Introducing Luxman’s $9,995 D-07X SACD Player

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“This is a transformational period in digital audio, and the new D-07X digital player is at the cutting edge,” said Jeff Sigmund, president of Luxman America. The player supports MQA-CDs, MQA files, 32-bit/768 kHz PCM, 22.4 MHz DSD, conventional USB and Bulk PET file transfer USB sources – all in addition to stereo SACDs and CDs. From the company’s flagship D-10X, the new player inherits key technologies including the LxDTM-i disc transport and ROHM MUS-IC™ BD34301EKV digital-to-analog converter. The D-07X replaces Luxman’s previous D-06u.

Luxman's New $9,995 SACD player
This new $9,995 audiophile disc player can play nearly every format other than DVD-Audio

Luxman Original Disc Transport Mechanism-improved (LxDTM-i)

Dubbed LxDTM-i, the disc drive embodies Luxman’s understanding that exposing the disc transport to vibration and resonance can result in subtle distortion. The LxDTM-i is made in Japan and meticulously enclosed in steel top and side plates. For added protection, the physical mounting system forms an integrated structure that supports the side frame. The drive also features an improved disc reading mechanism, a die-cast aluminum disc tray, and left-side mounting that minimizes signal paths. All contribute to reproduction of exceptional clarity. 

A pair of MUS-IC BD34301EKV converters

The D-07X is Luxman’s second player to incorporate MUS-IC BD34301EKV digital-to-analog converters from Japan-based ROHM Semiconductor. The converters reflect 28 separate parameters optimized for sound quality, including aspects of circuit design, layout, photomask, wafer production and IC packaging. For example, to optimize sound quality, selected “bonding” wires that connect the chip to the lead frame are made of copper, while others are made of gold. Using 32-bit ΔΣ (Delta-Sigma) design, the converters achieve a phenomenal signal-to-noise ratio: -130 dB. The D-07X applies a pair of these converters in dual mono configuration, delivering a listening experience of unsurpassed musicality. 

Because a digital player’s master clock can become a source of subtle noise, Luxman’s clocking system incorporates two high-precision, low-jitter, ultra-low phase noise modules. These reduce noise near the oscillation frequency to a minimum. 

Versatile SACD, CD and MQA playback, Bulk PET file transfers

The D-07X plays a robust selection of file formats via USB inputs and the free LUXMAN Audio Player computer software. Available for Mac OS® and Windows® PCs, the software decodes WAV, FLAC, MP3, DSF, DSDIFF, ALAC and AIFF files. The USB input accepts PCM signals at up to 768 kHz sampling and up to 32-bit quantizing plus DSD signals at up to 22.4 MHz/1-bit sampling. Coaxial and optical inputs accommodate PCM digital audio up to 192 kHz/24 bits.

The D-07X features Master Quality Authenticated full decoding for MQA files and MQA-CDs. MQA audio files up to 24-bit are supported via USB, optical and coaxial inputs. 

In addition to conventional, “isochronous” file transfers at fixed bitrates, the USB input supports two modes of Bulk Pure Enhanced Technology® (Bulk Pet®) high-resolution audio file transfer. This optimizes data packaging and delivery to the converter, easing the processing load for both the host CPU and the device CPU. This in turn reduces the workload between reading and reproduction, enhancing playback stability and improving sound quality.

Discrete buffer analog circuit

Luxman engineers complemented the MUS-IC digital-to-analog converters with an equally sophisticated analog output circuit. A new current-to-voltage conversion system receives the differential outputs of the paired MUS-IC chips and feeds four discrete, perfectly matched amplifier modules. High-quality buffer circuitry minimizes output impedance, for ideal connection to any integrated amplifier or control amplifier. While many digital players require a separate low-pass filter stage, the D-07X incorporates the low-pass filter into the buffer stage. This results in uncommonly smooth analog waveforms, greater clarity and greater sonic immediacy. 

As always, Luxman engineers have considered, evaluated and optimized every detail.

  • The oversized power supply features large filter capacitors and an OI-core transformer 50% larger than that of the predecessor D-06u.
  • The chassis is carefully shielded against the degradations of electromagnetic interference. 
  • Two levels of protection defend against the distortions caused by resonance. On the outside, density gradient cast iron insulator feet diffuse shelf-borne resonance. On the inside, damping countermeasures suppress vibrations generated in the unit itself. 
  • The printed circuit boards exhibit Luxman’s signature refinements: gently curved wiring patterns to promote signal flow; heavy copper foil signal traces and gold-plated connections to minimize stray capacitance.
  • For excellent conductivity, the RCA output jacks apply gold plating over brass. 
  • Rugged Neutrik terminals provide the balanced XLR outputs while a front panel Phase Invert button enables listeners to swap polarity. 
  • Even the back panel AC power socket has been considered. To achieve better support for heavy power cables, Luxman engineers turned the AC inlet 180° from the conventional orientation. 

In classic Luxman fashion, the D-07X has a clean, understated design finished in brushed aluminum, which matches the supplied RD-29 aluminum remote control. The front-panel fluorescent display has a selectable 4x zoom mode to facilitate easy reading from the ideal listening position. The D-07X is available now at a suggested retail price of $9,995.

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