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MartinLogan loudspeakers just unveiled their Motion Foundation Series, a new line of products that redefines affordability while maintaining the brand’s commitment to an uncompromising audio experience. Designed to capture new customers and cater to emerging audiophiles, the Motion® Foundation® Series brings MartinLogan’s renowned high-performance technologies within reach, offering exceptional value and an immersive audio experience.

MartinLogan speakers have long been celebrated for their remarkable articulation, detail, and realism in any environment. With the Motion Foundation Series, the company introduces an extraordinary range of speakers that utilize exotic thin film technologies and Controlled Dispersion, creating unique and special listening experiences that are rarely found in the industry.

MartinLogan's new Foundation F2 Speakers
MartinLogan’s new Foundation F2 Speakers

“Allan Tarrant, Senior Vice President at MartinLogan, shares his excitement about the Motion® Foundation® Series: ‘The Motion Foundation Series is a game-changer for MartinLogan and the world of high-end audio. We are excited to offer an exceptional audio experience at a price point that is accessible to a broader audience. This series opens up new possibilities for emerging audiophiles, allowing them to elevate their listening experiences and enjoy the unparalleled clarity, detail, and precision that have defined the MartinLogan brand for over 40 years.'”

The Motion® Foundation® Series introduces the groundbreaking Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeter S. This technological marvel delivers effortless performance that surpasses conventional tweeters. By ingeniously folding thin film material, MartinLogan has achieved greater surface area in a compact space, resulting in incredible detail and clarity that brings your favorite content to life with remarkable realism.

Controlled Dispersion is a hallmark feature of the Motion Foundation Series. This technology optimizes room acoustics and minimizes the detrimental effects commonly associated with speaker placement. By focusing the sound into the listening area, MartinLogan ensures increased flexibility, clarity, and enhanced placement options, regardless of the room’s design.

“The Motion Foundation Series represents a significant milestone for MartinLogan,” says Andrew Lindsey, Product Manager at MartinLogan. “We believe in making it possible for a wider audience to experience true. We leveraged our 40 years of design and engineering experience to meticulously refine every aspect of these speakers to achieve the best possible performance. This kind of expertise is not commonly seen in this range of products. Each detail has been carefully crafted to provide an extraordinary audio experience at an amazing value.”

The Folded Motion Waveguide further enhances the Controlled Dispersion of the Gen2 Folded Motion Tweeter S, enveloping the listening area with exceptional detail and precision. By avoiding performance-robbing room reflections, the Motion Foundation Series delivers a more consistent sound across a wider seating area, creating an immersive audio experience for all listeners.

The Motion Foundation Series incorporates new Aluminum Midrange and Bass Drivers, featuring trickle-down technology from MartinLogan’s esteemed Motion XT and Motion Series. These high-performance drivers maximize clarity, detail, and output, ensuring an engaging and captivating listening experience.

Further contributing to the remarkable audio performance of the series, the Motion Foundation center channel features an Anti-Lobing 2.5-way design, which minimizes tonality alteration commonly found in 2-way center channel designs without the larger cabinet requirements typically associated with 3-way designs. This results in more furniture-friendly sizing, clearer dialogue and higher accuracy, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in their favorite multi-channel content.

“The Motion Foundation Series represents the culmination of extensive research and development,” explains Lindsey. “Following the approach we used with our premium Motion XT and Motion series products, Motion Foundation takes into account anechoic measurements, in-room testing, and blind listening tests resulting in a line of speakers that sets high benchmarks for performance and value within their class.”

The MartinLogan Motion Foundation Series comprises four new models, two floorstanding, two bookshelf and one center channel.

MartinLogan Motion Foundation Series

Martin Logan Motion Foundation F2 (read the review) – The Motion Foundation flagship, the F2, combines maximum performance and value in a sleek floorstanding design, offering an immersive audio experience.
US-MSRP: $999.99/ea

MartinLogan Motion Foundation F1 – The compact F1 floorstanding speaker delivers impressive performance, ideal for those who desire high-quality sound in a space-saving design.
US-MSRP: $749.99/ea

Martin Logan Motion Foundation B2 – Unexpectedly detailed and scaled, the B2 is the largest bookshelf speaker in the Motion® Foundation® series, surpassing expectations in its class.
US-MSRP: $399.99/ea

MartinLogan Motion Foundation B1 – Unleashing unparalleled performance from its compact size, the versatile B1 stands as the smallest yet powerful model in the Motion® Foundation® range.
US-MSRP: $299.99/ea

MartinLogan Motion Foundation C1 – The space-conscious C1 enhances any Motion® Foundation® surround sound system, providing incredibly clear dialogue for a well-rounded front-stage audio experience.
US-MSRP: $499.99/ea

The Motion® Foundation® Series will be available exclusively through MartinLogan’s authorized dealer network, ensuring customers have access to personalized service and expertise.

The Motion® Foundation® Series from MartinLogan redefines affordability by offering extraordinary audio performance at an accessible price point. It represents a significant step in expanding the company’s reach and capturing new customers and emerging audiophiles who seek uncompromising quality and immersive sound experiences.

For more information about the Motion® Foundation® Series and other MartinLogan products, please visit

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