Expanded range of JAVA Hi-Fi audio components delivers a deeply immersive listening experience.

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JAVA Hi-Fi’s new six-strong lineup of audiophile stereo preamps, integrated and power amplifiers employ breakthrough technologies and unique circuit designs. The result is exceptional audio quality, designed to cater to the demands of the most discerning audiophile. 

The JAVA integrated amplifier is the world’s first integrated amplifier to use GaN FET (gallium nitride) transistors, and is the world’s first amplifier to include LDRs (light dependent resistors) and GaN FET transistors in the same circuit. 

Java HiFi's new GaN amp for audiophile use
Java HiFi’s new GaN amp for audiophile use

When combined, the LDR and GaN FET technology reproduces music with extraordinary realism. Subtle new details are revealed in familiar pieces of music and the listener is enveloped in a tone-rich soundscape that brings them closer to the heart of the musical performance. 

The LDR technology used in JAVA’s pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers works by isolating the signal path from other control electronics, providing the delicate audio signal with the shortest, cleanest possible path from input to output. Meanwhile, the GaN FET-based modules used in the integrated and power amplifiers provides a giant leap forward in Class D sound, with vanishingly low IMD (intermodulation distortion) and THD (total harmonic distortion).

Design aesthetics also plays a major role in the new JAVA Hi-Fi amplifiers, with customisable casework and front panels available across the entire range. Casework finishes are available in mid-century modern notables like walnut and copper, classics such as black on black or minimalist options such as white and silver. 

The full range of JAVA Hi-Fi amplifiers are available in Single Shot and Double Shot strengths. Customers can create their own bespoke designs on the JAVA Hi-Fi website, using the online configurator.

JAVA Hi-Fi products are designed and assembled in New Zealand and are shipping worldwide now. 

For further information on the JAVA Hi-Fi range of audio components or to request an interview with the founder, Martin Bell, please contact: martin@javahifi.com

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