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iFi Gryphon headphone DAC reviewed

iFi xDSD Gryphon DAC/Headphone Amp Reviewed

Reading Time: 6 minutes The iFi xDSD Gryphon (buy at Crutchfield) is a portable balanced headphone amplifier and digital-to-analog converter from a company renowned for both its DACs and its HPAs. It will handle just about any connection you can throw at it, including USB, S/PDIF, and Bluetooth 5.1 inputs with support for every codec known to man, along with Read More »


Pro-ject MaiA DS3 Integrated amp reviewed

Pro-Ject MaiA DS3 Integrated Amplifier Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes An integrated amplifier doesn’t have to be physically large to be high performance and fully featured. When I read the initial press release for the Pro-Ject MaiA DS3 I thought, “There’s an amplifier that seems to fulfill all the requirements needed to be a really great integrated choice for a lot of audiophiles out there” and luckily Read More »

Schiit Audio Saga+ Stereo Preamp Reviewed

Schiit Saga+ Preamplifier Reviewed

Reading Time: 7 minutes Some folks prefer a tube-based preamplifier in their audio system while others prefer a solid-state preamplifier. By tube-based, I mean an audiophile preamplifier which uses a vacuum tube as its principal gain device. In contrast, a passive preamplifier attenuates the signal, but does not add gain even at its maximum level, which will be equal Read More »

Sonus faber Lumia V audiophile floorstanding speakers reviewed

Sonus faber Lumina V Loudspeaker Reviewed

Reading Time: 7 minutes Sonus faber has a longstanding heritage of making audiophile loudspeakers for music lovers. It all started in 1983 when fine Italian craftsmanship met fine music appreciation in Monteviale, Italy. Not much has changed since, except that we’ve had advances in material science, computer aided design, and four decades in which Sonus Faber has been refining Read More »


Is breaking in a stereo a thing?

Is Break-In a Thing Science-Based Audiophiles Should Take Seriously?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Two weeks ago, I was on the phone with a public relations executive I hadn’t spoken with in a few years. Frank currently represents PS Audio, Audio-Technica and a few other audiophile brands and he was confirming that he had sent the exciting PS Audio Sprout integrated amp to reviewer Andrew Dewhirst in Canada, but Read More »


NAD's Netword Endpoint Streamers - the $499 CS1

NAD Announces CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer For $499

Reading Time: 3 minutes Employing audiophile-grade components, the NAD CS1 can play high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. It features Bluetooth, Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi and supports the most popular streaming and casting protocols, including Apple AirPlay 2, GoogleCast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Roon. Certification for network sharing via DNLA/UPnP protocols expected to be complete with retail available of CS1 Read More »

New BluOS 4.0 software released for NAD, PSB and BlueSound products

BluOS Announces 4.0 Mobile Application Update

Reading Time: 3 minutes BluOS, the premium multi-room music management platform by Lenbrook International, announces a new and improved BluOS 4.0 update to its mobile application platform. A preview demonstration of BluOS 4.0 will take place at the Integrated Systems Europe conference in Barcelona, Spain from January 31st – February 3rd, ahead of its public launch in the spring of Read More »

Mainz8 C3 Audiophile Power Conditioner Generation 3

Ansuz Introduces Mainz8 Generation 3 High End Audiophile Power Product

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ansuz has made quantum leaps in the development and design of innovative and unconventional audio technologies that have revolutionized the quality standards of high-end music reproduction. High time, then, to integrate all these groundbreaking advances into a new series of audiophile grade AC power distributors – namely, the new Ansuz Mainz8 Generation 3, a series of power distributors, which Read More »

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