T.H.E. Show Launches New Record Label and FM Radio Show

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T.H.E. Show, North America’s longest-running HiFi audio trade show, is announcing the launch of their record label, T.H.E, Music Group, and accompanying radio show, T.H.E. Radio Show, marking a new era in the HiFi audio industry. This innovative venture will promote exceptional talent while providing listeners with unparalleled audio experiences, thus bringing up-and-coming artists in search of new fans together with audiophiles searching for new music.

Committed to pushing boundaries and revolutionizing how people consume, share, and deliver music, T.H.E. Show and now, T.H.E. Music Group are poised to significantly impact the industry. The label’s growing roster of artists will captivate audiences with their unique sounds and bring fresh perspectives to the forefront of the audio scene, building strong bridges between music creators, HiFi audio dealers, manufacturers, and music lovers globally.

THE SHOW is launching an FM Radio Show at their upcoming audiophile event
THE SHOW is launching an FM Radio Show at their upcoming audiophile event

The label will offer comprehensive artist development, distribution, marketing, promotion, and tour services, and brings a team of experienced professionals with over 50+ years in the music industry combined. 

The accompanying radio show, T.H.E. Radio Show will provide an engaging and immersive experience for listeners. Set to air weekly on Thursday evenings at 8:00pm PST on KWSS 93.9FM and 99.5FM, the show promises to be a sonic journey, showcasing the hottest tracks from the label’s artists, offering insightful interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and HiFi audio news and content.

“We are excited to embark on this journey,” said Emiko E. Carlin, President of T.H.E. Music Group. “Our new label and radio show are something the team has been working on for the past five years and it’s thrilling to see it finally come to life.  With such vibrant and energized connections that T.H.E. Show has, it makes complete sense to bring everyone together in an ecosystem where new artists can find fans that truly care about their music, and where dedicated audiophiles can find the high-quality new music of today. Additionally, we will be creating tour and performance opportunities for our roster artists via a special network and we look forward to sharing those details at the appropriate time.”

As part of the launch celebrations, T.H.E. Show has planned a series of live events and concerts at T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 this coming June 9-11, at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa. These events will not only offer attendees an opportunity to experience the magic of new artists up close but also allow Show-goers to participate in live tapings for T.H.E. Radio Show. 

For more information, please visit theshownow.com.

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