a formidable and reliable 300-watt Class A/B monoblock amplifier, ensuring every beat, note, and nuance is conveyed with utmost precision and vitality. 

Chief Designer at REL Acoustics Ltd., John Hunter, conveyed his excitement for this launch: “The T/9x Red is not a pretty face, it’s a noteworthy step forward in both design and performance. This subwoofer speaks to those who value a blend of aesthetic brilliance with uncompromised audio output. We’ve created something special here, and I’m excited for our customers to experience it.”

A Desirable Limited Edition Subwoofer

In the vast REL portfolio, the T/9x Red distinguishes itself, not just with its color and performance improvements, but also its limited availability, urging enthusiasts to secure theirs promptly. It stands as an emblem of how innovation and aesthetics can coalesce, offering a listening experience as dynamic and polished as its appearance suggests.

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