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Pangea Audio, developer and manufacturer of high performance, high value audio accessories, just announced it now offers its low-profile Record Doctor Record Clamp with a black chrome knob, adding a new color option for listeners who prefer to use a dust cover when listening to vinyl records.

With the same design as the original satin-silver model,  which is currently available, the new black chrome low profile clamp stands 1 1/8” high x 3 1/8” diameter, which is nearly 40 percent shorter than the original version.

New Record Doctor record clamp
New Record Doctor record clamp

The clamp is useful when playing all genres of music, especially where bass vibrations or high frequency resonances are an issue, and when playing slightly warped records, or recording vinyl to a digital computer file. Also, due to increased LP stability, a record clamp helps reduce both stylus and record wear, extending the life of both.

“The new black chrome variation on our popular low profile record clamp adds an aesthetic upgrade to one of our most successful Record Doctor vinyl care accessories,” says Steve Niemi, Director of Global Sales, Pangea Audio, LLC. “The new model looks good, feels right in the hand, and is just the right weight and dimensions to improve vinyl playback without having to make a sizable investment.” 

The low profile Record Doctor Record Clamp, comprised of three precisely-tooled parts, comes in a black non-resonant phenolic body. Its 5.4oz (153g) low-mass design holds the vinyl in place without applying excessive stress to delicate turntable bearings, motor, or damaging LP labels. The textured aluminum knob allows for precise clamping pressure of the machined brass collet. 

The new black chrome, low profile Record Doctor Record Clamp is available at a suggested retail price of $39.95. 

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