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Marking seven decades of audio excellence, Marantz proudly presents the 70 Days for 70 Years Trade-In program staring on September 1. This event presents a unique opportunity for both long-time Marantz aficionados and newcomers to elevate their audio setups and immerse themselves in the purest essence of music and cinema to experience Modern Musical Luxury. 

Get up to 20 percent off in trade-up on Marantz products
Get up to 20 percent off in trade-up on Marantz products

How the Marantz Audiophile and Home Theater Trade-in Program Works

Marantz’s commitment to excellence extends to both their new products and the gear that has accompanied audiophiles on their musical journey for decades. To commemorate this, Marantz has partnered with dealers across the globe for a special 70-day event, where customers can bring in used audio equipment to participating dealers and receive an exclusive credit towards the purchase of a new Marantz product. Whether it’s a preloved amplifier, an old receiver, or a well-worn turntable, any used equipment is eligible for trade.  

How to Take Advantage of the Marantz Trade-in Program

1.    Locate a participating dealer near you through the Marantz website.  

2.    Visit the dealer’s establishment, bringing your used amplifier or receiver (in any condition) for thorough evaluation. 

3.    Based on the dealer’s assessment, you could receive a generous credit, allowing you to enjoy up to 20 percent off a new Marantz product. 

Renew with a Fresh Warranty

Emphasizing Marantz’s dedication to quality, every new Marantz product comes with an industry-leading five-year warranty. This warranty ensures that customers participating in this trade-in event not only experience the immediate excellence of Marantz technology, but also enjoy the assurance of a prolonged, premium listening experience. 

What Marantz Audiophile and/or Home Theater Gear Can Be Upgraded in Trade?

Those participating may use their exclusive credit toward the purchase of the following Marantz Products:  

  • Marantz CINEMA 40 
  • Marantz CINEMA 50 
  • Marantz CINEMA 60 
  • Marantz CINEMA 70s 
  • Marantz Model 40N 
  • Marantz Model 30 
  • Marantz AV10 
  • Marantz AMP10 
  • Marantz TT15 
  • Marantz SACD 30CN 
  • Marantz SA-10 
  • Marantz PM10 
  • Marantz AV8805A 
  • Marantz AV7706 
  • Marantz MM8077 

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