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Periodic Audio announces a price reduction for its line of V3 in-ear monitors launched earlier this year. The company will move to a direct model and as a result will pass distribution cost-savings to its loyal customers.  

“We feel so strongly that our line of IEMs represents significant value for the consumer,” said Dan Wiggins, co-founder of Periodic Audio. “We’ve spent years researching materials, acoustic geometries, mechanical architectures, and the relationships between them culminating to the new generation of products. After working hard to refine our manufacturing and material processes, our next logical step to reach a wider audience to eliminate additional operational overhead costs resulting in a direct sale model for North America.”

Periodic Audio Drops Prices on IEMS
Weeks before Black Friday, Periodic Audio Drops Prices on in-ear monitor headphones

The V3 IEMs retain Periodic Audio’s critically acclaimed proprietary sound engines, all developed in-house. Their ultra-wideband, high-efficiency, low-distortion, dynamic speaker elements are designed to perform with maximum reliability.

The material of an In-Ear Monitor’s body plays a critical role in its sound quality, comfort, and reliability. Periodic Audio partnered with Eastman Chemical in what became a three-year project researching the optimal material for an In-Ear Monitor. The Periodic team found that Tritan—a new-generation copolyester used in many medical devices—provided the best measurable and audible improvements in sound, in terms of transient distortion and harmonic distortion, of any material the Periodic team has measured.

Periodic Audio Drops Prices on IEMS
Periodic’s IEM (in-ear monitors) on top of a Macbook Pro laptop…

The failure point in wired headphones is almost always the wires themselves. The Periodic Audio team channeled lessons from the past to improve the future. Tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) and tip-sleeve (TS) connectors, invented in the 1800s, are still widely used today for their exceptional reliability. However, because no such connector is small enough to fit inside an In-Ear monitor, Periodic has designed the IDEEL connector. Measuring just 3.6mm wide, with a mounting depth of 9.5mm, the IDEEL connector fits a standard 2.5mm TS plug. Nearly indestructible, the IDEEL is strong enough to endure the rigors of daily attachment and detachment of cables. And if something does go wrong, your In-Ear Monitor investment is safe—you can simply replace the cables.

Periodic Audio also designs its own eartips, made from medical-grade materials. The eartips provided with each of Periodic’s IEM models are scientifically proven to fit more than 95% of human ear canals. Additional accessories include gold-plated ¼″ and airplane adapters, a 1.2-meter-long cable with single 3.5mm TRS to dual 2.5mm TS jack, and metal shells, all housed in a protective carry case.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing

Mgv3 (was $199 now $99)—Transducer material: 96% pure magnesium

Tiv3 (was $299 now $129)—Transducer material: Pure titanium

Bev3 (was $399 now $249)—Transducer material: Beryllium

Cv3 (was $499 now $299)—Transducer material: Lab-grown Diamond layer (8µm thick) on Periodic Audio’s proprietary high-temperature polymer substrate

Periodic Audio In-Ear Monitors: Summary

  • All designed, engineered, and tooled in-house—Made in USA
  • All use a single 10mm dynamic transducer – all designed in-house
  • Custom-jacketed, reinforced, detachable cables
  • All IEM bodies are made of Tritan copolyester composite for superior strength, light weight, and minimal resonance
  • Proprietary medical-grade silicone eartips made in-house in three sizes
  • Five-year warranty against manufacturing defects

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