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Victrola, a company known for home music playback for more than 115 years, is out with a new turntable that features support of the Qualcomm® aptX Adaptive Bluetooth connectivity or wired with switchable preamp. Victrola’s new Hi-Res Carbon and Hi-Res Onyx are equipped with Qualcomm’s next-gen audio hardware and are optimized for a seamless yet wireless vinyl listening experience. The turntables support all Bluetooth connectivity including the latest Bluetooth 5.4 and aptX Adaptive audio technologies. For those seeking a more traditional analog listening experience, the Hi-Res models feature gold-plated RCA outputs for self-powered wired speakers or integration into component-based systems. 

Victrola offers cutting edge Bluetooth 5.4 wireless connectivity for an audiophile turntable at $599
Victrola offers cutting edge Bluetooth 5.4 wireless connectivity for an audiophile turntable at $599

The combination of advanced technology and high-quality materials to recreate stunning audio clarity, while also preserving Victrola’s approachable set-up to vinyl, was paramount in the development of the company’s Hi-Res turntables. As wireless audio continues to become the preferred experience for the general consumer, as well as audio enthusiasts, Victrola’s Hi-Resturntables with aptX Adaptive support ensure users can preserve the audio quality they expect when placing the stylus on a record.

“As music lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of delivering the most authentic and immersive audio experience possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new Hi-Res Carbon and Onyx turntables with aptX Adaptive Bluetooth technology, offering unparalleled audio quality for both wired and wireless listening,” said Scott Hagen, CEO of Victrola. “With so many higher-end audio brands creating incredible wireless headphones and powered speakers we felt it was time to introduce a turntable suitable for these products.”

The Victrola Hi-Res Carbon and Victrola Hi-Res Onyx feature the highest quality materials including a low-resonance veneered MDF plinth as well as premium metal turntable components and platter, which ensure high-quality performance. User-friendly features also include a switchable pre-amp with traditional analog RCA outputs, an auto-stop sensor to prevent stylus wear in addition to custom-designed, removable headshells. 

Additional Victrola Hi-Res Carbon Turntable Features

  • Two-toned black and silver body with a metal front plate for a class, premium style
  • Vibration dampening, carbon-fiber tonearm that places minimal weight on the record
  • Ortofon 2M Red moving magnetic cartridge for audiophile-level sound reproduction

Additional Hi-Res Onyx Audiophile Turntable Features

  • All-black signature Onyx design reminiscent of its name
  • An aluminum tonearm for a sturdy, yet light-weight component
  • Audio-Technica AT-VM95E premium cartridge for balanced and distortion-free playback

Victrola Hi-Res Carbon (MSRP: $599) and Hi-Res Onyx (MSRP: $399) are now available for purchase at, as well as Best Buy, Crutchfield, World Wide Stereo, Snap One, B&H, Amazon, and other premium retailers. For more information on Victrola, please visit and stay updated by following Victrola on social media: Facebook: @victrolaplayers

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