Wireworld’s New RCA Plug Tonearm Cables

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Wireworld RCA Plug Tonearm Cables
Wireworld RCA Plug Tonearm Cables

Wireworld Cable Technology, a long-standing leader in the audiophile and professional A/V cable
industry, announces the release of four new cables for turntables with
RCA plug connections. These four cables, named Solstice 8, Eclipse 8,
Silver Eclipse 8 and Platinum Eclipse 8, feature Wireworld’s patented DNA
Helix conductor geometry and Silver Tube RCA plugs, along with ultraquiet COMPOSILEX 3 insulation and external ground wires, to provide exceptionally lifelike sound quality.

The four cables differ in their conductor materials and RCA plugs, which
vary considerably in cost. The conductors in the top-level Platinum
Eclipse 8 are made of OCC-7N (Ohno Continuous Cast 99.99999% pure)
solid silver and the patented plugs are made of carbon fiber with silverclad contacts for the lowest possible noise. Silver Eclipse 8 has OCC-7N silver-clad copper conductors and Silver Tube RCA plugs. Eclipse 8 has OCC-7N copper conductors and Silver Tube RCA plugs. Solstice 8 has
oxygen-free copper conductors and 24K gold plated plug contacts.
Flexible ground wires with small gold spade lugs are included with all four
cables. The cables are also physically flexible enough to avoid interfering with the isolation provided by suspended turntables.

Great analog playback systems are prized for their lively organic portrayal of instruments and voices. However, some of those wonderful musical details and dynamics are lost as they pass through conventional tonearm cables. In learning to minimize those losses, Wireworld developed listening tests that compare real world cables to virtually perfect direct connections. Those objective tests led to the development of the patented DNA Helix conductor geometry, which minimizes the electromagnetic
‘eddy current’ losses of conventional stranded and solid core designs. Wireworld’s COMPOSILEX 3 insulation takes those improvements a step further by minimizing the triboelectric noise that would otherwise mask quiet musical details. These exclusive features are instrumental in creating the feeling of a live musical performance.

These cables are available in standard lengths of 1m, 1.5m and 2m. Custom lengths are also available.

Retail Pricing
Solstice 8 (SOR) $119/1m, $131/1.5m, $143/2m
Eclipse 8 (ERT) $420/1m, $480/1.5m, $540/2m
Silver Eclipse 8 (SRT) $540/1m, $660/1.5m, $780/2m
Platinum Eclipse 8 (PRT) $1200/1m, $1550/1.5m, $1900/2m

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