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Victrola announced the upcoming integration of its Victrola Stream turntable line with Roon, a music management and listening solution offering Airplay, Chromecast, and high-performance Roon Ready connectivity, making the wireless vinyl listening experience even more immersive. Along with the new integration, the company will be releasing a limited edition Victrola Stream Pearl Works with Sonos turntable in October, expanding the line with a sleek, modern white colorway.

Starting in Q4 2023 via an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update, listeners with a Roon subscription who enjoy their favorite albums on select Victrola Stream turntables will be able to connect to their Roon Core and stream vinyl to their entire Roon system. This partnership will allow consumers and custom installers to seamlessly integrate the Victrola Stream turntable line into any Roon entertainment setup for homeowners to enjoy.

Victrola launches new turntable to work with Root and Sonos
Victrola launches new turntable to work with Root and Sonos

“When we launched the Stream (Works with Sonos) line of turntables at CEDIA last year, we asked the integrator community what else could be done to make this product even more effective supporting a fully immersive listening experience in the home. Integrating with Roon was an important factor for our partners. And as huge fans of what Roon does to enhance music experiences, we went to work on a solution immediately,” said Scott Hagen, CEO of Victrola. “Our Stream turntables were built with innovation at the forefront, including the ability to evolve with integrators’ and listeners’ demands, while keeping the user experience as simple and approachable as possible.”

This integration of the Victrola Stream turntable will be the first implementation of a new addition to the Roon Ready program. Where existing “Roon Ready” devices are outputs for Roon, this new feature allows hardware devices and apps on a local network to act as Sources for Roon, like a local internet radio station. The turntable will route audio through the Roon playback and DSP engine and then along to any devices in a Roon system, with two-way transport, volume control, and more.

“We couldn’t be happier to see Victrola as the first partner to implement this new capability. Their customers are the superfans for whom we designed Roon… the rich images, credits, bios, reviews, and surfable, searchable metadata of Roon will unite the analog and digital experience and lift any listening session” said Rob Darling, Director of Strategy, Hardware Partners, at Roon Labs. “When you add the connectivity options of Roon… Airplay, Chromecast, and Roon Ready playback… this integration will offer huge value to Victrola’s vinyl listeners.”

Along with Roon integration, Victrola also announced upcoming integration with UPnP network-enabled streaming devices, such as home theater A/V receivers, UPnP speakers, smart TVs, and more. Support for Roon and UPnP will bring with it additional features to improve the customer and audio experience, including a newly designed Victrola Stream app and support for 24-bit/48kHz lossless FLAC streaming for supported devices. The addition of UPnP and Roon makes the Victrola Stream turntable line compatible with more network streaming devices than any other turntable in the market today.

The Victrola Stream turntable line launched in 2022 with Victrola Stream Carbon, followed by Victrola Stream Onyx in 2023. The Works with Sonos turntables allow for easy integration to wirelessly listen to vinyl on any Sonos sound system, with no additional cords, adapters, or components required. The Victrola Stream turntables are powered by StreamUnlimited’s ‘Stream1832’ next-gen audio-focused module. By utilizing this industry-leading technology, Victrola can continue to innovate and bring new integrations to the Victrola Stream turntable line to meet the needs of installers and consumers in the rapidly evolving wireless audio market.

Roon and UPnP integration will be available in Q4 2023 on select new and existing Victrola Stream turntables through an over-the-air software update. For more information on the Victrola Stream Carbon and Victrola Stream Onyx and the upcoming Victrola Stream Pearl, please visit

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