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REKKORD Audio, the company whose extensive selection of high-end turntables is meticulously designed and handmade in one of Europe’s foremost audio manufacturing facilities, is bringing its high performance, intuitive F100 turntable to U.S.-based music lovers who are ready to partake in the satisfying sounds of vinyl records without breaking the bank for the privilege. 

The REKKORD F100 (MSRP: $399) features a build quality on a par with products costing hundreds more, yet its sleek design and simplicity of use are perfectly suited to today’s casual listeners. The F100 is equally at home on a desktop or mantle connected to a pair of powered speakers, or in a rack full of complementary audio gear. Simply plug it in and discover (or rediscover) the joy of hearing music pressed to vinyl. 

REKKORD F100 turntable brings audiophile performance with no installation woes to entry-level audiophiles
REKKORD F100 turntable brings audiophile performance with no installation woes to entry-level audiophiles

“Whether it’s connected to a pair of powered speakers or integrated in a traditional stereo system, the REKKORD F100 offers the ideal blend of exceptional performance and ease of operation,” says Roy Feldstein, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) VANA Ltd., exclusive North American importer of REKKORD turntables. “No matter the arrangement, it will provide countless hours of pleasure without the extensive set-up requirements of more complicated models.” 

Featuring an eye-catching black satin matte finish that blends with any decor, the F100 is comprised of some of the finest components available, including a heavy aluminum platter for enhanced stability through years of heavy use. A low-mass tonearm reduces vinyl wear to the bare minimum. 

Attached to the tonearm is a pre-mounted Audio Technica 3600L cartridge, which is typically associated with turntables at significantly higher price points. Rounding out the package are pre-adjusted tracking force and anti-skating settings to ensure accurate playback, and a chassis made of pressed wood that reduces resonance, resulting in sound the way it was meant to be heard, without interference from vibration and other anomalies. 

Adds Mr. Feldstein: “REKKORD turntables are direct descendants of some of the most well-respected and sought after products on the planet. We are thrilled to make them available to consumers who crave an outstanding, yet simple solution for enjoying the new generation of vinyl albums.” 

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