Qobuz Set To Launch New Audiophile Community

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Qobuz, the music lovers’ high quality music streaming and download service, is launching a new community platform designed to connect audiophiles and music lovers around the world: Qobuz Club. The interactive forum will allow Qobuz users to convene with like-minded listeners on topics like music discovery and recommendations, as well as hardware and Hi-Fi advice.

Club Qobuz
Club Qobuz is coming to build more audiophile community

As part of their overall focus on creating the best music experience possible, Qobuz is launching Qobuz Club to add an even more social, human element to that experience for both casual listeners and serious audiophiles alike. While algorithms and A.I. can help with personalized recommendations, on their own they lack the emotional and social context that makes discovering music in a community setting so exhilarating – enter Qobuz Club. And in addition to offering users the abilities to connect on the music they love, Qobuz Club also facilitates a space for audiophiles to discuss complex topics like hardware, Hi-Fi advice, and more.

Check out and join the vibrant Qobuz Club community here: http://community.qobuz.com/ 

Designed with Qobuz customers’ music preferences and objectives in mind, Qobuz Club’s featured sections include Qobuz News, Music Clubs, Hi-Fi Spaces, and a Discussion Forum where members can talk directly with the Qobuz teams. The platform also has a “collector’s corner” for vinyl lovers; a beta testers space; and a help-and-suggestions space for future app improvements.

Joining the Qobuz Club is easy and open to all Qobuz account holders with no paid subscription needed. The platform is available on the web and will soon be available via mobile app to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Qobuz Club is currently available worldwide in English, and a French version will be released soon.

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