Grimm Audio introduces MU2 music streamer with DAC at High End Munich 2023 offers affiliate links and the money that we make from them helps pays for our content.
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At the High End Munich show 2023, Grimm Audio introduces the MU2 music streamer to the audiophile audience. The MU2 is a sister product of their famous MU1. It offers the same functionality with integrated Roon Labs Core and End Point, but this time it has analog outputs in stead of digital ones. 

Eelco Grimm, creative director of Grimm Audio: “The built-in digital to analog converter of the MU2, baptised Major DAC, is of a groundbreaking discrete design that makes optimal use of our own high precision FPGA board and ultra low jitter clock oscillator. We are very excited that this design reproduces micro-details so well that it allows a deep emotional connection to the musical performance. For those interested in the technical backgrounds, we wrote a tech note about this exciting development that can be found on our website. After the DAC, a relay based analog volume control enables the MU2 to become the true ‘hub’ of any classic hifi system for both digital and analog sources.” 

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