Børresen X2 to Ship New $8,800 Audiophile Speaker in U.S This November 

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Børresen is thrilled to introduce the X2 speaker, a sleek and elegant, three-unit, floorstanding loudspeaker, that is the smallest model in the award-winning X series. This new loudspeaker reflects Børresen’s commitment to meeting diverse needs of listeners while maintaining the brand’s hallmark standards of authentic and natural music reproduction. At the heart of the Børresen X2 is a fusion of cutting-edge technologies adopted from the prestigious M, O, and Z series. 

These exclusive components are the result of Børresen’s constant pursuit of excellence in audio performance and provide an exceptional and authentic music experience. The distintive cabinet design in piano lacquer finish with its carbon fiber inserts, makes it easy to recognize that the X2 speakers belong to the X series.

Sorensen X2 is their most affordable speaker at $8,800 per pair USD
Børresen X2 is their most affordable speaker at $8,800 per pair USD

The Børresen X2: Entry Level For One of the Audiophile World’s Most High End Speaker Brands

The Børresen X2 is designed with the intent of bringing authentic and outstanding music experiences to a broader audience. The Børresen X2 is now available to audiophiles and music lovers, at a price point that makes it more accessible while maintaining Børresen’s signature performance and quality standards. The Børresen X2 speaker complements the X3 and X6 models in the X-series, continuing their legacy of outstanding performance and aesthetics, which defines all Børresen speakers. Like all speakers in the X-series, the new X2 is offered in black or white piano lacquer.  

“Our philosophy is to bring people closer to the music by creating access to great, authentic, and emotional music experiences. Everyone deserves these kinds of wonderful moments. That is why we have developed the X2 speaker. Making the Børresen speaker universe accessible to even more people. The X2 represents our commitment to providing music lovers with a gateway to experience the magic of Børresen audio without compromise.” (M. Børresen)

A side view of the Borensen X2 speakers for $8,800.
A side view of the Børresen X2 speakers for $8,800.

The X2 features the same remarkable technologies that define the X series. Equipped with the X-series Børresen Ribbon tweeter and two 4.5 inch Børresen X-series speaker drivers, the X2 delivers surprisingly rich and detailed sound, despite its compact size. The X2 also features exclusive components from the M, O, and Z series, including the spread-tow carbon membrane, the Børresen ribbon tweeter, and copper caps in the magnetic motor system, all designed in-house and reflect Børresen´s flagship category of audio innovation. 

The refined, authentic and natural sound characteristics of the X2 loudspeakers create an amazing sound stage that unleashes a rich and pristine sound spectrum so unique to all Børresen loudspeakers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to audition the new Børresen X2 loudspeakers. Immerse yourself in a Børresen sound experience of high-end music with amazing dynamics, natural lightness and emotional passion.

The Borensen X2 speaker in black
The Børresen X2 speaker in black

Availability and Pricing 

Intro price – MSRP

EUR: 8.000 

USD: 8.800,- 

Available from: November 2023 

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